Why my car won't start?

Published 24-05-2021 Maverik

Why my car won't start?

A long-planned family trip? Beautiful weather outside the window and you want to get away from the crowded city? Or maybe you are just in a hurry to get to work? You get in the car, put the keys in the ignition, turn it, and ... nothing? This is probably the worst possible scenario, which is your car does not want to start. Why? Below are the possible causes of your problem with not wanting to start the car.

Issues with the battery

The most common cause is a faulty battery. It may be, for example, discharged (especially if the situation happens in winter) or clamps on it may be too loose. It is worth checking, because often in such situations you can solve the problem yourself and avoid costs associated with a visit to the mechanic.

Broken ignition

However, the battery is not the only thing that can cause your car to stall. In a situation where when you turn the key in the ignition the electrics work (lights, wipers, and radio come on) it means that the problem may be related to a broken ignition.

If the engine does not want to start it is worth leaning over the starter, because the problem may be there. You can observe this when after turning the key in the ignition you will not hear any reaction from the starter and there is a characteristic click.

Spark & glow plugs

A common broken component in the car that is just as often forgotten is spark plugs in gasoline engines or glow plugs in diesel engines. While in the case of cars without petrol such diagnosis is much simpler and the repair can be carried out independently, in diesel this problem is much more complex. This is because the glow plugs in diesel engines are crucial to the start of the car - only heated to about 250 degrees plug allows the ignition of diesel. In this situation, unfortunately, we are forced to go to the workshop and explain the matter to a specialist.

Fuel & fuel system issues

As ridiculous as it may seem, check the fuel level in the tank. Maybe you just forgot to refuel? If that doesn't work either, check where your car is parked. Leaving it e.g. on a hill may cause the fuel by gravity to flow to a part of the tank from which its transport to the fuel pump will be difficult or impossible. In this situation, despite the lack of response from the engine, you will hear the starter running.

The fuel pump itself can also cause problems. The audible sound from the starter and a functioning power supply can point you in the direction of a malfunctioning fuel pump. You can detect this when you do not hear the characteristic sound of sucking fuel into the pump. Repeatedly turning the starter does not help? In this case, the problem may be with the fuel injectors. In this case, unfortunately, the only thing you can do is tow your car to a mechanic.

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