Ford Transit VI (2013-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

Fuse box location

Ford Transit VI Fuse box fuse box location

Fuse box in Ford Transit is located: 1) in engine compartment 2) behind the removable trim panel 3) under the driver's seat.

Engine compartment fuse box diagram

Ford Transit VI Fuse box engine compartment fuse box diagram
FuseFuse ratingCircuits protected
F110ASelective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel.
F215ASelective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel.
F315ASelective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel.
F410ASelective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel.
F53ADiesel particulate filter vaporizer - Diesel. Glow plug monitor - Diesel.
F6-Not used.
F77.5AAutomatic transmission control module ignition feed.
F820ACooling fan - Gasoline.
F9-Not used.
F1030APower step and heated seats.
F1110AAir conditioning clutch.
F1220ADiesel particulate filter vaporizer glow plug - Diesel.
F13-Not used.
F143ASelective Catalytic Reduction - ignition - Diesel.
F15-Not used.
F1610AFuel pump relay - Diesel.
F1620AFuel pump relay - Gasoline.
F1715AAutomatic transmission module (battery feed) - Diesel.
F1830AAnti-lock brake system. Stability assist pump - Diesel. Engine compartment fuse box #F16 - Gasoline. Engine compartment fuse box #F16, #F17 - Diesel.
F1930AStarter solenoid.
F2060AGlow plugs - Diesel.
F2160AIgnition relay 3.
F2240ASelective Catalytic Reduction relay feed.
F2240AElectric vacuum pump relay feed - Gasoline.
F24-Not used.
F2510ANot used (spare).
F27-Not used.
F287.5ACrankcase sensor - Diesel.
F293AIgnition feed - Audio - Gasoline.
F297.5ACrank case ventilation heater – Diesel.
F3060ASingle cooling fan - Diesel.
F3040ATwin cooling fan - Gasoline.
F3140ATwin cooling fan 2 - Gasoline.
F3230AWindshield wiper motor.
F33-Not used.
F34-Not used.
F3520APowertrain control system supply - Gasoline.
F3515APowertrain control system supply - Diesel.
F3620AMass air flow sensor - Gasoline.
F3615APM sensor - Diesel. Urea quality sensor - Diesel. NOX sensor 1, 2 - Diesel.
F377.5AVolume control valve - Diesel.
F3820AAir conditioning clutch - Gasoline.
F387.5AAir conditioning clutch - Diesel.
F397.5AUEGO, VAP PUMP, EBYPASS, EDF, HEDF - 3.7L gasoline engine.
F3910AUEGO, VAP PUMP, EBYPASS, EDF, HEDF - 3.5L gasoline engine.
RelayCircuits switched
R1Ignition 3.
R2Not used.
R3Not used.
R4Not used.
R5Cooling fan - Gasoline.
R6Windshield wiper - on and off.
R7Windshield wiper - low and high speed.
R8Electrical Vacuum Pump - Gasoline.
R9Starter motor.
R10Air conditioning clutch.
R11Fuel vaporizer system glow plug - Diesel.
R12Fuel injection pump.
R13Not used.
R14Not used.
R15Low-speed and high-speed cooling fan.
R16Selective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel.
R17Powertrain control module.
R18High speed cooling fan.

Passenger compartment fuse box panel

Ford Transit VI Fuse box passenger compartment fuse box panel
FuseFuse ratingCircuits protected
F110AAirbag module.
F24AAnti-lock brake system with electronic stability control. Parking brake.
F3-Not used.
F410ATrailer tow back-up lamp relay.
F520ACutaway body connectors.
F6-Not used.
F7-Not used.
F840AAC power outlet socket.
F930ATrailer brake module.
F1030ADriver power seat.
F1130APassenger power seat.
F1230ATrailer tow park lamp relay.
F1325AAnti-lock brake system with electronic stability control valves.
F145APowertrain control module B+ relay.
F1540APowertrain control module power relay.
F1640ABody control module power feed.
F1740AAnti-lock brake system.
F1840AModified vehicle connections.
F19-Not used.
F205AHeated exterior mirror relay. Heated rear window.
F2110AModified vehicle ignition connections.
F2215APassenger compartment fuse panel (Body control module).
F237.5AAir conditioning control module.
F2410ACutaway body connectors.
F257.5AInterior lighting. Power point relay control.
F2610AHeated exterior mirrors.
F2720AHeated rear window.
F2820AHeated rear window.
F2910ARear parking aid camera. Lane keeping system. Electro mirror.
F30-Not used.
F3110ATrailer brake ignition feed.
F3210AInterior lighting.
F3310ADriver heated seat.
F3410APassenger heated seat.
F355AMirror switch. Driver's power window switch.
F377.5ASYNC module. GPS module.
F385ABlower motor relay. Horn relay. Windshield wiper relay.
F397.5ARemote keyless entry. Rear heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Trailer tow backup relay coil. Park lamp relay coil.
F4040AFront blower motor.
F4140ARear blower motor.
F4240AHeated rear window.
F4330ATrailer socket. Trailer tow module.
F4460AAuxiliary power points.
F4540ATrailer connectors B+ supply. Trailer tow module.
F4630APower windows.
F4720ACigar lighter socket.
F4820ARear auxiliary power points.
F4920AFront auxiliary power points.
F5060AIgnition relay 1.
F5130APower step or heated seats.
F5160APower step and heated seats.
F5240AModified vehicle connections.
F5340AModified vehicle connections.
RelayCircuits switched
R1Not used (spare).
R2Auxiliary power points.
R3Trailer tow parking lamp.
R4Not used.
R5Power windows.
R6Ignition 1.
R8Trailer tow back-up lamp.
R9Front blower motor.
R10Rear blower motor.
R11Heated rear window. Heated exterior mirrors.
R12Heated seats.
R13Modified vehicle connections.

