Ford Transit Connect II (2012-2024) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

Ford Transit Connect II Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram
Fuse LocationFuse RatingProtected Component
F1-Not used.
F2-Not used.
F3-Not used.
F4-Not used.
F5-Not used.
F6-Not used.
F740 AAnti-lock brake system.
F830 AStability control.
F930 AHeated rear window.
F1040 ABlower motor.
F1140 AAccessories - Van only.
F1230 APowertrain control module.
F1330 AStarter relay.
F1440 ARight-hand heated windshield.
F1520 ACargo-area auxiliary power point. Luggage compartment auxiliary power point.
F1640 AHeated windshield.
F1720 AFloor console auxiliary power point.
F18-Not used.
F195 AAnti-lock brake system with electronic stability control.
F2015 AHorn.
F215 AStop lamp switch.
F2210 APower supply voltage - powertrain control module.
F235 ARelay coils.
F24-Not used.
F2525 ADoor control unit - Van.
F265 AEngine control relay coil feed.
F2715 AAir conditioning clutch.
F2825 ARear power window.
F2925 AFront power window.
F305 AIgnition switch position II output (van only).
F3115 ATaxi roof lamp switch.
F3215 AEngine control module.
F3310 AEngine control module.
F3410 AFuel injectors.
F3515 AVehicle power 4.
F365 AActive grill shutter.
F375 ABattery saver relay.
F3815 AEngine control module. Transmission control module.
F3910 ATaxi block connector.
F405 AElectronic power assist steering.
F4120 ABody control module.
F4215 ARear window wiper.
F4315 AHeated front seat - Van.
F4320 AAccessories - Van.
F4415 AHeadlamp control module.
F445 AAir conditioning switch - Taxi.
F4510 APower exterior mirror - without door control unit.
F4640 AWindshield wiper.
F477.5 AHeated exterior mirror - without door control unit.
F4825 ABody control module.
Relay NumberCircuits switched
R1Not used.
R3Battery saver relay.
R4Heated rear window.
R5Rear window wiper.
R6Not used.
R7Heated windshield.
R8Accessory delay. DCU power feed - Van.
R9Relay - Van.
R10Starter motor.
R11Air conditioning clutch.
R12Cooling fan.
R13Blower motor.
R14Electronic engine control.
R15Not used.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

Ford Transit Connect II Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram
Fuse LocationFuse RatingProtected Component
F5620 AFuel pump.
F57-Not used.
F58-Not used.
F595 APassive anti-theft system transceiver.
F6010 AInterior lamp. Driver door switch pack. Glove compartment lamp. Overhead console switch bank.
F6120 ANot used.
F625 AAutowipers. Auto-dimming interior mirror.
F63-Not used.
F64-Not used.
F6510 ALiftgate release.
F6620 AFront door double locking and unlock relay.
F677.5 ASYNC module. Front display interface module. Global positioning system module.
F68-Not used.
F695 AInstrument panel cluster.
F7020 ACentral locking relay.
F7110 AHeating control head (manual air conditioning). Dual automatic temperature control.
F727.5 ASteering wheel module.
F737.5 AData link connector. Battery backup sounder.
F7415 AHigh beam headlamp.
F7515 AFront fog lamp.
F7610 AReversing lamp.
F7720 AWasher pump.
F78*5 AIgnition switch.
F7915 AAudio unit. DVD navigation system. Touchscreen. Hazard flasher switch. Door lock switch.
F80-Not used.
F815 APower sunroof. Interior motion sensor.
F8220 AWasher pump.
F8320 ACentral locking.
F8420 ADD FF unlock supply (ground fuse). DD FF double lock (ground fuse).
F857.5 AIgnition switch.
F8610 AAirbag module. Occupant classification system. Passenger airbag deactivation switch.
F87-Not used.
F88-Not used.
F89-Not used.

Cargo Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

Ford Transit Connect II Cargo Compartment Fuse Box Diagram
Fuse LocationFuse RatingProtected Component
F110 ARear heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
F225 ADriver seat adjuster.
F325 ADriver door module.
F425 APassenger door module.
F5-Not used.
F625 ADoor control unit rear left.
F725 ADoor control unit rear right.
F8-Not used.
F9-Not used.
F10-Not used.
F11-Not used.
F12-Not used.
F13-Not used.
F14-Not used.
F15-Not used.
F16-Not used.
F17-Not used.
F18-Not used.
F19-Not used.
F20-Not used.
F21-Not used.
F22-Not used.
F23-Not used.
F24-Not used.
F2540 ARear blower motor.
F2640 AAccessories. Trailer tow module.
F2740 ATaxi.
F28-Not used.
F295 ARear view camera.
F305 AParking aid.
F31-Not used.
F32-Not used.
F33-Not used.
F3415 ADriver heated seat.
F3515 APassenger heated seat.
F36-Not used.
F3720 APower sunblind.
F3810 ATaxi.
F39-Not used.
F40-Not used.
F4110 ATaxi connector.
F4220 ATaxi connector.
F43-Not used.
F44-Not used.
F45-Not used.
F46-Not used.
All Ford Transit Connect II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Transit Connect II (2012-2024) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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