What motor oil is best for cold weather?

Published 09-06-2021 Jay

What motor oil is best for cold weather?
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  1. 0W20 oil specifications

How to prepare our car so that the engine could survive even the hardest frost & cold weather and not give us an unpleasant surprise in the form of a serious breakdown? The most important thing is to take care of good quality and the proper type of engine oil. One of them is 0W20 oil. Why? 

0W20 oil specifications

This oil is a synthetic oil. This means that it tolerates negative temperatures and cold weather much better than, for example, mineral oils and maintains optimum fluidity even at the temperature of 3-35 degrees Celsius! Synthetic oil makes it possible to start an engine at low temperatures, which results in its increasing interest among car owners (especially newer ones) and makes companies conduct more and more research on its improvement. But what else is so special about them? Certainly fuel efficiency (reduces fuel consumption by up to 2%!), reduced engine wear, and friction resistance. What does this mean in practice? They keep the engine in better condition by, for example, reducing deposits and increasing the oil life, thanks to which we do not have to change it so often, which also contributes to saving money.

The 0W20 oil in question is a multi-grade oil. This means that at low temperatures and cold weather it retains good flow properties, and at high temperatures, it has better viscosity, which enables it to protect all the important engine parts.

As you can see, this type of oil has its indisputable advantages. However, you should remember to check whether the manufacturer of your car recommends its use.

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