Kia Rio I DC - Fuse box

Years of production: 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

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Driver's side kick panel

2 years ago by t0z
Kia Rio I DC Fuse box - driver's side kick panel

DescriptionFuse ratingComponent
TURN LAMP10ATurn signal lamp
METER10AMeterset, Backup lamp, Warning sound
POWER SOCKET15ATrunk room lamp, power socket
HAZARD15AHazard lamps
STOP15AStop lamps, ABS
TAIL(RH)10ATail lamp (Right-rear/Left-front), Switch Illumination
TAIL(LH)10ATail lamp (Left-rear/Right-front)
CIGAR15ACigarette lighter
AUDIO10AAudio, electric rearview mirror
WIPER(FRT)15AWiper & washer (front), sunroof
WIPER(RR)15A Wiper & washer (rear)
(WARMER)15ASeat warmer
MIRROR DEF10AMirror defroster
START10AEngine control unit, ECAT unit

Engine compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Kia Rio I DC Fuse box - engine compartment

DescriptionFuse ratingComponent
RR FOG)10ARear fog light (if equipped)
(F/FOG)15AFront fog light (
MAIN80Abattery if not rechargeable
IG 130A(It will be automatically connected to the secondary fuse) Cigar 10A, Audio 10A, IG Coil 15A, Turn Lamp 10A, A/BAG 10A, Wiper (RR) 15A, Wiper (FRT) 15A, Relay 10A, Start 10A
COOLING30ACooling fan
COND. FAN20ACondenser fan
HEAD-HI15AHead lamp high
HEAD-LOW15AHead lamp low
EMS10AEngine sensors
INJECTOR15AInjector, O2 sensor
F/PUMP10AFuel pump
ECU10AEngine control unit, ECAT unit, Main relay
RELAY10ABlower motor, power window, rear window defroster, head lamp (airbag equipped vehicle)

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