Mazda 6 GH1 Fuse box

Years of production: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

When your car is giving you trouble, the first thing you may do is head out to your local mechanic. Not every problem requires costly repairs, such as a simple fuse box correction. If you have a Mazda 6 II fuse box installed in your car, then this diagram can help you identify the source of your problem. This diagram detail the GH1 second-generation Mazda 6. We have provided the complete diagrams so that you can identify the location of the fuse panel as well as learn the fuse layout of the Mazda 6 II fuse box.

The power outlet for the cigar lighter is linked by Fuse #11 in the diagram. The passenger compartment fuse box as well as the #8 fuse in the engine compartment are also linked. If you find that your electric systems are not working or malfunctioning, check the driver side fuses behind the kick panel. When your problems are malfunctioning headlights or other electronics but the cabin fuses are functional, double-check the fuses located under the hood in the fuse box. The fuse box for the passenger compartment can be found on the left side of the car. The figure below shows the exact locations of the passenger compartment fuses of the Mazda 6 GH1. As you can see each fuse is number and listed with the corresponding section in the diagram below. The rating of the fuse is also listed with the component that is protecting for easy identification. If you find that your Mazda 6 II fuse box has a slightly different layout, check the year and model of your car to ensure you are looking at the correct diagram.

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Fuse block (Engine compartment)

Mazda 6 GH1 Fuse box fuse block (engine compartment)
1M.DEF10 AMirror defroster
2ST SIG5 AStarter sig
4P.WIND (P)25 APower window
5P.SEAT (P)30 APower seat
6SUN ROOF15 AMoonroof
7TAIL15 ABCM, Tail lamp
8P.OUTLET (R)15 AAccessory sockets
9AUDIO30 AAudio system (Bose® Sound System-equipped model)
11P.WIND (D)40 APower window
12DEFOG40 ARear window defroster
13SEAT HEAT20 ASeat heat
14A/C10 AAir conditioner
15FOG15 AFog lights
16BLOWER 215 ABlower motor
17FAN60 ACooling fan
18P.SEAT (D)30 APower seat
19BTN30 AFor protection of various circuits
20IG KEY240 AStarting system
21BLOWER40 ABlower motor
22FUEL PUMP25 AFuel pump
23ENGINE215 AEngine control system
24EGI INJ15 AInjector
25PCM10 AEngine control system
26ENGINE10 A*1 20 A*2Engine control system
27IG20 AFor protection of various circuits
29ESCL10 AElectronic steering lock
30IG KEY140 AFor protection of various circuits
31MAIN125 AFor protection of all circuits
33HAZARD10 AHazard warning flashers
35STOP10 ABrake lights
36HORN15 AHorn
37HEAD HI RH15 AHeadlight-high beam (Right)
38HEAD LO RH10 AHeadlight-low beam (Right)
39HEAD HI LH15 AHeadlight-high beam (Left)
40HEAD LO LH10 AHeadlight-low beam (Left)

Fuse block (Passenger's side)

Mazda 6 GH1 Fuse box fuse block (passenger's side)
1P.WIND30 APower window
2METER IG15 AFor protection of various circuits
3ILLUMI7.5 ABCM, Illumination
4MIRROR5 APower control mirror
5SAS5 AAir bag, ABS
9HEGO5 APower control mirror
10A/C10 AAir conditioner
12D.LOOK25 ABCM, Door lock motor
13ENGINE IG15 AEngine control system
14WIPER25 AWindshield wiper and washer
15ROOM15 AInterior lights
All Mazda 6 GH1 info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mazda 6 GH1 (2007-2012) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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