Renault Clio IV (2012-2019) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

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Fuse box location

Renault Clio IV Fuse box fuse box location

The fuse box is located in the engine compartment and in the passenger compartment.

If any electrical component does not work, check the condition of the fuses. Unclip the access flap A. Fuses in engine compartment B. Some functions are protected by fuses located in the engine compartment(unit B).

Fuse box diagram

Renault Clio IV Fuse box fuse box diagram
1Front windscreen wiper, controls under steering wheel
2Front left-hand daytime running lights, right-hand side lights, left-hand main beam headlight, right-hand dipped beam headlight, front fog lights
3Interior lighting, registration plate lighting, fog lights
4Right-hand side lights, rear side lights
5Left-hand side lights, front side lights
6Dipped beams, front right-hand daytime running light, left-hand side lights, right-hand main beam headlight
7Left-hand dipped beam headlight
8Right-hand main beam headlight
9Left-hand main beam headlight, steering column controls
10Steering column controls, speed limiter/cruise control, interior rear-view mirror, belt warning module, Parking sensor, additional heating, electric headlight beam adjustment, rear screen de-icer
11Central door locking, rain and light sensor, steering wheel angle sensor, vehicle start button, electric rear windows
12Courtesy light, luggage compartment light, air conditioning, electric windows
13ABS-ESC, brake switch
14Steering column controls, brake switch
16Rear fog lights
17Cigarette lighter
18Radio and multimedia, diagnostic socket
19Power-assisted steering
21Airbag, electric locking of steering column
22Injection, starting, fuel pump
23Brake switch, rear screen wiper, passenger compartment ECU
24Daytime running lights
25Electric headlight beam adjustment, rear screen, heating, parking sensor, cruise control, radio, heated seat, seat belt warning
26Automatic gearbox
27Reversing lights, rear wiper, passenger compartment ECU, automatic gearbox
28Instrument panel
29Steering column controls, Alarm
30Air conditioning, steering column controls, energy ECU
31Wipers, rear reversing lights, energy ECU
32Central locking of opening elements
33Direction indicator lights
34Passenger compartment ECU, hands-free access
35Interior lighting, electric windows, air conditioning, electric door mirrors, brake lights, ABS, passenger compartment ECU
36Towbar socket
37Heated seats
38Heated rear screen
39Electric door mirror

Information about the model

The safety standard of this brand is at par, and this specific model is equipped with all the components that were apt for the car owners. However, this model is discontinued, but it has been a tough competitor for its peers at peak time. The 2013 4th generation was an apt comeback in the supermini class. Different advancements make Clio an improved version such as the lower, more comprehensive, and the astonishing strides had evolved it effectively. The sharp and enhanced design was the need for its predecessors.

Renault Clio: the fourth generation

The Clio 4th generation was famous for its safety. It was equipped with all the measures that make it quite useful on the safety front. The NCAP crash test had provided it with five stars, and in almost all the safety tests it passed with flying colours. It gives a hard time to its competitor for safety assist and pedestrian protection.

This model was available with a petrol engine variant that is specifically of 1.2litres. With this entry-level model customers were well equipped with optional equipment. This equipment mainly includes a sound system that was enabled with Bluetooth and USB support that provides enhanced bass.

At that time it came with electric front windows and door mirrors. The availability of cruise control and a speed limiter makes it relatively safe at the driving front. The innovative tech such as daytime running lights gave it a nudge over other peers. Apart from all of these, it is also equipped with Hill Start Assist, Electronic Stability Control, Keyless entry, and start and Height and reach the adjustable steering wheel.

With these features, it is one of the hot hatchbacks at that time that provides all the possible benefits. Overall, it was a significant and beneficial car for first-time car owners.

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