Kia Rio III UB (2012-2017) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Instrument panel fuse panel

Kia Rio III UB Fuse box instrument panel fuse panel

This vehicle has 2 fuse panels, one located in the driver’s side panel bolster, the other in the engine compartment near the battery. If any of your vehicle’s lights, accessories, or controls do not work, check the appropriate circuit fuse. If a fuse has blown, the element inside the fuse will melt.

Before replacing a blown fuse, move to safe place, turn off the engine and all electric devices, and then disconnect the negative battery cable. Always replace a blown fuse with one of the same rating.

If the replacement fuse blows, this indicates an electrical problem. Avoid using the system involved and immdediately consult an authorized Kia dealer. Three kinds of fuses are used: blade type for lower amperage rating, cartridge type, and multi fuse for higher amperage ratings.

DescriptionFuse ratingProtected component
C/LIGHTER20ACigarette Lighter
ACC10AFront Map Lamp, Power Outside Mirror Switch, BCM, Low DC-DC Convertor, Smart Key Control Module, Audio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Digital Clock
A/BAG IND10AInstrument Cluster
A/BAG10ASBR PAB Indicator, SRS Control Module Passenger Weight Classification Sensor
MDPS10AEPS Control Module
WIPER RR15AMultifunction Switch, Rear Wiper Relay, Rear Wiper Motor
HTD STRG15ASteering Wheel Heater
FOG LAMP FRT15AFront Fog Lamp Relay
MODULE 110AATM Shift Lever Switch, Door Warning Switch
STOP LAMP15AData Link Connector, Smart Key Control Module, Stop Lamp Switch Stop Lamp Relay, PCB Fuse & Relay Box (HAC Relay)
CLUSTER10AAudio, BCM, ATM Shift Lever ILL., Crash Pad Switch Instrument Cluster, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module
IG1 110AMultipurpose Check Connector, Driver CCS Seat Warmer Module Passenger Seat Warmer Module With ISG : Crash Pad Switch, Low DC-DC Convertor
ABS10ACrash Pad Switch, ESC Module PCB Fuse & Relay Box (HAC Relay)
B/UP LAMP10ABack-Up Lamp Switch
IG1 210AVehicle Speed Sensor, Stop Lamp Switch, Inverter A/C Control Module
HAZARD15AHazard Switch, BCM
PDM 125ASmart Key Control Module
SUNROOF15ASunroof Motor
PDM 210AImmobilizer Module, Start/Stop Button Switch, Smart KeyControl Module
ECU15ASmart Key Control Module, Immobilizer Module, ECM/PCM, Transaxle Range Switch
IGN COIL15AIgnition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4, Condenser
IG210ABCM, Smart Key Control Module, Driver CCS Seat Warmer Module ClusterIonizer, Rain Sensor, A/C Control Module, Sunroof Motor PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Blower Relay, Head Lamp (HI) Relay, Fuel Pump #1 Relay)
WIPER FRT25AMultifunction Switch, Front Wiper Motor PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Rain Sensor Relay, Front Wiper Relay)
DOOR LOCK20ADoor Lock/Unlock Relay, Tail Gate Unlock Relay, Two Turn Unlock Relay
SAFETY POWER WINDOW25ADriver Safety Power Window Module
S/HEATER15ASeat Warmer Switch, Driver CCS Seat Warmer Module, Passenger Seat Warmer Module
FOLD'G MIRR10APower Outside Mirror Switch
ROOM LAMP10ABCM, Door Warning Switch, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module Instrument Cluster, Digital Clock, A/C Control Module Luggage Lamp
AUDIO20AWith ISG : Low DC-DC Convertor W/O ISG : Audio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit
TAIL LAMP LH10AHead Lamp LH, License Lamp Rear Combination Lamp (IN/OUT)LH
TAIL LAMP RH10AHead Lamp RH, License Lamp, ILL. (+), Rear Combination Lamp (IN/OUT) RH
START10AWith Burglar Alarm : Burglar Alarm Relay W/O Burglar Alarm : Transaxle Range Switch (A/T), Smart Key Control Module (M/T), Ignition Lock Switch (M/T), ECM (M/T), PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Start Relay) (M/T)
P/WDW LH25APower Window Main Switch, Rear Power Window Switch LH Driver Safety Power Window Module
P/WDW RH25APower Window Main Switch, Rear Power Window Switch RH Passenger Power Window Switch
HTD MIRR10AECM/PCM, A/C Control Module Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror
A/CON10AA/C Control Module

