Opel Vectra III Fuse box

Years of production: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Passenger compartment fuse box location

Opel Vectra III Fuse box passenger compartment fuse box location

Fusebox in passenger compartment The fusebox is on the left, on the outside of the instrument panel.

Engine compartment fuse box location

Opel Vectra III Fuse box engine compartment fuse box location

The fusebox is in the box at the front of the engine compartment. To open, disengage front battery cover and tilt upwards.

Luggage compartment fuse box location

Opel Vectra III Fuse box luggage compartment fuse box location

The fusebox is located on the left side of the luggage compartment, in the storage compartment. Saloon / Hatch: Press the latch down and open the cover. Estate: Press both latches down and open the cover and interior trim.

Passenger compartment fusebox diagram

Opel Vectra III Fuse box passenger compartment fusebox diagram
No.FunctionRating (A)
1Infotainment system, radio transport fuse20 A
2Interior fan, heating, air conditioning system7.5 A
3Sunroof20 A
5Door module control unit7.5 A
6Brake light7.5 A
7Bodywork module control unit30 A
8Front passenger’s door module control unit30 A
9Central control unit7.5 A
10Steering column module control unit7.5 A
11Diagnostics p lug7.5 A
12Battery overload protection10 A
15Door module control unit30 A
17instruments, information display15 A
20Yaw rate sensor (ESP®Plus)7.5 A
22Cigarette lighter30 A
23Interior fan, air conditioning30 A
23Electronic Clim ate Control40 A
25Heating, air conditioning system7.5 A
26Instruments, information display7.5A

Engine compartment fusebox diagram

Opel Vectra III Fuse box engine compartment fusebox diagram
No.FunctionRating (A)
1Engine electronics, transmission elec tronics20 A
2Starter25 A
3Horn20 A
4Air conditioning system, Electronic Climate Control10 A
5Wind screen wa sh system, front and rear15 A
6Diesel fuel filter heating30 A
7Central control unit, ESP®Plus15 A
8Headlights, windscreen wash nozzles10 A
9Power steering, brake servo7.5 A
10Adaptive Forward Lighting10 A
11Windscreen wiper30 A
12Central control unit, ESP®Plus7.5 A
13Headlight wash system30 A
14Oxygen sensor10 A
15Engine control unit 1)10 A
16ABS5 A
19Adaptive Forward Lighting15 A
19headlight range adjustment5 A
20Headlight range adjustment5 A
22Windscreen wiper30 A
23Auxiliary heating20 A
24Battery voltage, terminal 3030 A
25Battery voltage, terminal 3030 A
27Easytronic30 A
28Tailgate module control unit60 A
29ABS40 A
30Tailgate module control unit60 A
31Vehicle interior module control unit60 A
32ABS40 A
33Vehicle interior module control unit60 A
34Tailgate module control unit60 A
35Cooling fan 1)30 A/40 A
36Cooling fan 1)20 A/30 A
36Brake servo30 A
37Adaptive Forward Lighting: Slot for changing to symmetrical dipped beam for driving abroad - see page 136Insert any maxifuse

Luggage compartment fusebox diagram

Opel Vectra III Fuse box luggage compartment fusebox diagram
No.FunctionRating (A)
3Electric seat adjustment, driver’s seat40 A
4Heated rear window40 A
5Electric seat adjustment, front passenger’s seat40 A
6Electric w indow operation, right rear30 A
7Electric w indow operation, left rear30 A
8Seat heating, rear right15 A
9Horn, Vauxhall alarm system15 A
10Fuel pump20 A
11Battery voltage25 A
12Seat heating, rear left15 A
13Towing equipment20 A
14Tailgate wiper15 A
15Heated seats, seat clim ate control, left front15 A
16Seat heating, front right15 A
17Accessory socket15 A
18Tailgate locking, Estate30 A
19Terminal 30, Tw in Audio10 A
20Tank flap loc king7.5 A
21Ultrasonic sensor, Vauxhall alarm system5 A
22Electrically op erated tailgate30 A
23Glass breakage sensor (Vauxhall alarm system)7.5 A
24Battery voltage25 A
25Electronic chassis10 A
26Terminal 15 (starter switch), Twin Audio25 A
27Seat occupancy recognition, tyre pressure monitoring sy stem, rain sensor, air conditioning system5 A
28Parking distance sensors7.5 A
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