Honda Accord VII USA - Fuse box

Years of production: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

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Fuses location

2 years ago by Jossi
Honda Accord VII USA Fuse box - fuses location

The vehicle’s fuses are contained in two fuse boxes.

Interior fuse box diagram

2 years ago by Jossi
Honda Accord VII USA Fuse box - interior fuse box diagram

The interior fuse box is on the driver’s lower left side. To remove the fuse box lid, put your finger in the notch on the lid, and pull it upward slightly, then pull it toward you and take it out of its hinges.

No.Amps.Circuits Protected
1(15 A)DBW
215 AIgnition Coil
3(10 A)Daytime Running Light*
415 ALaf Heater
510 ARadio
67.5 AInterior Light
710 ABack-Up Lights
820 ADoor Lock
915 AFront Accessory Sockets
107.5 AIG OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System)
1130 AIG Wiper
12-Not Used
13-Not Used
14(20 A)Driver’s Power Seat Sliding
15(20 A)Heated Seats
16(20 A)Driver’s Power Seat Reclining
17-Not Used
1815 AIG ACG
1915 AIG Fuel Pump
207.5 AIG Washer
217.5 AIG Meter
2210 AIG SRS
24-Not Used
25-Not Used
2620 APassenger’s Power Window
2720 ADriver’s Power Window
28(20 A)Moonroof
29-Not Used
307.5 AIG HAC
31-Not Used
327.5 AACC
33-Not Used

Under-hood fuse/relay box

2 years ago by Jossi
Honda Accord VII USA Fuse box - under-hood fuse/relay box

The under-hood fuse box is on the driver’s side. To open it, push the tabs as shown.

No.Amps.Circuits Protected
110 ALeft Headlight Low Beam
2(30A)(Rear Defroster Coil)
310 ALeft Headlight High Beam
415 ASmall Light
510 ARight Headlight High Beam
610 ARight Headlight Low Beam
77.5 ABack Up
920 ACondenser fan
10-Not Used
1120 ACooling Fan
11*30 ACooling Fan
127.5 AMG. Clutch
1320 AHorn, Stop
1440 ARear Defroster
1540 ABack Up, ACC
1615 AHazard
1730 AABS Motor
17*30 ATCS Motor
1820 AABS F/S
18*40 ATCS
1940 AOption
20(40 A)Option
2140 AHeater Motor
22100 ABattery
-Not Used
2350 AB IG1 Main
50 APower Window Main

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