Volvo S60 II (2010-2018) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

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Engine compartment

Volvo S60 II Fuse box engine compartment

A Engine compartment, upper
B Engine compartment, front
C Engine compartment, lower


These fuses are all located in the engine compartment box. Fuses in C are located under A.

A decal on the inside of the cover shows the positions of the fuses.

Fuses 1 – 15, 34 and 42 – 44 are relays/ circuit breakers and should only be removed or replaced by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician.

Fuses 16 – 33 and 35 – 41 may be changed at any time when necessary. There is a special fuse removal tool on the underside of the cover.

1Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment50
2Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment50
3Circuit breaker: central electrical module in the trunk60
4Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment60
5Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment60
8Headed windshield*, driver's side40
9Windshield wipers30
11Climate system blower40
12Headed windshield*, passenger's side40
13ABS pump40
14ABS valves20
15Headlight washers20
16Active Bending Lightsheadlight leveling*10
17Central electrical module (under the glove compartment)20
19Adjustable steering force*5
20Engine Control Module (ECM), transmission, SRS10
21Heated washer nozzles*10
23Lighting panel5
27Relay coils5
28Auxiliary lights*20
30Relay coils, Engine Control Module (ECM)10
31Control module - automatic transmission15
32A/C compressor (not 4-cyl. engines)15
33Relay-coils A/C, relay coils in engine compartment cold zone for Start/Stop5
34Starter motor relay30
35Engine control module (4-cyl. engines) Ignition coils (5-/6-cyl. engines), condenser (6-cyl. engines)20
36Engine Control Module (4-cyl. engines)20
36Engine Control Module (5-cyl. & 6-cyl. engines)10
374-cyl. engines: mass air meter, thermostat, EVAP valve10
375-/6-cyl. engines: Injection system, mass air meter (6-cyl. engines only), engine control module15
38A/C compressor (5-/6- cyl. engines), engine valves, engine control module (6-cyl. engines), solenoids (6- cyl. non-turbo only), mass air meter (6-cyl. only)10
38Engine valves/oil pump/center heated oxygen sensor (4-cyl. engines)15
39Front/rear heated oxygen sensors (4-cyl. engines), EVAP valve (5-/6-cyl. engines), heated oxygen sensors (5-/6-cyl. engines)15
40Oil pump (automatic transmission)/crankcase ventilation heater (5-cyl. engines)10
40Ignition coils15
41Fuel leakage detection (5-/6-cyl. engines), control module for radiator shutter (5-cyl. engines)5
41Fuel leakage detection, A/C relay (4-cyl. engines)15
42Coolant pump (4-cyl. engines)50
43Cooling fan60 (4/5- cyl. engines)
43Cooling fan80 (6-cyl. engines)
44Power steering100

*This position is not used on vehicles with the optional Start/Stop function

Under the glove compartment

Volvo S60 II Fuse box under the glove compartment

Fusebox A: General fuses
Fusebox B: Control module fuses

Fold aside the upholstery covering the fuseboxes.
1. Press the cover's lock and fold it up.
2. The fuses are accessible.

Positions: fusebox A

1Circuit breaker for the infotainment system and for fuses 16-2040
2Windshield washers25
6Keyless drive* (door handles)5
8Controls in driver's door20
9Controls in front passenger's door20
10Controls in right rear passenger's door20
11Controls in left rear passenger's door20
12Keyless drive* 7.5
13Power driver's seat*20
14Power front passenger's seat*20
16Infotainment system control module5
17Infotainment system: amplifier, SiriusXM™ satellite radio*10
18Infotainment system15
19Bluetooth hands-free system5
21Power moonroof* Courtesy lighting, climate system sensor5
2212-volt sockets in tunnel console15
23Heated rear seat* (passenger's side)15
24Heated rear seat* (driver's side)15
26Heated front passenger's seat*15
27Heated driver's seat*15
28Park assist*, trailer hitch control module*, park assist camera* Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)*5
29All Wheel Drive* control module15
30Active chassis system*10

Positions: fusebox B

3Front courtesy lighting, driver's door power window controls, powerseat(s)*, Home- LInk® Wireless Control System*7.5
4Instrument panel5
65Adaptive cruise control/collision warning*10
7Courtesy lighting, rain sensor*7.5
8Steering wheel module7.5
9Cental locking: fuel filler door10
10Electrically heated steering wheel*15
11Electrically heated windshield*15
12Trunk open10
13Electrical folding rear seat outboard head restraints*10
14Fuel pump20
15Climate system control panel5
17Alarm, On-board diagnostic system5
19Airbag system, occupant weight sensor10
20Collision warning system*5
21Accelerator pedal sensor, auto-dim mirror function, heated rear seats*7.5
23Brake lights5
24Power moonroof*20
All Volvo S60 II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Volvo S60 II (2010-2018) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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good days dear sirs i have a 2012 volvo s60 d4 and i have a big problem guys my car had an accident a couple of weeks ago and had the collision from the left side which is fuse box side :( at the result of the collision the fuse box was not in good condition the engine harness cable had the damage at the end of the harness (fuse relay) so the car is almost comleted but nobody can make the connections of the fuse relay i bought another harness (2nd hand) but colours are different and we can not fix it new harness is really expensive in turkey volvo service if you guys if any one of you has/have the scheme of the volvo s60 d4 cable harness please let me know guys. i need the colours of the cable connections for example blue cable to f10 black cable to f25 bla bla bla even a picture of the s60 d4 cable harness fuse relay will be perfect and going to solve my problem :) waiting for yours selim koyuncu selimkn[email protected] whats up 00905442358042 waiting for yours thanks from now

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