Ceramic coating benefits for your vehicle

Published 18-06-2021 Jay

Ceramic coating benefits for your vehicle
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  1. Benefits of ceramic coating

For every car owner, his car is special. However, it is not possible to watch over it all the time and make sure that no one has scratched it in the parking lot. What to do to longer enjoy beautiful paint without scratches or scuffs? The solution to this problem can be the application of ceramic coating. Below we present the advantages of such a solution.

Benefits of ceramic coating

Currently, there is no more durable material on the market that would protect your car and other surfaces as effectively as the ceramic coating. Its advantage is related to hardness, smoothness, and resistance to wear. After it is applied, a thin transparent and invisible layer appears on the vehicle, which will protect it from all possible external factors, e.g. atmospheric conditions - UV radiation, acid rain, tree sap falling on the car, road salt during winter, but also from mechanical damage and scratches.

Thanks to this, you will not have to go for expensive paint repairs anymore. The application of the ceramic coating is so convenient that you can even apply it yourself. Of course, you need to prepare for this in advance, tips on how to do this can be found in another article. A very interesting effect after the application of the ceramic coating is the mirror effect on the paint. After applying the necessary 3 layers of coating our eyes will see an amazing effect. The car will look as if someone doused it with glass, which will create a beautiful mirror reflection.

Another stunning feature of the ceramic coating is its hydrophobicity. This property means that the coating repels water and dirt particles from itself, so they do not adhere to the paint. This, of course, entails significantly less frequent visits to the car wash. Remember that ceramic coating does not protect only the paint. Its application will also protect windows, mirrors, gaskets, rims, plastics, chrome parts, and headlights.

In conclusion, ceramic coating is the most cost-effective expense. Not only will it protect your car, but also thanks to it will catch the eye of other drivers.

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~Allan 20-07-2021
unfortunately i had a collision with a billboard at the service station and touched a billboard on my front left quarter panel i managed to cut and polish most of it out but their is a small two centimeter scratch that has gone down to metal if i have it touched up will i be able to reapply the ceramic coating to the quarter panel

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