Opel Meriva B Fuse box

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Opel Meriva appeared for the first time in Opel's offer in 2002. It was a classic B segment minivan vehicle, and a little later the idea was adopted by other automotive companies (Fiat Idea, Lancia Musa or Renault Modus).

However, Opel Meriva brought one fundamental innovation to the segment and even the entire automotive industry: the changing passenger space on the FlexSpace rear bench. It was enough to fold the middle part of the rear seat, move the outside of the seat slightly forward and push it in to make the model a 2 + 2 vehicle with a very comfortable rear seat.

Fuse box Location

The fuse box is located at the front side of the engine compartment. It’s just there right to the windscreen. To open that, you just need to remove the cover of the fuse box and lift it up from the lug.

Design and Built

The second-generation Opel Meriva that hit the market in 2010 was the evolution of the earlier solution, we can recognize it as a segment revolution. The vehicle received a very rare door opening system. Instead of the classic rear doors, which have hinges on the middle pillar, the Meriva II has hinges on the rear door at the rear fender. As a result, the doors open on the principle of an open book.

Of course Meriva, like its predecessor, has a system to change the arrangement of the rear seat FlexSpace. The difference, however, lies in the structural solution, allowing for easier and more precise change. In the normal position of the rear seat, we have three seats as in any vehicle.

However, we can leave the middle section (armrest and backrest behind it) and bring the two outer seats closer together. In this way, the vehicle becomes a four-seat model, where the rear seats have a comfortable distance both in relation to themselves and from the door. If, however, we have larger objects to transport, you can put the entire rear seat and get flat luggage space (as a result, it increases from 400 liters to 1500 liters).

What’s the Challenge?

First of all, it's the FlexSpace seat changing system.

Admittedly, it is a very good solution, but it required quite complicated kinematics and the attachment of additional guides. As a result, with classically placed seats at the back, we don’t have a spectacular upholstery between the floor and the seats, but the space with built elements of the structure.

Second ... finish

Opel Meriva is a budget car, which makes the upholstery materials of lower quality. There was also no possibility of the free configuration of the car because expensive options (such as xenon) were never on offer.

Third ... door hinges.

Doors, both front, and rear open at an 84-degree angle (the widest opening on the market). As a result, it was impossible to use opening stops, as in classic models. Thus, a sudden gust of wind (a gale, a passing truck), can break in through the freely opened door.

Engine compartment fuse box

Opel Meriva B Fuse box engine compartment fuse box

The fuse box is in the front left of the engine compartment. Disengage the cover, lift it upwards and remove. After having changed defective fuses close the fuse box cover and press until it engages. If the fuse box cover is not closed correctly, malfunctions may occur.

3Fuel filter, cooling
5Terminal 30
6Engine control module, transmission control unit
7Fog light
8Engine cooling
9Engine cooling
10Vacuum pump
11Ignition, preheating
12Headlamp levelling
13Air conditioning system, terminal 15
14Transmission control unit
15High beam right
16High beam left
17Engine control module
18Engine control module, terminal 15
20Engine control module
21Engine control module, terminal 87
22Electrical parking brake
23Tyre repair kit
24Fuel pump
26Heated rear window
28Interior fan
29Cigarette lighter
30Air conditioning system
31Front power window, left
32Front power window, right
33Mirror heating

Instrument panel fuse box

Opel Meriva B Fuse box instrument panel fuse box

In left-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is behind the storage compartment in the instrument panel. Open compartment, compress the locking tabs, fold compartment down and remove. In right-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is located behind a cover in the glovebox. Open the glovebox, pull cover upwards and remove.

2Display, instrument, telephone
4Ignition switch, immobiliser
5Windscreen washer, rear screen washer
6Central locking system, tailgate
7Central locking system
8Display, instrument, telephone
9Heated steering wheel
10Rear left door unlocking
11Rear right door unlocking
12Courtesy light
13Rain sensor, interior mirror, outside mirrors

Load compartment fuse box

Opel Meriva B Fuse box load compartment fuse box

The fuse box is on the left side of the load compartment behind a cover. Remove the cover. Disengage the four retaining lugs and remove the cover.

1Adaptive forward lighting
6Rear power window, right
7Adaptive forward lighting
8Trailer module, Trailer socket
9Seat, lumbar support, left
10Rear power window, left
11Park assist
12Electrical sunblind
14Heated front seats
15Trailer module
16Seat, lumbar support, right
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~mr adam 29-09-2020
there is no fuse box to unclip in load compartment of my 2014 meriva b remove cover as described but no fusevbox in there

[email protected] 18-01-2021
there no load compartment fuse box on my 2013 meriva b 1 4 energy

~Seb 26-06-2022
Où se situe le fusible de la trappe d'essence

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