Toyota Tundra II (2007-2018) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Engine compartment

Toyota Tundra II Fuse box engine compartment
1A/F15 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem
2HORN10 AHorn
3EFI NO.125 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem
4IG2 MAIN30 AINJ, MET, IGN fuses
5DEICER20 AFront windshield wiper de-icer
6TOW TAIL30 ATrailer lights (tail lights)
7POWER NO.425 APower windows
8POWER NO.230 APower back windows
9FOG15 AFront fog lights
10STOP15 AStop lights, high mounted stoplight,ehicle stability control system,nti-lock brake system, shiftock system, multiport fuel injectionystem/sequential multiport fuelnjection system, towing converter
11TOW BRK30 ATrailer brake controller
12IMB7.5 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem
13AM27.5 AStarting system
14TOWING30 ATowing converter
15ALT-S5 ACharging system
16TURN-HAZ15 ATurn signal lights, emergencylashers, towing converter
17F/PMP15 ANo circuit
18ETCS10 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem, electric throttle control system
19MET-B5 AGauges and meters
20AMP30 AAudio system, rear view monitor,avigation system, rear seat entertainmentystem
21RAD NO.115 AAudio system, rear view monitor,avigation system, rear seat entertainmentystem
22ECU-B17.5 AMultiplex communication system,ultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem, auto anti-glare inside reariew mirror, power outlets, powerront driver’s seat, power tilt andower telescopic
23DOME7.5 AInterior lights, personal lights, vanityights, engine switch light, footight, door courtesy lights, accessoryeter
24HEAD LH15 ALeft-hand headlighthigh beam)
25HEAD LL15 ALeft-hand headlightlow beam)
26INJ10 AAultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem, ignition system
27MET7.5 AGauges and meters
28IGN10 AARS airbag system, multiport fuelnjection system/sequential multiportuel injection system, cruiseontrol system
29HEAD RH15 ARight-hand headlighthigh beam)
30HEAD RL15 ARight-hand headlightlow beam)
31EFI NO.210 Aultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem, leak detection pump
32DEFI/UP5 ANo circuit
33SPARE5 ASpare fuse
34SPARE15 ASpare fuse
35SPARE30 ASpare fuse
36DEFOG40 ABack window defogger
37SUB BATT40 ATrailer towing
38ABS150 AAnti-lock brake system, vehicle stabilityontrol system
39ABS240 AAnti-lock brake system, vehicle stabilityontrol system
40ST30 AStarting system
41HTR50 AAir conditioning system
44A/PUMP NO.150 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem
45A/PUMP NO.250 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem

*: Replace the fuse with one of the same ampere rating as the original.

Under the instrument panel

Toyota Tundra II Fuse box under the instrument panel
1INVERTER15 APower outlet (115 V)
2FR P/SEAT LH30 APower front driver’s seat
3DR/LCK25 AMultiplex communication system
4OBD7.5 AOn-board diagnosis system
5PWR OUTLET15 APower outlets
6CARGO LP7.5 ACargo lamp
7AM17.5 AShift lock system, starting system
8A/C7.5 AAir conditioning system
9MIR15 AOutside rear view mirror control,utside rear view mirror heaters
10POWER No.320 APower windows
11FR P/SEAT RH30 APower front passenger seat
12TI&TE15 APower tilt and power telescopic
13S/ROOF25 AElectric moon roof
14ECU-IG No.17.5 AAnti-lock brake system, vehicle stabilityontrol system, multiplex communicationystem, intuitivearking assist system, power frontriver’s seat, power tilt and powerelescopic, shift lock, tire pressurearning system, accessory meter,railer towing, power outlet, electricoon roof
15LH-IG7.5 ABack-up lights, charging system,auge and meters, turn signalights, air conditioning system, seateaters, back window defogger
164WD20 AFour-wheel drive control system
17WSH20 AWindow washer
18WIPER30 AWiper and washer
19ECU-IG No.27.5 AMultiplex communication system
20TAIL15 ATail lights, trailer lights (tail lights),arking lights, outer foot lights
21A/C IG10 AAir conditioning system
22TOW BK/UP7.5 ATrailer lights
23SEAT-HTR20 ASeat heaters or heater and ventilatedeats
24PANEL7.5 AInstrument panel lights, glove boxight, ashtray, accessory meter,udio system, rear view monitor,avigation system, rear seat entertainmentystem, gauges andeters, air conditioning system
25ACC7.5 AAccessory meter, audio system,ear seat entertainment system,ear view monitor, navigation system,ack-up lights, trailer lightsback-up lights), multiplex communicationystem, power outlet, outsideear view mirror
26BK/UP LP10 ABack-up light, gauges and meters
27CIG15 ACigarette lighter
28POWER No.130 APower windows, power back window

After a fuse is replaced
If the lights do not turn on even after the fuse has been replaced, a bulb may need replacement. (→P. 573)
If the replaced fuse blows again, have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.
If there is an overload in the circuits
The fuses are designed to blow before the entire wiring harness is damaged.

