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Engine compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Toyota Tundra I Fuse box - engine compartment

If the headlights or other electrical components do not work, check the fuses. If any of the fuses are blown, they must be replaced.

1EFI NO.120 A(2UZ−FE engine) or FI NO.1 15 A (5VZ−FE engine): Multiportuel injection system/sequentialultiport fuel injection system, emissionontrol system, fuel pump and allomponents in “EFI NO.2” fuse
2ETCS15 AMultiport fuel injectionystem/sequential multiport fuel injectionystem and electronic throttle controlystem
3DOME15 AInterior light, personalights, vanity light and door courtesyights
4OBD7.5 AOn−board diagnosis system
5PWR OUTLET 115 APower outlet
6PWR OUTLET 215 APower outlet
7ST25 AStarting system
8FRFOG20 AFront fog lights
9ALT−S7.5 ACharging system
10HEAD (RH)10 A(without daytimeunning light system): Right−handeadlightEAD (HI RH) 10 A (with daytimeunning light system): Right−handeadlight (high beam)
11HEAD (LH)10 A(without daytimeunning light system): Left−handeadlightEAD (HI LH) 10 A (with daytimeunning light system): Left−handeadlight (high beam)
12EFI NO.210 AMultiport fuel injectionystem/sequential multiport fuel injectionystem and emission control system
13A/C10 AAir conditioning system
14DRL7.5 A(with daytime runningight system): Daytime running lightystem
15HEAD (LO RH)10 A(with daytimeunning light system): Right−handeadlight (low beam)
16HEAD (LO LH)10 A(with daytimeunning light system): Left−handeadlight (lowbeam)
17WIP20 AWindshield wipers andasher
18TURN5 ATurn signal lights
19ECU IG5 AAnti−lock brake systemnd cruise control system
204WD20 AFour−wheel drive controlystem and A.D.D. control system
21ACC15 ACigarette lighter, audio system,RS airbag system and powerear view mirrors
22GAUGE10 AGauges and meters,ack−up lights, starting system, daytimeunning light system and air conditioningystem
23IGN5 ASRS airbag system, multiportuel injection system/sequential multiportuel injection system, dischargeystem and ignition system
24CARGO LP5 ACargo lamp
25TAIL15 ATail lights, license plateights, instrument panel lights, parkingights and glove box light
26ECU−B5 ASRSwarning light
27HORN−HAZ20 AEmergency flashersnd horns
28STA5 AMultiport fuel injection system/equential multiport fuel injectionystem, gauges and meters
29STOP15 AStoplights and highounted stoplightuses (type B)
30ABS 140 AAnti−lock brake system
31ABS 240 AAnti−lock brake system
32J/B50 AAll components in “POWER”,HORN−HAZ”, “TAIL”, “CARGO LP”,STOP” and “ECU−B” fuses
33AM230 AIgnition system
34AM140 AStarting system
35HTR50 AAir conditioning system
36POWER30 APower door lock system,ower windows and power seat
37FL30 ATrailer lightsuse (type C)
38ALT120 AAll components in “AM1”,ALT−S”, “HTR”, “FR FOG”, “PWRUTLET 1” and “PWR OUTLET 2”

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Matilde Gracia
1 year ago

I'm not able to get my lights to wok with my tundra, but will all work with my chevy. Its listing a #37 trailer lights, but not showing where located on diagram.

hugh rhoades
1 year ago

is there a fuse for the clock on a 2001 toyota tundra?

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