Mitsubishi L200 IV (Triton) (2005-2014) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Fuse block location

Mitsubishi L200 IV (Triton) Fuse box fuse block location

The fuse box in the passenger compartment is located in front of the driver’s seat at the position shown in the illustration. In the engine compartment, the fuse block is located as shown in the illustration.

Passenger compartment fuse box diagram

Mitsubishi L200 IV (Triton) Fuse box passenger compartment fuse box diagram
No.Electrical systemCapacity
1Tail lamp (left)7.5 A
2Cigarette lighter15 A
3Ignition coil10 A
4Starter motor7.5 A
5Sunroof20 A
6Accessory socket15 A
7Tail lamp (right)7.5 A
8Outside rear-view mirrors7.5 A
9Engine control unit7.5 A
10Control unit7.5 A
11Rear fog lamp10 A
12Central door lock15 A
13Room lamp10 A
14Rear window wiper15 A
15Gauge7.5 A
16Relay7.5 A
17Heated seat20 A
18Option10 A
19Heated door mirror7.5 A
20Windscreen wiper20 A
21Reversing lamps7.5 A
22Demister30 A
23Heater30 A
24Power seat40 A
25Radio10 A
26Electronic controlled unit15 A
27Spare fuse7.5 A
28Spare fuse20 A
29Spare fuse30 A

l The table above shows the main equipment corresponding to each fuse. The fuse block does not contain spare 10 A and 15 A fuses. If a fuse of one of these capacities blows, replace it temporarily by borrowing the one that matches from:

10 A: Radio

15 A: Cigarette lighter

Replace the borrowed fuse as soon as possible.

Engine compartment fuse box diagram

Mitsubishi L200 IV (Triton) Fuse box engine compartment fuse box diagram
No.Electrical systemCapacity
2Electric window system40 A
3Ignition switch40 A
4Air conditioning compressor10 A
5Condenser fan motor20 A
6Headlamp high-beam (left)10 A
7Headlamp high-beam (right)10 A
8Headlamp low beam (left)10 A
9Headlamp low beam (right)10 A
10Engine control20 A
11Alternator7.5 A
12Stop lamps15 A
13Horn10 A
14Automatic transmission20 A
15Hazard warning flasher10 A
16Fuel pump15 A
17Front fog lamps15 A
18Audio amp20 A

Information about the model

Mitsubishi L200 is the export name of the most popular selling truck from the Japanese manufacturer. The first generation of cars was out for sales in the market only by the year 1978. The first three generations alone saw sales of around 2.9 million over the years. The main reason for the Japanese car manufacturer to capture the market is that they have made nearly 2500 changes to the various models under the different generations ever since it was launched. 

Mitsubishi L200: Fourth generation 

The cars manufactured under the fourth generation of Mitsubishi L200 is known as L200 to all other parts of the world. In Japan, it is only known by the name of Triton. The pick-up van with its excellent withstanding capacity for wear and tear has captured the attention of the market in no time. 

With every new generation being released in the market, the engine’s pulling capacity is increased at significant levels. The price of the cars is not increased at a stretch to a very high level which maintains the customer base. 

The cargo space of the vehicle can be adjusted on lines with the length adjustment feature of the vehicle. There is space provided in the front space of the car where two people can be seated. The height of the driver seats can be adjusted so that anyone can drive the van with much ease. The headrest is provided to the seats and also it is covered in leather for extra comfort. 

Despite being a van, the interiors and the exteriors haven’t been compromised at all. The fourth generation of vans saw the addition of tech-based control, auto gear with six different speed control. The turbo engine along with the 4-cylinder model helps in providing the best braking and acceleration feature. The presence of service centers all over the world has led to the immense sales of this van in the commercial segment category.

All Mitsubishi L200 IV (Triton) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mitsubishi L200 IV (Triton) (2005-2014) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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