How often should I start my car in cold weather?

Published 01-07-2021 Jay

How often should I start my car in cold weather?
One of the car's components that we don't think about very often is the battery. This is dangerous because with a faulty battery you won't drive very far, or you won't start at all. It is especially important to take proper care of the battery in cold weather when temperatures fall below 0 degrees. How to make our car efficient all winter? You will read about it below. 

Basic rules

Car during cold weather should be fired up every day, without exception. This mechanism applies especially to owners of cars that are not stored in a garage. Starting the engine every day will allow for continuous battery life, and you will sleep soundly knowing that your car will not surprise you tomorrow and will start right up. Owners who keep their cars in a garage can be more sure that their car will start. However, also pay attention to how old your car's battery is. Older and more worn-out batteries with special care should be started every day in cold weather, the same goes for cars that are parked outside in sub-zero temperatures without any cover. 

How does a battery lose efficiency? 

The battery is an extremely energy-demanding part of the car. Even an unused, parked car with the engine turned off consumes a lot of energy. Devices such as clocks and anti-theft mechanisms consume battery power while the car is asleep, which is compounded in cold weather. Interestingly having a powerful engine makes the car use more battery power. Under the best conditions, a fully functioning battery is able to recharge while the engine is running. Why do low temperatures cause the battery to work worse? The answer is very simple. The chemical reaction that drives the battery is far less efficient in cold weather conditions. Battery life drops by as much as 60% at around -18 degrees Celsius and by 35% at 0 degrees Celsius. 

The benefits of starting your engine every day

What are the benefits of the daily cold-weather starting of your engine? Well, it gives your battery a fresh charge every day. You only need to start the engine for a few minutes. But remember, if your battery is weak, even starting it every day won't be enough, and the cold weather will quickly drain it. 

The simple solution

The simple solution may be just to disconnect the battery. This is what will make your car start on even the coldest morning. How to do it? You need a crescent wrench, with the help of which you will disconnect the ground wire from the post. In this way, no electrical device in your car will draw energy from the battery, and therefore the battery will not be discharged.

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Is the door open warning light fused. If so what fuse is it?

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