Information about the model

Toyota is among the renowned automotive brands that are popular for its reliability. When it comes to multi-use vehicles, then it provides some of the best models. One of them is the 2018 Toyota Tundra that comes under the category of a full-size pick-up truck. This pick- up truck is equipped with numerous features such as a roomy cabin, par level engine, and apt safety standard.

The material used in the manufacturing of Tundra II makes it quite reliable as it comes with a V8 engine option also. With the roomy seating arrangement, one could get optimal space. The reliability standard ratings make this pick-up truck apt for both commercial and household purposes.

Toyota Tundra: Second Generation

The first model of Tundra was launched in 2007 and gained a lot of popularity after that. The different models come with 310 and 381-horsepower V8 engines. The smooth six- speed transmission provides optimal control. With the muscular body, the off-road ability of this truck makes it apt for the countryside. When it comes to space, the spacious cabin can quickly provide seats to 5 to 6 passengers. Apart from all of this, the forward collision warning is the best safety standard, followed by Toyota.

In addition to these, the user-friendly infotainment system makes it quite entertaining. To regulate the temperature, it is equipped with climate control features. At that time, this pick-up can be availed at an average price of $38,400. The price of the different models varies according to the model, features, location, and it resides at $28,900 to $46,000. The latest model of 2018 is well equipped with remote keyless entry, cruise control, 6.1- inch touch screen, a rearview camera, six speakers, Bluetooth, a CD player, 18-inch steel wheels, a USB port, cloth seats, air conditioning, power windows, and heated and power- adjustable side mirrors.

All Toyota Tundra II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Toyota Tundra II (2007-2018) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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[email protected] 14-07-2019
the 14-27 fuses are all dead

~william sharp 14-07-2019
all fuse on interior block 14-27 are dead

~Jack 29-05-2020
Is there a fuse or fuses that control any pollution, devices smog pumps, etc on 2008 tundra 4.7. thanks [email protected]

[email protected] 27-06-2020
I am looking for the Head Light relay Located on 2008 Toyota tundra limited

~Eric 08-09-2020
Can anyone help me out please? Just got my timing belt and water pump fixed. When it happened my whole dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I got it back and the P on the dashboard which means park not parking brake will not go off. It’s killing my battery at night so I am pulling the positive off the battery terminal. Can anyone help please

[email protected] 13-11-2020
i changed the Power Steering Pressure Sensor switch on my 2008 / 5.7 Tundra because it had the code and check engine light was on. It still has a check engine light on and can not be cleared with a Snap-on Analyzer - im at my whit's end - i need to get this inspected before im hauled away - any ideas? I purchased the new sensor at the part could be Junk? only $45 instead of $200 - My Engine does not stall on a full turn or even labor - I have NO LEAKS but i ma totally depressed - its getting hard to get my big but under this thing

~terrie 22-02-2021
i have one fuse that is loose and wont make a connection can i just replace the little box they sit in

~Elvio 07-03-2021
Hearing a popping from spkeares,some people said could be the amp relay.whitch one its?need help

~Edgard 29-03-2021
Las luces del techo no funcionan ni las de la puertas y el reloj cada vez que se apaga el vehículo cuando se vuelve a encender el reloj aparece nuevamente a la 1:00.

~Gustavo 01-04-2021
Can anyone tell me which is the fuse for the daytime running light? (DRL)

~Kurt 12-09-2021
Got a 2021 Tundra and with lots of effort finally located the inside the cab fuse box...You would have to be a Houdini or a contortionist if you would ever want to attempt to change a fuse in that box. I have never seen a fuse box in a more difficult spot as this one. The under the hood one is easy and no problem. Go figure.

~tundratoofun 14-11-2021
is there a fuse for the body control module?

~Ray 19-12-2021
I have a 2018 Toyota Tundra CrewMax with Auto High-beam switch. All of a sudden the high-beams quite working with the high-beam switch on or off. The only way I can activate the high-beams is to pull on the switch and hold it. They were working then all at once the quite. Apparently there is separate high-beam fuses so I wouldn't think both sides blew at the same time? Possible switch issue?

~tom12630 20-10-2022
2010 4.6L dash/inst. lights only work in acc. position not in on position. thanks.

~Kent 01-12-2022
Which relay under the hood would be the second or third source of power for the driver’s master window control door switch if the fuse under the dash is good?

~jl 15-12-2022
eric = replace the parking breake light control switch, it could be bent out or is grounding out on the side support bracket.

~Geoff 05-07-2023
I have a 2014 tundra and had to replace the stereo head unit with after market. Lately my battery is draining over a 3-4 day period. When I pull the ACC fuse the battery does not drain. Besides the stereo is there anything else that might cause this drain?

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