Toyota Tundra II (2007-2018) key battery change diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Replace the Toyota Tundra key battery with a new one if it is discharged. You will need a Lithium battery CR2032.

  1. Remove the cover using a coin protected with tape etc
  2. Remove the discharged transmitter battery.
    Insert a new battery with the“+” terminal facing up.
Toyota Tundra II car key battery change

If the wireless remote control battery is discharged the wireless remote control will not function properly OR the operational range is reduced.

Use a CR2032 lithium battery. Batteries can be purchased at your Toyota dealer, jewelers, or camera stores. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by your Toyota Tundra dealer. Dispose of used batteries according to the local laws.

All Toyota Tundra II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Toyota Tundra II (2007-2018) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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