How to fit a towbar?

Published 25-06-2021 Jay

How to fit a towbar?

While it may seem simple, attaching a towbar to our car is not so simple at all. There are some very important aspects to consider, which we outline below.

Steps to fit a towbar

The first step is to check if your car is suitable for a towbar. The first thing you need to do is to check whether your car is suitable for a trailer hitch. In rare cases, when this approval is not present, we can not install the hook. You must check if it is possible to install a towbar. In the situation when we are sure that our car is suitable for installation, we can proceed to the proper activities.

We start by removing the bumper and lamps, if necessary. Usually, the next step is to unscrew the reinforcing bar and remove the insulation mass on the fabric holes, in which we will mount the towbar kit. In most cases, this is provided by the manufacturer, even if the vehicle has not had this equipment since new. We then bolt the body to the stringers in the factory holes and tighten the ball socket and electrical socket bracket. Use the coupling parts included with the tow bar kit. It is important to use a torque wrench with the torque specified in the owner's manual when tightening all connections.

Wiring a towbar

The next necessary step is to connect the wiring harness. To do this, you need to partially remove the trunk lid and then pull it through the factory hole. Thanks to the use of quick-release fasteners, this process is lightning fast. After that, you should put the harness in the electrical socket, which will allow us to plug in the power. If you need to use the module you have to connect the plus cable of the harness directly to the battery, in most cases, you will need to pull the cable through the length of the car. With the device already installed must go to the Station of Vehicle Inspection, to receive a certificate. After receiving it, we go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, to get an entry in the registration card.

Problems with fitting a towbar

What can go wrong? The biggest problem is to choose the right towbar from the catalog, it is very important to match the references of the hook to our car. Another problem is simply not reading the instructions. Each car and each hook, despite common denominators, have some differences in construction, so here we can not rely on our memory of performing this operation on another car, even if we have a lot of experience in it. Another important issue is to pay attention to whether the car has gas installation. It can cause some problems in fitting the hook.

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