Why is the car battery draining?

Published 24-05-2021 Maverik

Why is the car battery draining?
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  1. Winter

Battery exhaustion is the most common problem when the car will not start. The reason for this condition may be, for example, left overnight on the lights or radio. In this situation, we will not have any response from the car from both the engine and the electrics.


Winter is the hardest time in the life of a driver, but also the engine of his car. Therefore, another reason for a non-functioning battery can be low temperatures. Why? Firstly, the density of diesel fuel is higher at lower temperatures, which results in higher resistance for the engine and requires more force to start it. Secondly, in winter the battery does not have its full electrical power. At -10 degrees, it has about 80% electric capacity, and this value drops even more in more extreme conditions (e.g. -25 degrees to about 60%). Thirdly, in newer cars, facilities such as heated seats or windows additionally load the battery, which may lead eventually to its depletion and inability to start our car.

Another cause may be electrical problems, such as a defective receiver, where the car uses too much energy during stops. A big problem for the operation of electricity is often short-distance driving, especially in winter. The sudden high demand for energy means that the battery discharges more quickly. More trivial reasons for the non-functioning battery can be too loose terminals on the battery or their contamination or corrosion.

The best way to deal with discharged battery is its... recharging. If you have such a possibility charge it yourself, even in the garage. In another case, when you are already on the road the way is to start the engine with jump start cables. Remember not to start the car the popular way "on the push"! This is very harmful to the engine, which at this point will be exposed to extremely high stress. This can only result in a fire and expose you to even greater repair costs associated with a broken chain or timing belt. You can, however, inspect the battery terminals, if you see that they are dirty or corroded you can try to remove them with special insulated tools.

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