Honda Accord VIII USA (2007-2012) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Fuse box location

Honda Accord VIII USA Fuse box fuse box location The vehicle’s fuses are contained in three fuse boxes. The driver’s side interior fuse box is under the dashboard on the driver’s side. The fuse label is attached to the side panel. The passenger’s side interior fuse box is on the lower passenger’s side panel. To remove the fuse box lid, put your finger in the notch on the lid, and pull it upward slightly, then pull it toward you and take it out of its hinges. The under-hood fuse box is on the driver’s side. To open it, push the tabs as shown.

Under-hood fuse box

Honda Accord VIII USA Fuse box under-hood fuse box
No.Amps.Circuits Protected
1-1*1100 ABattery
1-1*2120 ABattery
1-240 APassenger’s Side Fuse Box
2-1-Not Used
2-240 AABS/VSA
2-330 AABS/VSA Motor
2-4(40 A)Passenger’s Side Fuse Box
2-5-Not Used
2-6-Not Used
3-1*1-Not Used
3-1*230 ASub Fan Motor
3-230 AWiper Motor
3-330 AMain Fan Motor
3-430 ADriver’s Side Light Main
3-5(60 A)Driver’s Side Fuse Box
3-630 APassenger’s Side Light Main
3-7(40 A)Driver’s Side Fuse Box
3-850 AIG Main
440 ARear Defroster
5*120 ASub Fan Motor
5*2-Not Used
6-Not Used
7-Not Used
840 AHeater Motor
915 AHazard
1020 AHornStop
11-Not Used
12-Not Used
1315 AIG Coil
1415 AFI Sub
1510 ABack Up
167.5 AInterior Lights
1715 AFI Main
1815 ADBW
19*1-Not Used
19*27.5 ABack Up FI ECU
207.5 AMG Clutch
217.5 AFan Relay

Interior fuse box - drivers side

Honda Accord VIII USA Fuse box interior fuse box - drivers side
No.Amps.Circuits Protected
1-Not Used
2-Not Used
315 AWasher
47.5 AWiper
57.5 AMeter
715 AACG
87.5 ASTS*
920 AFuel Pump
10(10 A)VB SOL*
1110 ASRS
127.5 AODS (Occupant Detection System)
13-Not Used
14(10 A)ACM*
157.5 ADaytime Running Lights
167.5 AA/C
177.5 AAccessory, Key, Lock
187.5 AAccessory
19(20 A)Driver’s Power Seat Sliding*
20(20 A)Moonroof*
21(20 A)Driver’s Power Seat Reclining*
2220 ARear Left Power Window
2315 AFront Accessory Power Socket
2420 ADriver’s Power Window
2510 ADriver’s Side Door Lock
26(10 A)Left Front Fog Light*
2710 ALeft Side Small Lights (Exterior)
2810 ALeft Headlight High Beam
297.5 ATPMS
3010 ALeft Headlight Low Beam
31-Not Used

Interior fuse box - passengers side

Honda Accord VIII USA Fuse box interior fuse box - passengers side
No.Amps.Circuits Protected
110 ARight Headlight High Beam
210 ARight Side Small Lights (Exterior)
3(10 A)Right Front Fog Light*
410 ARight Headlight Low Beam
5-Not Used
67.5 AInterior Lights
7-Not Used
8(20 A)Front Passenger’s Power Seat Reclining*
9(20 A)Front Passenger’s Power Seat Sliding*
1010 ARight Side Door Lock
11(20 A)Rear Right Power Window
1215 ARear Accessory Power Socket
1320 AFront Passenger’s Power Window
14-Not Used
15(20 A)Premium AMP*
16-Not Used
17-Not Used
18(10 A)Lumbar Support*
19(15 A)Seat Heater*
20-Not Used
21-Not Used
22-Not Used
* : If equipped

Information about the model

Honda Motor Company is a Japanese automobile manufacturer. It is a public multinational conglomerate corporation known for its motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment.

The company was founded in 1946 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. Over the years, the company has offered a variety of vehicles for the comfort of customers. They make high-performance affordable vehicles that are sold worldwide. The one we are talking about here is Honda Accord VIII USA which is a sedan variant. To know more about it, give this article a read.

Honda Accord VIII USA: Eighth Generation

Honda Accord VIII was launched to upgrade the Honda Accord VII. The production of the eight-generation Accord started in 2007 and continued till 2012. The car was launched in the North American, Japanese, and European markets. But the North American Accord is different from the car model launched in Europe and Japan. Honda Accord VIII USA is bigger and is classified as a full-size car by EPA standards. The company also launched a coupe version along with a Crosstour fastback model. This was introduced in the US for the 2010 model year.

The car is assembled in Thailand, but it is marketed in many other countries. Honda Accord VIII USA is sold as a left or right-hand-drive form. The car has different versions available and each of them comes with a different engine. Honda Accord VIII USA is one of the best-selling cars by Honda. It made huge sales in the USA and as well as in other countries. This car was designed for ultimate comfort. Although Honda wasn’t planning to make a full-size car, they somehow ended up doing that.

Honda Accord VIII USA features advanced features. It is a high-performance sedan with a large interior space. Currently, the Honda Accord is running in the tenth-generation.

All Honda Accord VIII USA info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Honda Accord VIII USA (2007-2012) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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