Hyundai Sonata V NF - Fuse box

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Engine Compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Hyundai Sonata V NF Fuse box - engine compartment

The fuse box for the lights and other electrical accessories will be found on the left side of the instrument panel. Inside the box you will find a list showing the circuits protected by each fuse. If any of your car's lights or other electrical accessories stop working, a blown fuse could be the reason. If the fuse has burned out, you will see that the metal strip inside the fuse has burned through.

DescriptionFuse ratingProtected components
ABS.1 40AABS/ESC control module, Multipurpose check connector
ABS.220AABS/ESC control module, Multipurpose check connector
I/P B+140AFuse 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
RR HTD40ADefogger relay
BLOWER40ABlower relay
P/WDW40APower window relay, Fuse16
IGN.240AStart relay, Ignition switch (IG2, START)
ECU RLY30AEngine control unit relay
I/P B+230APower connector 1/2, Fuse 21,22
IGN.130AIgnition switch (ACC, IG1)
ALT150AFusible Iink (ABS. 1, ABS. 2, RR HTD, BLOWER)
1 HORN15AHorn relay
2 TAIL20ATail light relay
4 IG110A(Spare)
5 DRL15ASiren relay, DRL control module
6 FR FOG15AFront fog light relay
7 A/CON10AA/C relay
8F/PUMP20AFuel pump relay
9 DIODE-(Spare)
10 ATM20AATM control relay
11 STOP15AStop light relay
12 H/LP LO RH15A(Spare)
13 S/ROOF15ASunroof control module
14 H/LP WASHER20AHeadlight washer motor
15 H/LP HI20AHeadlight relay (High)
16 ECU10A(Spare)
17 SNSR.310AOxygen sensor, Fuel pump relay
18 SNSR.115AMass air flow sensor, Crankshaft/Camshaft position sensor, Oil control valve, SMATRA
19 SNSR.215AA/C relay, Cooling fan relay, Injectors
20 B/UP10ABack up light switch, Pulse generator, Vehicle speed sensor
21 IGN COIL20AIgnition coils, Condenser
22 ECU (IG1)10APCM
23 H/LP LO20AHeadlight relay (Low)
24 ABS10AABS/ESC control module, Multipurpose check connector

Inner Panel

2 years ago by t0z
Hyundai Sonata V NF Fuse box - inner panel

215ASeat warmer switch
310ABCM(Body Control Module), Sunroof control module, Electronic chrome mirror
410AESC module, High blower relay, Humidity sensor
525ACigarette lighter
710AIllumination lights, Right : License light, Rear combination light, Headlight, Glove box light
810AFront fog light relay, Left : License light, Rear combination light, Headlight
910AHeadlight washer relay, Right headlight leveling actuator
1010ADRL control module, Headlight relay, AQS and ambient sensor, Left headlight leveling actuator
1125AWiper and washer
1210AA/C control module
1315ASRS control module, Passenger's Airbag switch
1420AFront accessory socket, Rear power outlet
1510ADigital clock, Audio, A/T shift lock control module, Power outside mirror and mirror folding
1625ASafety window module
1810AA/T shift lock control module
1920APower window main switch, Left rear power window switch
2030APower window main switch, Right power window switch
2120AAudio amp
2220ADoor lock/unlock relay
2310AHazard switch, Hazard relay
2430APower seat manual switch(RHD)
2510AInstrument cluster
2610AHazard switch
2710ABCM(Body Control Module), Instrument cluster, Yaw rate sensor, ESC switch
2910ABurglar alarm relay
3115ARear fog light relay
3215ATrunk lid relay, Fuel filler door and trunk lid switch
3430APower seat manual switch
3510ASport mode switch, Key solenoid
3610AA/C control module, Outside mirror and mirror folding motor
POWER CONNECTOR. 215ABCM(Body Control Module), Digital clock, Instrument cluster, A/C control module, Courtesy lights

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