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Engine compartment

4 months ago by t0z
Volvo S60 II Fuse box - engine compartment

A Engine compartment, upper
B Engine compartment, front
C Engine compartment, lower


These fuses are all located in the engine compartment box. Fuses in C are located under A.

A decal on the inside of the cover shows the positions of the fuses.

Fuses 1 – 15, 34 and 42 – 44 are relays/ circuit breakers and should only be removed or replaced by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician.

Fuses 16 – 33 and 35 – 41 may be changed at any time when necessary. There is a special fuse removal tool on the underside of the cover.

1Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment50
2Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment50
3Circuit breaker: central electrical module in the trunk60
4Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment60
5Circuit breaker: central electrical module under the glove compartment60
8Headed windshield*, driver's side40
9Windshield wipers30
11Climate system blower40
12Headed windshield*, passenger's side40
13ABS pump40
14ABS valves20
15Headlight washers20
16Active Bending Lightsheadlight leveling*10
17Central electrical module (under the glove compartment)20
19Adjustable steering force*5
20Engine Control Module (ECM), transmission, SRS10
21Heated washer nozzles*10
23Lighting panel5
27Relay coils5
28Auxiliary lights*20
30Relay coils, Engine Control Module (ECM)10
31Control module - automatic transmission15
32A/C compressor (not 4-cyl. engines)15
33Relay-coils A/C, relay coils in engine compartment cold zone for Start/Stop5
34Starter motor relay30
35Engine control module (4-cyl. engines) Ignition coils (5-/6-cyl. engines), condenser (6-cyl. engines)20
36Engine Control Module (4-cyl. engines)20
36Engine Control Module (5-cyl. & 6-cyl. engines)10
374-cyl. engines: mass air meter, thermostat, EVAP valve10
375-/6-cyl. engines: Injection system, mass air meter (6-cyl. engines only), engine control module15
38A/C compressor (5-/6- cyl. engines), engine valves, engine control module (6-cyl. engines), solenoids (6- cyl. non-turbo only), mass air meter (6-cyl. only)10
38Engine valves/oil pump/center heated oxygen sensor (4-cyl. engines)15
39Front/rear heated oxygen sensors (4-cyl. engines), EVAP valve (5-/6-cyl. engines), heated oxygen sensors (5-/6-cyl. engines)15
40Oil pump (automatic transmission)/crankcase ventilation heater (5-cyl. engines)10
40Ignition coils15
41Fuel leakage detection (5-/6-cyl. engines), control module for radiator shutter (5-cyl. engines)5
41Fuel leakage detection, A/C relay (4-cyl. engines)15
42Coolant pump (4-cyl. engines)50
43Cooling fan60 (4/5- cyl. engines)
43Cooling fan80 (6-cyl. engines)
44Power steering100

*This position is not used on vehicles with the optional Start/Stop function

Under the glove compartment

4 months ago by t0z
Volvo S60 II Fuse box - under the glove compartment

Fusebox A: General fuses
Fusebox B: Control module fuses

Fold aside the upholstery covering the fuseboxes.
1. Press the cover's lock and fold it up.
2. The fuses are accessible.

Positions: fusebox A

1Circuit breaker for the infotainment system and for fuses 16-2040
2Windshield washers25
6Keyless drive* (door handles)5
8Controls in driver's door20
9Controls in front passenger's door20
10Controls in right rear passenger's door20
11Controls in left rear passenger's door20
12Keyless drive* 7.5
13Power driver's seat*20
14Power front passenger's seat*20
16Infotainment system control module5
17Infotainment system: amplifier, SiriusXM™ satellite radio*10
18Infotainment system15
19Bluetooth hands-free system5
21Power moonroof* Courtesy lighting, climate system sensor5
2212-volt sockets in tunnel console15
23Heated rear seat* (passenger's side)15
24Heated rear seat* (driver's side)15
26Heated front passenger's seat*15
27Heated driver's seat*15
28Park assist*, trailer hitch control module*, park assist camera* Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)*5
29All Wheel Drive* control module15
30Active chassis system*10

Positions: fusebox B

3Front courtesy lighting, driver's door power window controls, powerseat(s)*, Home- LInk® Wireless Control System*7.5
4Instrument panel5
65Adaptive cruise control/collision warning*10
7Courtesy lighting, rain sensor*7.5
8Steering wheel module7.5
9Cental locking: fuel filler door10
10Electrically heated steering wheel*15
11Electrically heated windshield*15
12Trunk open10
13Electrical folding rear seat outboard head restraints*10
14Fuel pump20
15Climate system control panel5
17Alarm, On-board diagnostic system5
19Airbag system, occupant weight sensor10
20Collision warning system*5
21Accelerator pedal sensor, auto-dim mirror function, heated rear seats*7.5
23Brake lights5
24Power moonroof*20

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