Honda Accord IX USA (2012-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

Engine compartment fuse box

Honda Accord IX USA Fuse box engine compartment fuse box If any electrical devices are not working, turn the ignition switch to LOCK and check to see if any applicable fuse is blown. Located near the brake fluid reservoir. Push the tabs to open the box. Fuse locations are shown on the fuse box cover. Locate the fuse in question by the fuse number and box cover number.
No.Circuit ProtectedA
1Battery 125A
-EPS70 A
-Fuse Box Option 1(40 A)
-Fuse Box Main 1(60 A)
4Front Fog Light(10 A)
5Horn10 A
7Fb Sub15 A
8DRL7.5 A
9IG coil15 A
10Injector20 A
11Hazard15 A
12Sub fan motor30 A
13Rear defogger40A
14Heater Motor40A
15Fl main15 A
16Heated door mirror10 A
17MG clutch7.5 A
18DBW15 A
19Small light20 A
20Interior light7.5 A
21Back up10 A
22Audio10 A
23Fan timer7.5 A
24Rear headlight low beam10A
25Left headlight low beam10A

Interior fuse box

Honda Accord IX USA Fuse box interior fuse box Located under the dashboard. Fuse locations are shown on the label on the side panel. Locate the fuse in question by the fuse number and label number.
1A/C7.5 A
2DRL7.5 A
5Meter7.5 A
6SRS7.5 A
7Option(7.5 A)
9Fuel Pump20 A
10ABS/VSA7.5 A
12Front Wiper7.5 A
13ACG15 A
14Rear Accessory Power Socket(20 A) 
15Drivers Power Seat(20 A)
16Moonroof*(20 A)
17Front Seat Heaters*(20 A)
19Passenger Side Door10 A
20Driver Side Rear Door10 A
21Drivers Door Lock10 A
22Passenger Side Door Lock10 A
23Drivers Door Unlock10 A
24SRS10 A
25Illumination10 A
26Key Lock7.5 A
27Parking Lights10 A
28Lumbar Support*10 A)
29Right Headlight High Beam10 A
30Washer15 A
31SMART*(10 A)
32Drivers Power Window20 A
33Front Passengers Power20 A
34Rear Driver Side Power20 A
35Rear Passenger Side Power20 A
36Drivers Power Seat Sliding*(20 A)
39Left Headlight High Beam10 A
40Front Accessory Power Socket20 A
41Driver Side Rear Door Lock10 A
42Door Lock 20 A
aAudio*(7.5 A)
bACM*(20 A)
cRear Seat Heaters*(15 A)
dPremium Amp*(20 A)
gPassengers Power Seat(20 A)
hPassengers Power Seat(20 A)


Honda Accord IX USA Fuse box location Accord IX fuse box location.

Information about the model

The midsize cars segment is equipped with some of the best models from Honda. Honda has defined the different segments of cars with its powerful performance as well as look. The 2012 Honda Accord is a popular model of a mid-sized sedan that avails a high spot in the rankings. When it comes to driving dynamics, reliability, and optimal safety, then this model is an apt one. It comes with a nicer cabin and an apt boot space.

There are different attributes of this model from Honda that makes it a good car. The first and foremost is the spacious cabin, which provides apt legroom and headroom. The model at that time comes with all the innovative features such as a Standard USB port, rearview camera.

Honda Accord IX: Tenth Generation

This 2013 model of Accord from Honda is available in both coupe and sedan body styles. However, it comes with different trim styles LX, EX, and EX V-6. The base model is LX which comes with optimal infotainment features such as a six-speaker audio system and a USB port. The mid-trim style of EX is equipped with upgraded features such as heated side mirrors, a moon roof, upgraded interior materials, active noise cancellation, power lumbar support, active noise cancellation.

If you are thinking of opting for an all-around car that provides performance with smooth- riding, then Honda Accord is among the finest options. The 2018 version of this model is redesigned with some of the upgrades such as the powerful base engine, updated exterior, interior styling, large boot space, and also some of the latest features such as Apple Carplay and several other features.

When it comes to choosing the model of Accord year wise, then the 2013 model is an apt version as it comes with a rearview camera as well as advanced safety features. The lane departure warning and collision warning are some of the best features in the Honda Accord.

All Honda Accord IX USA info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Honda Accord IX USA (2012-2021) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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