BMW E46 - Fuse box

Years of production: 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

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1 year ago by jossi
BMW E46 Fuse box - location



316i/316ci, 318i/318ci, 320i/320ci, 323i/323ci, 325i/325ci (EU + US), 328i/328ci, 330i/330ci (EU + US), M3 (EU + US), M3 CSS


318d, 320d/320Cd, 330d/330Cd

Fuse box location

You will find the fuses and information on their respective allocation in the glove compartment behind a panel with two snap clips.

Diagram German

1 year ago by jossi
BMW E46 Fuse box - diagram german

Diagram for fuses BMW E46 (German)

Diagram in english

1 year ago by jossi
BMW E46 Fuse box - diagram in english

Diagram in english

EquipmentFuse No.
ABS,ASC12, 33, 42, 53, 56
Adjustment driver seat65
Adjustment passenger seat70
Air conditioner28, 62, 63
Automatic gearbox diesel64
Blower28, 50
Brake light9
Central locking system49, 52, 60
Central locking system (only touring)49, 52, 58, 60
Cigarette lighter47
Cigarette lighter (Australia)26,47
DSC12, 33, 40, 42, 53, 56, 61
DSC 4-wheel drive12, 33, 35, 40, 42, 53
Electric fan37
Electric seat heating12, 42
Engine control27, 29, 39
Engine control (only M3)22, 29, 30
Folding outside mirror57
Four-cylinder diesel engine22
Front fog light38
Fuel pump54
Garage door opener26
Glove box light52
Hand lamp52
Headlight cleaning51
Heated outside mirror, passenger25
Healed rear window68
Heated rear window (only cabrio)7, 68
Heated spray nozzles25
Heater23, 28, 62
Hinged window (only coupe)71
Horn5, 55
Immobilizer14, 67
Inside mirror electrochromic24, 67
Interior light49, 52
Light module9, 32
Make-up mirror light6
Manual soft top (only cabrio)12, 42, 26
Navigation7, 41
On-board computer9
On-board Diagnose II30, 43
On-board monitor7, 41
Outside mirror31, 57
Parking aid24
Passenger comp/trunk lighting52
Power soft top (only cabrio)6, 12, 35, 42, 46
Radio7, 41
Rain sensor15
Rear wiper (only touring)15, 45
Reversing light27
Roller sun blind12, 42
Roll-over protective system (only cabrio)13
Secondary air pump36
Shifting gate illumination40
Side airbag11
Silding/tilt roof46
Speed control9
Sequential manual gearbox22, 66
Sequential transmission (only M3)8, 22
Starter interlock14
Telephone7, 39
Thiefproofing system49, 67
Trailer coupling44
Tyre pressure12, 31, 42, 69
Water valve, A/C62
Window lift front48, 49
Window lift rear71
Windscreen washer system49, 52, 59

drain battery

5 months ago by fady
BMW E46 Fuse box - drain battery

hello i want to know if fuse 62 Water valve, A/C can drain the battery and what is its roll ? thank you.

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11 months ago

Than you very much, was very useful!

Terri G.
10 months ago

what amp is required for the #31 outside mirror 2006 BMW 330ci E46 right mirror not working no fuse there need to know what amp to place in it

9 months ago

Mistake in "Engine control 27, 29, 39 ", it's 30 not 39!!

8 months ago

E46 central locking station fuse keeps blowing. It is the 25amp one. I did test with a 30amp and it works fine

8 months ago

my power softtop won't latchs down when closing

8 months ago

Do you have a wiring diagram for fuse 62 2002 BMW 2.2 320si touring?

5 months ago

I have a 03 BMW 3series 325i, and can't figure out witch fuse controls the sun roof?

5 months ago

hello i want to know if fuse 62 Water valve, A/C can drain the battery and what is its roll ? thank you.

4 months ago

How do I replace e46 white fuse box fastener

Alondra berumen
2 months ago

Which fuse is the location for the locking center and for the lights inside my car

1 month ago

gas gauge and acelarator light to stay on.

4 weeks ago

Hi everyone! My lighter, inside lights, parking control, gear lights, reverse lights and windshield water do not work. All fuses are fine. Any suggestions? E-46, 1998. Was not used for 3 years

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