Škoda Kodiaq I Fuse box

Years of production: 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Skoda is a Czech automobile manufacturer whose cars have gained prominence in world markets in a very short period. Skoda was very late into the scene of releasing the SUVs but it captured the buyer’s attention in no time. The name Kodiaq was derived from the name of the Kodiak bear which lives in the mountains of the Alaskan region. In fact, for marketing, the name Kodiaq was given to the bear itself. 

Skoda Kodiaq I: Second Generation

The amazing space provided by the car gives the feel of a MUV more than that of an SUV. Be it the length or the other dimensions, it is very large and spacious. The automatic gearbox is provided along with the manual gearbox. The speed control and transmission are possible from the gearbox. About 7 levels of speed can be controlled in this car  

The major minus regarding this car is that there is no diesel variant for this car as of now. One has to go only for the petrol variant. Though the announcement came in the year 2016, the first model of the car was released in the year 2018. The car manufacturer has announced that it would be releasing the diesel variant of the car as soon as possible.  

The electric steer system of the vehicle provides for sharp turning and smooth driving of the vehicle. There are certain angles, a driver is comfortable with. One can pick their comfortable angle due to the excellent design of the wheel.  

As of now, the car hasn’t been released in developing countries. The engine system and the other features of the car are tailors made for smooth roads. The manufacturer is working on several methods to increase the supply of the vehicle by triggering the demand for the car by providing exceptional features.

Fuse box location

Škoda Kodiaq I Fuse box fuse box location

Fuses in the instrument panel

Access to fuses – left-hand drive: 

Open the storage compartment on the driver's side. 

  • Press the button and open the tray.
  • Change the fuse.
  • Close the storage compartment.

Access to fuses – right-hand drive:

Open the storage compartment on the passenger's side. 

  • Loosen the brake rod of the storage compartment.
  • Press the locking lugs, the storage compartment folds down.
  • Change the fuse.
  • Insert and lock the brake rod.
  • Close the storage compartment.

Fuses in the dashboard

Access to the fuse block:

  • Simultaneously press the locking buttons on the fuse box cover and open up the cover.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Change the fuse.
  • Fit the cover and click into place.

Instrument panel fuse diagram

Škoda Kodiaq I Fuse box instrument panel fuse diagram
No.Electrical system
1SCR (AdBlue®)
2Heated steering wheel
3Not used
4Alarm system
6Automatic gearbox, ignition key lock (vehicle with automatic transmission)
7Air conditioning, Auxiliary heating receiver, Front and rear window heating, Tyre pressure monitor
8Light switch, rain sensor, parking brake, ambient lighting, sensor of the alarm system, headlight
9Control lever under the steering wheel
10Infotainment screen
11Light - left side
13Left side belt tensioner
14Air blower for air conditioning, heating
15Electric steering lock
16USB ports, diagnostics connector, Phonebox
17Instrument cluster, emergency call
18Rear view camera, Area View
19KESSY (keyless locking and starting system)
20SCR (AdBlue®), Vacuum pump for brake system
21All-wheel drive
22Tow hitch
23Panorama sliding/tilting roof
24Light - right side
25Central locking - (front and rear door left), power windows - (left), left external mirror (heating, folding function, mirror surface adjustment)
26Heating of the front seats
27Interior lighting
28Tow hitch
29Not used
30Shock absorber setting
31Opening the boot lid
32Parking aid, Park Assist, "blind spot" detection
34Air conditioning, reversing light switch, mirror with automatic dimming, heated seats, parking brake, light switches, bar with buttons, USB connections
35Diagnostic connection, camera, radar sensor
36LED headlight - right
37LED headlight - left
38Tow hitch
39Central locking - (front and rear door right), power windows - (right), right external mirror - (heating, folding function, mirror surface adjustment)
4012-volt power outlets
41Right side belt tensioner
42Luggage compartment cover lock, headlight washers, front and rear window washer
43Music amplifier
44Tow hitch
45Electrical operation of driver's seat
46230 volt socket
47Rear window wiper
48Sport sound generator
49Engine starting, clutch pedal switch
50Not used
51Seat heating - rear
52Seat ventilation at the front
53Heated rear window

Engine compartment fuse diagram

Škoda Kodiaq I Fuse box engine compartment fuse diagram
No.Electrical system
1ESC, parking brake
3Engine control system
4Radiator fan, fuel pressure regulator, electric auxiliary heater, glow plug system, air flow sensor, brake system, oil level and oil temperature sensor, ignition, engine components
5Engine components
6Brake sensor
7Coolant pump, exhaust flap, crankcase ventilation, engine components
8Lambda probe, NOx sensor and particle sensor
9Coolant pump, ignition, engine components
10Fuel pump
11Additional electrical heating, heated windscreen
12Electric auxiliary heater
13Oil pump for automatic gearbox
14Not used
17ESC, engine control unit, main relay coil
18Databus, battery data module
19Front windscreen wiper (only some vehicles)
20Not used
21Automatic transmission (only some vehicles)
22Engine control system
24Electric auxiliary heater
31Not used
32Not used
33Automatic transmission (only some vehicles)
34Not used
35Front windscreen wiper (only some vehicles)
36Not used
37Auxiliary heating
38Not used
All Škoda Kodiaq I info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Škoda Kodiaq I (2016-2022) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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