Engine compartment fuse panel

Kia Rio III UB Fuse box engine compartment fuse panel
DescriptionFuse ratingProtected component
MDPS80AEPS Control Module
B+150AI/P Junction Box (Power Connector Fuse : ROOM LP 10 A / AUDIO 20A, Fuse : FOG LP FRT 15 A / MODULE 1 10 A / STOP LP 15A, Tail Lamp Relay)
B+250AI/P Junction Box (Fuse : HAZARD 15 A / PDM 1 25 A / PDM 2 10 A / SUNROOF 15 A / DR LOCK 20 A / SAFETY POWER WINDOW 25 A / S/HEATER 2 15A, FOLD'G MIRR 10 A / Power Window Relay)
IG140AWith Smart Key - PDM Relay Box(ESCL (ACC) Relay, ESCL (IG1) Relay) W/O Smart Key - Ignition Switch
ABS140AESC Module, Multipurpose Check Connector
ABS240AESC Module
RR HTD40AI/P Junction Box (Rear Defogger Relay)
H/LP HI IND10AInstrument Cluster
IG240APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Start Relay), W/O Smart Key - Ignition Switch, With Smart Key - PDM Relay Box (ESCL (IG2) Relay)
ECU130APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Engine Control Relay, ECU210A)
ECU310ANot Used
BLOWER40APCB Fuse& Relay Box (Blower Relay)
C/FAN40APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Cooling Fan (Low) Relay, Cooling Fan (Hi) Relay)
F/PUMP20APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Fuel Pump #1 Relay)
H/LAMP HI20APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Head Lamp (HI) Relay)
H/LAMP20APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Head Lamp (LO) Relay)
HORN10APCB Fuse & Relay Box (Horn Relay, Burglar Alarm Horn Relay)
ECU210AM/T - ECM, A/T - E/R Junction Box (ECU_VM 10A)
B/UP LAMP10AA/T - PCM, Transaxle Range Switch
WIPER10AECM/PCM, Rain Sensor
INJECTOR15AECM/PCM, PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Fuel Pump #1 Relay)
H/LAMP LH10AHead Lamp
LH SENSOR110APurge Control Solenoid Valve, Variable Intake Solenoid Valve, Canister Close Valve, PCB Fuse & Relay Box (Cooling Fan (Low) Relay, Cooling Fan (Hi) Relay)
SENSOR210AOil Control Valve #1/#2, Oxygen Sensor (Up/Down)
H/LAMP RH10AHead Lamp RH

Information about the model

Kia is one of the brands that emphasize innovation and technology-based features. The third-generation Kia Rio was launched in 2011 at the Geneva motor show. It has some of the practical and innovative features that have gained massive popularity. It is a sedan that is popular for providing comfort at its best.

Kia Rio UB: Third Generation

It comes with 1.4-litre, 1.25-litre petrol engine, 1.4-litre, or 1.1-litre CRDi Turbo Diesel Engine. With the minimum Co2 emission level for the latter type engine, it has gained an environmentally friendly approach. These engines are mated to different transmission options such as 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic. Apart from that, it also has a 5- speed manual transmission variant.

This model is equipped with a 5-door configuration and some innovative features such as the stop & go function. This function is available in almost all the trim levels. When it comes to safety, it has acquired good ratings by IIHS. For different markets, it is equipped with specific functions and trim levels. The test rating holds a significant place in attaining the credibility of any vehicle. Kia Rio got 4 out of 5 stars when it comes to an overall rating. For the Small overlap front, it gets a marginal rating and suitable for the moderate overlap front.

The Euro NCAP test results show the maximum credibility of this vehicle in its segment as the overall rating for this car is 5 out of 5. With compelling features and different safety- related concerns, it has been the safest car in its segment.

The production of this car started in 2012 and was discontinued in 2017. In this period, it has gained massive popularity due to the safety ratings and other features. With these attributes, this car is among the trustworthy one that fulfills all the needs of buyers.

All Kia Rio III UB info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Kia Rio III UB (2012-2017) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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