Mercedes-Benz A Class I (W168) Fuse box

Years of production: 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Mercedes Benz A-class falls into the premium section of the hatchback cars released by the German automobile manufacturer. The first generation of cars was released in the year 1997, the second generation was released in the year 2004 and the third generation of cars was released in the year 2012. The first generation of cars was fondly referred to as Baby Benz. 

Mercedes-Benz A-Class: Fourth Generation

The first, second, and third generation of the hatchback category of the class received wide reception among the audience and it gained a huge market all over the world. The fourth generation of cars was launched in the year 2018 and it has not gone on sale in other countries of the world as much as the first, second, and third generation. 

The Mercedes Benz A-class first-generation cars broke the myth that proper suspension levels can be provided only by the sedans and the cars that fell under the SUV and MUV category. The smooth-riding experience provided by the A class made it one of the top- selling cars then. The engines and other main components of the cars are placed in between two steel floors of the car so that it doesn’t slide into the main area of the car in case of any damage. 

The driver seat height was 20 cm higher than that of the usual driver seat height of the cars released during the last decade of the 20th century. The spacious interiors of the car give space for more than 4 people. 

The successful turnout of the first generation of A-class category of cars led to the development of the second third and fourth generation of cars. This car was seen as a revolution then and the unlimited number of advertisements flashed on TV screens grabbed eyeballs.

Control module box relays

Mercedes-Benz A Class I (W168) Fuse box control module box relays

View from the engine compartment

No.Function of relay
K1Washer pump
K3Starter lockout relay
K4Cooling fan
K5ESP feed pump
K6Air pump/Antifreeze System Diesel

Light switches fuse box

Mercedes-Benz A Class I (W168) Fuse box light switches fuse box

Light switches fuse box in W168 is located in cockpit, driver's door

17.5Low beam, left
27.5Low beam, right
315High beam, High beam indicator lamp
47.5Parking lamp left/tail lamp letf
515Parking lamp right/tail lamp right
--License plate illumination
--Instrument cluster, terminal 58
615Front and rear fog lamps, left

Main fuse box diagram

Mercedes-Benz A Class I (W168) Fuse box main fuse box diagram

Main fuse box is located in the battery box, underfloor

No.Function of relay
K7Fuel pump
K8Engine management
K9ESP/VSG or ESP/Automatic clutch
K10Rear window defroster
120Fuel tank vent valve
120Fan relay
120Gasoline engine control module
120ISL (idle speed control)
120EGR valve
120Catalyst heater 1
120Catalyst heater 2
120Diagnostic socket
120[Cruise control]
120Secondary air injection relay
120Secondary air injection valve
120Shout-off valve
110 (Diesel)Diesel control module
110 (Diesel)Wastehate actuator
110 (Diesel)Throttle switch-over valve
110 (Diesel)Pressure control valve, exhaust gas recirc.
110 (Diesel)CAT. temperature sensor
225Engine control module
225Ignition coils
225Injection valves
225Fuel pump relay (coil)
225Electronic accellerator
225Starter lockout relay
330Engine cooling fan
340[with HVAC]
47.5Engine control module
540[Automatic clutch]
630Fuel pump relay
740Light module
830Starter relay
940Wiper motor
1040[Louver sunroof]
1025Rear window wiper
1115Steering wheel combination swtch: wiper control, hedlamp flasher, windshield washer pumps, RNS (radio navigation system)
1230Cigar lighter
1230Trunk plug socket
1230Radio, glove compartment light
1330Power window front, 2x
137.5[or power window, 4x]
1410Instrument cluster, timer
1410Wiper/washer pump relay
1410[Mobile phone]
1510Airbag control module
1510Sensor, automatic child seat recognition
1510[Side airbag sensor]
1615Outside mirror adj., heated mirrors
1810Instrument cluster
1810Transporder and RFL
1810Engine electronic relay
1925Tailor towing device
2015Tailor towing device
2115Tailor towing device
2225[Sound system]
2810Instrument cluster, load
2810[Power windows, 4x, control module]
2915Central locking
2915Seat mounting recognition device
307.5DAS transponder and RFL
307.5Electr. instrument cluster
3125Rear window defroster
3215[Mobile phone]
3215[or RNS (radio navigation system)]
3215Dome lamps, front/rear
3330[Front power window, 4x, lhs, rhs]
3430Heater booster/Antifreeze system Diesel
3510[Anti-thieft control module]
35102x relay, light and horn
3625[Front heated seats]
3710[Program selector VGS*]
3710Heater booster circulation pump
3810[AC control module (compressor)]
3810[Step motor air-flap/Recirculating air flap]
3810Inside sensor blower
3810Heated washer nozzles
397.5[Light module]
397.5Reverse lamp MT/aut. clutch
397.5[Reverse lamp VGS*]
4010Stop lamp, lhs, rhs and centre
4010Brake signal, ESP a. steering angle sensor
4110[AC control module]
4110Diagnostic socket
4230[Rear power window, 4x, lhs and rhs]
4315Brake sitch NC contact
4410[VGS* control module]
4410[or automatic clutch]
4530Interior blower
4530[or AC interior blower]
4680Central securing system
4760Power steering pump
4860Pre-glow control module (diesel)
4940or air injection USA

[] = option
*VGS = fully integrated transmision unit

All Mercedes-Benz A Class I (W168) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mercedes-Benz A Class I (W168) (1997-2005) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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