Mazda 6 GG1 Fuse box

Years of production: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Nothing is worse than being stuck with a malfunctioning car. A quick trip to the mechanic will most likely solve your problem, but it will leave your wallet much thinner. If you have a little bit of know-how and the right diagrams, you can probably fix the car yourself. If you have a Mazda 6 I fuse box installed in your car, then this diagram can help you identify the source of your problem. This diagram detail the Mazda 6 GG1 for the models produced starting from 2002 to 2008.

The purpose of our diagram is to give you a clear and concise guide to the layout of the Mazda 6 GG1 fuse box, the connections, and the associated fuse labels. If you notice a certain malfunction in the electrical systems of your vehicle, it is important to check the fuses. Each fuse is dedicated to managing the power along a particular port. If a fuse is blown, it may signal a deeper problem with that area of the car, or it may just be a blown fuse. Our diagrams allow you to trace the symptom back to the root cause at the source, the fuse box.

When changing fuses in the Mazda 6 GG1 or any other vehicle, make sure that your ignition is turned off and that all other switches are in the off position. Pull out fuses in a straight motion with gentle force. Bending or twisting the fuse may cause damage to the housing and prevent the new Mazda 6 GG1 fuse from functioning correctly.

As always, here at imgVEHICLE, we are here to support your efforts in fixing your car on your own. Leave a comment or question below for the rest social auto repair community if you need help.

Fuse block (Engine compartment)

Mazda 6 GG1 Fuse box fuse block (engine compartment)
4M.DEF7.5AMirror defroster
7ENG BAR15A*2 10A*1Air flow sensor, EGR control valve
8―*1 ― ― ENG BB*25ACooling fan
9HEAD LR15AHeadlight-low beam (Right)
10HEAD LL15AHeadlight-low beam (Left)
11HEAD HL10AHeadlight-high beam (Left)
12HEAD HR10AHeadlight-high beam (Right)
13ETC7.5AAccelerator position sensor
14HAZARD10ATurn signal lights
16TCM15A*1 10A*2TCM
18FUEL PUMP15AFuel pump
19IG KEY130AEngine control unit, Lighter
20P.WIND30APower window
24BLOWER40ABlower motor
25BTN40AOverhead light, Power door lock
26IG KEY240ARear wiper motor, Heater control unit, Windshield wiper and washer
27DEFOG40ARear window defroster
29AD FAN*1 FAN2*230ACooling fan
30FAN*1 FAN1*230ACooling fan
31TAIL10ATaillights, License plate lights, Parking lights
32ILLUMI10ADashboard illumination
33MAG10AMagnet clutch
34AUDIO15AAudio system
35P.SEAT30APower seat
36OPENER7.5ATrunk opener motor
38―*1 IG1*215ACAT SSR
39FOG15AFog lights
40MAIN120AFor protection of all circuits

*1 2.3-liter engine
*2 3.0-liter engine

Fuse block (driver's side panel)

Mazda 6 GG1 Fuse box fuse block (driver's side panel)
1CIGAR15 AAccessory socket
2ENGINE IG15 AEngine control system
3A/C10 AHeater
4MIRROR5 APower control mirror
5SAS10 AABS unit, SAS unit
6SEAT15 ASeat warmer
7METER ACC5 AAudio light off unit
8METER IG15 AInstrument cluster
9R.WIP10 ARear wiper
10D.LOCK30 APower door locks
11R.CIGAR15 AAccessory socket
12WIPER20 AWindshield wiper and washer
13ROOM15 AOverhead light
All Mazda 6 GG1 info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mazda 6 GG1 (2002-2008) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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~paul 12-10-2018
where on the engine compartment fuse box can I connect wire for halo headlight

~mandla 31-12-2018
my car is full of petrol but the gauge is on empty is it not because of the fuse

~alcarabmw 28-09-2020
cual es el fusible del que marca la gasolina?

~Celedonio touriño 01-05-2022
Ami no me funciona ni la radio ni los botones de luneta trasera

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