Volkswagen EOS (2006-2015) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Engine compartment

Volkswagen EOS Fuse box engine compartment

Fuse Arrangements Electronics Box Low, from January 2006

F120AComfort System central control module
F25ASteering Column Electronic Systems Control Module
F35AVehicle Electrical System Control Module
F430AABS Control Module
F515ADirect Shift Gearbox (DSG) Mechatronic
F65AInstrument Cluster Control Module
F715AControl module for special purpose vehicles
F815ARadio/Navigation Display Control Module
F95ACell phone operating electronics control module
F105A/10ATransmission Control Module (TCM)
Engine ControlModule (ECM)
F1120AAuxiliary Heater Control Module
F125AData Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface
F1330A/25AEngine Control Module (ECM) (only models with diesel engine)
Engine Control Module (ECM) (only models with gasoline engine)
F1420AIgnition coil
Ignition coil 1 with power output stage
Ignition coil 2 with power output stage
Ignition coil 3 with power output stage
Ignition coil 4 with power output stage
F1510A/5AHeated oxygen sensor (BVY)
Oxygen sensor after three way catalytic converter (BVY)
Oxygen sensor 2 after catalytic converter (BVY)
Oxygen sensor 3 after catalytic converter (BVY)
Fuel pump relay
Automatic Glow Time Control Module
F1630AABS Control Module
F1715AHigh tone horn
Low tone horn
F1930AWiper Motor Control Module
Windshield wiper motor
F20-Not used
F2115A/10AHeated oxygen sensor (BMM)
F225AClutch position sensor
F235A/10ASecondary air injection pump relay
EGR vacuum regulator solenoid valve
Wastegate bypass regulator valve
EGR cooler switch-over valve
EGR cooler switch-over valve 2
Fuel pressure regulator valve
F2410AMap controlled engine coolingthermostat
Coolant fan control module
EGR vacuum regulator solenoid valve
EVAP canister purge regulator valve 1
Intake manifold tuning valve
Camshaft adjustment valve1
Intake manifold runner control valve
Ignition coil power output stage
F2540aVehicle Electrical System Control Module (T11b/1) Terminal 30 - R
F2640aVehicle Electrical System Control Module (T11c/1) Terminal 30 - L
F2750AAutomatic Glow Time Control Module (BMM)
F2840APower Supply Relay 2 (terminal 15)
F29-Not used
F3040ALoad Reduction Relay
Fuse 7 (on fuse panel C)
Fuse 8 (on fuse panel C)
Fuse 28 (on fuse panel C)
Fuse 35 (on fuse panel C)

Luggage compartment

Volkswagen EOS Fuse box luggage compartment
1125AElectronics Box Supply Fuse panel A,Relay- and Fuse panel B electronics box
280AElectronicsBox Supply Fuse panel A and Fuse panel B electronics box
330ASupply Fuse panel C
45AVehicle Electrical System Control Module

Instrument panel

Volkswagen EOS Fuse box instrument panel

Fuse Arrangements Electronics Box Low, from May 2006

F110A16-pin connector Diagnostic connection
Fuel pump control module
Engine Control Module (ECM)
F25AASR switch
ASR/ESP button
Brake pedal position sensor
ABS Control Module
F310AAirbag Control Module
F45ATire pressure monitoring button
Garage door opener control head
High pressure sensor
Oil level thermal sensor
Heated driver seat control module
Heated frontpassenger seat control module
Climatronic Control Module
F55AHeadlamp range control adjuster
Headlamp Range/Cornering Lamp Control Module
Left headlamp beam adjustment motor
Right headlamp beam adjustment motor
F65AInstrument Cluster Control Module
Power Steering Control Module
Data Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface
Selector lever sensor system control module
F75ACell phone operating electronics control module
Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror
F85ATowing recognition control module
F9-Not used
F107.5AGarage door opener control module
F1110ARight headlamp power output stage
F1210ADriver's Door Control Module
Front Passenger’s Door Control Module
F1310ALight Switch
16-pin connector Diagnostic connection
F14-Not used
F157.5AVehicle Electrical System Control Module
F1610AHeater/heat output switch
Climatronic Control Module
A/C Control Module
Auxiliary engine coolant heater radio frequencyreceiver
F175ACompass magnetic field sensor
Rain/light recognition sensor
Antenna selection control module
F185AParking Aid Control Module
Selector lever sensor system control module
F197.5ADoor closing assist control module
F20-Not used
F21-Not used
F2240AFresh air blower
F2330ADriver's Door Control Module
Front Passenger’s Door Control Module
F2415ACigarette lighter
F2525Rear window defogger
A/C Control Module
Heater/heat output switch
Fresh air blower series resistor with fuse
F2620APower socket 12 V (luggage compartment)
F2715AFuel pump control module
Transfer fuel pump
Fuel pump relay
F28-Not used
F2910AMass airflow sensor
Engine Control Module (ECM) (BVY)
F3010ACylinder 1 fuel injector (BLF)
Cylinder 2 fuel injector (BLF)
Cylinder 3 fuel injector (BLF)
Cylinder 4 fuel injector (BLF)
F3120ABrake system vacuum pump
F3230ALeft Rear Door Control Module
Right Rear Door Control Module
F33-Not used
F3415ADriver seat lumbar support adjustment switch
Airbag energy reserve
F355aInterior monitoring sensor
Interior monitoring transceiver module 2
Vehicle inclination sensor
Alarm Horn
Horn relay
F3620AHeadlamp Washer Relay
Headlamp washer pump
F3730AHeated driver seat control module
Heated front passenger seat control module
F3810ALeft headlamp power output stage
F39-Not used
F4040AA/C Control Module
Auxiliary heater operation relay
F41-Not used
F4215ADual washer pump relay1
F4315ATowing recognition control module
F4415ATowing recognition control module
F4515ATowing recognition control module
F465AClimatronic Control Module
A/C Control Module
Left washer nozzle heater
Right washer nozzle heater
F475AAuxiliary heater operation relay
F48-Not used
F495ALight Switch