Pre-fuse box diagram

Ford Transit VI Fuse box pre-fuse box diagram
Fusible linkFusible link ratingCircuits protected
C470AEngine compartment fuse box. Starter motor. Alternator.
D100APassenger compartment fuse panel. Body control module fuse box.
E-Not used.
F200APassenger compartment fuse panel (SRBI BB3).
G100APassenger compartment fuse panel (SRB1 BB1).
H80AAuxiliary heater - Diesel.
J80AModified vehicle connections (SRB F52 and F53).
K100AEngine junction box feed.
L100APassenger compartment fuse panel.
M60APassenger compartment fuse panel supply (Body control module).
N60APassenger compartment fuse panel supply (Body control module).
P60AAuxiliary power point 1 (Customer connection point).
R60AAuxiliary power point 2 (Customer connection point).
S60AAuxiliary power point 3 (Customer connection point).

Auxiliary Fuse Panel (Upfitters)

FuseFuse ratingCircuits protected
F1-Not used.
F2-Not used.
F3-Not used.
F4-Not used.
F520AR4 relay power.
F620AR3 relay power.
F720AR2 relay power.
F820AR1 relay power.
F9-Not used.
F10-Not used.
F11-Not used.
F123ASwitch power.
RelayCircuits switched
R1Upfitter 1.
R2Upfitter 2.
R3Upfitter 3.
R4Upfitter 4.
R5Not used.
R6Not used.
R7Not used.

Body Control Module

Ford Transit VI Fuse box body control module
FuseFuse ratingCircuits protected
F115ACentral locking system 2.
F215ACentral locking system 1.
F315AIgnition switch.
F45AParking assist control module. Brake transmission shift interlock.
F55ARain sensor module.
F615AWindshield washer pump.
F7-Not used.
F8-Not used.
F910ARight-hand high beam.
F1010ALeft-hand high beam.
F1125ARight-hand exterior lamps. Left-hand position lamps.
F12-Not used.
F1315AOn-board diagnostic. Battery saver.
F1425ATurn signal indicator. Power windows delayed accessory. Lane departure sensor heated windshield pad.
F1525ALeft-hand exterior lamps. Right-hand position lamps. High mounted stoplamp.
F1620AAudio unit. Navigation unit.
F177.5AInstrument panel cluster. Heater control.
F1810AHeadlamp switch module. Steering wheel module. Stoplamp switch supply.
F195AFront control/display interface module.
F205AIgnition passive anti-theft system.
F213AAccessory relay, customer access feed.

Information about the model

Ford Transit otherwise known as the Ford T series was released in the year 1965. The vehicle doubles up as a commercial vehicle and also as a passenger van. The model of the car has undergone several changes based on the generation model of the car. Transit model of the car is made of the European wing of Ford but right now, it is one of the top- selling commercial van category in the United States of America. 

Ford Transit VI: First Generation

The first generation of Ford Transit could itself carry two baby elephants, with the improvised engine capacity and other features, the pulling capacity of the car has increased manifold. The length of the car can be customized according to your needs. It can either be short, medium, or extended. The seating capacity of the van can also be modified according to the requirements of the user. 

The van is best suited for carrying heavy loads as the space entitled for cargo is very large and accommodating. The lamp gets switched on automatically and the wipers go in full swing when it rains. The brakes are attached to all four wheels of the van that your load doesn’t face any sort of damage while transporting it from one place to another. 

The addition of features like an airbag to all the seats of the van gives an additional safety feature. The rearview mirror is placed inside the vehicle to ensure there is no much damage to the vehicle. 

Overall, one could say that despite the high pricing of the van, it is one of the best selling in the commercial van category on American soil. The cargo capacity of the van is large enough that you can keep adding a whole lot of items and this is one of the biggest reasons why this van is sought after rather than the rest. The pickup capacity of the car is commendable.

All Ford Transit VI info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Transit VI (2013-2021) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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