Subaru Outback IV (2009-2014) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Passenger compartment

Subaru Outback IV Fuse box passenger compartment
Fuse panelFuse ratingCircuit
115ATrailer hitch connector
220ARear power window (left side)
320APower window (driver’s side)
47.5ANavigation system, Front wiper deicer, Moonroof
57.5ACombination meter
67.5ARemote control rear view mirrors
77.5AIntegrated unit
815AStop light
915ASeat heater relay
107.5APower supply (battery)
117.5ATurn signal unit
1215AIntegrated unit, Automatic transmission unit
1520ARear power window (right side)
1715AFront wiper deicer
187.5ABack-up light
197.5AElectronic parking brake unit, Hill Holdersystem unit
2010AAccessory power outlet
217.5AStarter relay
2215AAir conditioner
2415AAudio, Navigation system
2515ASRS airbag system
267.5AMain fan
2730APower window relay
2920APower window (passenger’s side)
317.5AAutomatic air conditioner unit
337.5AABS/Vehicle dynamics control unit, Power steering

Engine compartment

Subaru Outback IV Fuse box engine compartment
Fuse panelFuse ratingCircuit
17.5ACVT control unit
27.5AHorn LO
37.5AHorn HI
415ALow beam headlight (right side)
515ALow beam headlight (left side)
620AFuel pump
710AHigh beam headlight (left side)
810AHigh beam headlight (right side)
920AContinuously variable transmission control unit
127.5AEngine control unit
1315AEngine control unit
1415AIgnition coil
1515AEngine control unit
1615AEngine control unit
1715AAutomatic transmission control unit
1910ARear combination light
2015ATurn and hazard warning flasher (body control unit)
2120ADoor lock (body control unit)
2215ARear wiper, Rear washer
2310AFront washer
2430AFront wiper
2525ARear window defogger, Mirror heater, Front wiper deicer
2615ABlower fan
2715ABlower fan
2825AAudio unit
2925ASub fan
3025AMain fan
3130AABS/Vehicle dynamics control unit
3210AFog light (right side)
3310AFog light (left side)
3410ABack-up (body control unit)

Information about the model

Ease of use and [practicality are among the attributes that should be present in any automotive vehicle. Subaru is one of the names in the automotive industry that provides both qualities in their cars. These vehicles can attract a specific class of buyer who readily looks for different features that are efficient in all aspects. The Subaru Outback is among the cars that have maximum features.

Subaru Outback: Fourth Generation

The Subaru Outback is the fourth generation that was launched in 2009. It has been a premium German brand that is preferred by those buyers who readily looks for executive saloons and SUV. The 2014 model was equipped with minimal changes to the interior and exterior. Apart from that, it experienced one of the significant updates in the technical features also. It was equipped with a turbodiesel engine mated with an automatic transmission. This engine satisfies most of the family 4x4 buyers.

The core technical features experienced gearbox, which is based upon Continuous Variable Transmission that is an innovation achieved by Subaru. It was equipped with 2.0-liter flat- four turbodiesel engines. Apart from this, the new Outback has brand new 17in alloy wheels, more prominent front fog lamps, different headlamps, different roof bars, and radiator grille. The new trim levels are quite significant and help the buyer to get a car that is quite attractive.

The Outback was also equipped with a firmer chassis that makes the riding quite comfortable. Handling of this car is quite easy. When it comes to different accessories, then this car provides all of them without any quality issue. With this jacked-up car, one can get optimal satisfaction in driving. Subaru has gained much exposure with this power-packed beast. It is a niche brand that covers all the needs of the buyers.

All Subaru Outback IV info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Subaru Outback IV (2009-2014) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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