Information about the model

The brand Volkswagen is a popular name when it comes to cars that are both performance- oriented and impressive looks. When it comes to a four-seater convertible that is equipped with all the features, then Volkswagen EOS was a popular name. This is because of comfort, impressive looks, sporty handling, and superb riding experience. Apart from the core performance-oriented features, it also has some of the innovative ones that are new for this range. One of them is the heated leather seats that come with the standard version of this car.

Volkswagen EOS: First Generation

This model from Volkswagen has 1.4 TSI BlueMotion Technology that helps to achieve 121bhp. With this power, you will feel the speed while driving. There are other models also that are upgraded to 158bhp 1.4 TSI engine. Apart from this powerful engine specification EOS is quite reliable and safe through the turns. The responsive steering provides good control and handling at steep bends.

When it comes to fuel economy as well as emission, it is at the mid-level as the diesel option can provide 58.9mpg with a CO2 emission of 125gram/km. It has experienced a refreshing design in 2011. The rear and front styling got the upgrades. The recent model has four-bar chrome with sharp headlights. The quality of materials used in the making of cabins is of optimal quality that provides a different level of satisfaction.

The boot space of 380 litres makes it apt for the convertible fold as after folding you will get 205litres of boot space. When it comes to safety, EOS scored a four-star in the Euro NCAP test. Apart from this it also has airbags for drivers, curtains, and passengers, which deploys in a matter of seconds. This model of VW also has a facelift version which comes with special features. Opting for a compact four sized convertible driving machine with these features was the most sensible decision of the people.

All Volkswagen EOS info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Volkswagen EOS (2006-2015) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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Where is the fuse for the sunroof motor?

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Where is the fuse for the sunroof motor?

~update 23-07-2021
The fuse for the sunroof motor is F33

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where is rear assist buzzer H07 on a 2012 VW EOS

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Where is the fuse for air/heater fan for EOS 2009?

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my trunk will not open left side actuator is there a fuse help

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Which fuse operates the passenger power seat back switch?

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Where is the fuse for the phone charger

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Where is the fuse for windows on doors?

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Trying to find fuse for convertible top!

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Where is the fuse for the seatbelt warning indicator?I have a 2009 EOS ...thank you...

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Which fuse for the electric windows operator? Eos 2006 petrol

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Where is fuse for convertible top

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Hello, is there a fuse for the 4 backup sensors located on the rear bumper. Thanks

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Hi, I’m also looking for the fuse for the convertible roof. Some places say 50 amp twin blade in F29 and others say it’s a 40 amp MIDI bolt on fuse ? I can’t find any place for a bolt on. Any ideas please ?

[email protected] 19-08-2022
My license plate lights are out despite having replaced them. Next suspect is always the fuse, but haven't found any source for its identification. Is there a fuse that could be doing this, or is it a CANBUS issue that I need to address through VAGCOM? Thanks.

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Is there a fuse for the steering wheel controls?

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Is there a relay that controls "run in hot" devices? My radio is staying on after key is removed.

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My Volkswagen Jetta 2010 is stuck in park are there a fuse for that

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Where is the fuse for the phone charger?

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