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There are some pioneers in the automotive industry that help us with different innovative vehicles. The vehicles provided by these brands are ideal on different fronts, whether it is related to performance or looks. Ford is among the best in class that has different models that fulfill the core need. Ford Transit is a vehicle that comes under the van segment. The all-new design of this model makes it quite attractive and has all the functionalities.

Ford Transit: Fifth Generation

The Transit Fifth generation was unveiled in 2000. There are different innovations also such as front- or rear-wheel drive. It is available with "Puma"-type Duratorq turbo diesel engine. Apart from this, there are several upgrades in the consecutive years, such as the availability of Durashift EST automatic transmission. This comes with one of its kind shift arrangement that is known as automatically shifting manual which is mounted on the dashboard. Apart from that, it also has different modes such as specially adapted manual mode, winter mode, tow-haul mode, and economy mode.

The introduction of different techniques such as High-Pressure Common Rail diesel engine in the Transit is capable of producing 125 PS of power throughout the year it has gained some of the features that keep it class apart. The 20013 model comes with a brand new digital odometer while the model from 2004 comes with 135 PS (99 kW) 2.4-litre6-speed MT-82 RWD manual gearbox.

This Fifth gen van model from Ford can provide a significant advantage for commercial as well as regular purposes. For those who are looking for different features with practical usage, then this can be an ideal model of the van from Ford. Though the styling of this van is not that attractive for the people who look for performance as well as other functions can opt for this and help themselves in any work.

Passenger compartment fuse box panel

2 months ago by Maverik
Ford Transit V Fuse box - passenger compartment fuse box panel

The fuse panel and relay box are located below the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
117-Not used
118-Not used
119-Not used
120-Headlamps, Low beam interrupt relay
121-Front fog lamp interrupt relay
122-Rear window defroster relay
123-Heater blower relay
124-Interior lamps relay
125-Windshield wipers relay
126-Rear unlock relay
127-Ignition overload relay
128-Battery saver relay (modified vehicle)
13015AHazard flashers
1315APower mirrors
13210ALight switch, Exterior lighting
133-Not used
134-Not used
135-Not used
1377.5ATire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), Radio, Instrument cluster
13810AReverse lamp
13920AIgnition supply (modified vehicle)
140-Not used
1417.5AFront/rear fog lamps
14215ABrake lamps
14320ACigar lighter, Front power point
14410AIgnition supply (modified vehicle)
145-Not used
14620AWindshield wipers, Wiper switch
14715AFront fog lamps
1487.5ARecirculation, Instrument cluster
14910AIgnition supply/Battery supply (modified vehicle)
150-Not used
15115ARadio, Bluetooth/Voice command module
1527.5AA/C switch, Park aid module
1537.5AInterior lamps, Battery saver
15415ARoof lamp (modified vehicle)
15510ABattery saver (modified vehicle)
1567.5ARight parking lamp/tail lamps
1577.5ALicense plate lamps
15810ALight switch
15920ARear heater blower fan (modified vehicle)
160-Not used
1617.5AAnti-lock brake system (ABS)/RSC, Steering angle sensor
1627.5AAirbag module, Passenger airbag off indicator
16420ATPMS module
165-Not used
16625AFront power windows
1677.5ARear window defroster/heated mirror switch
168-Not used
16920ASecond power point
170-Not used
171-Not used
17210ARight rear turn signal (modified vehicle)
17310ALeft rear turn signal (modified vehicle)
17420ARear power point, Rear center console power point (modified vehicle)
1757.5ALeft park lamps/tail lamps
176-Not used
177-Not used
17825ARear window defroster
1797.5AInstrument cluster, Passive anti-theft system (PATS), Accelerator pedal sensor, TPMS, Rearview camera
18020AFront and rear window washer
181-Not used
182-Not used

Power distribution box

2 months ago by Maverik
Ford Transit V Fuse box - power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box contains high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
17.5A*Heated windshield telltale
240A**Right heated windshield, Modified vehicle — Rear heater blower fan, Ignition supply
350A**Left heated windshield, Modified vehicle — Battery supply
420A**Fuel pump
510A*Powertrain control module (PCM) keep alive power, Canister solenoid
615A*PCM, Data link connector
720A*Ignition switch
940A**Passenger compartment fuse panel II
1025A**Rear turn signal, Modified vehicle — Battery supply
1140A**Ignition overload, Passenger compartment fuse panel
1230A**Anti-lock brake system (ABS)/Roll stability control (RSC) pump motor
1330A*Heater blower motor
1410A*PCM relay
1520A**ABS/RSC valves
1630A**Cooling fan – low
1750A**Cooling fan – high
1825A**Daytime running lamps (DRL), Low beam interrupt relay
1950A**Passenger compartment fuse panel III
20-A/C clutch relay
21A-Right heated windshield relay, Modified vehicle - Rear fan relay
21B-Starter lock relay
21C-High beam headlamp relay
21D-PCM relay
2210A*PCM, Auxiliary connector, Fuel injectors
2310A*Right low beam headlamp
2410A*A/C clutch solenoid
2510A*Left low beam headlamp
2610A*Mass air flow sensor, Brake switch, Backup lamps relay, EGR stepper motor, EVAP canister purge valve, Heated oxygen sensors, Floor shifter, Transmission range sensor
27-Not used
2815A*PCM vehicle power 1
2915A*Auxiliary connector, Coil on plugs
30A70A RelayCooling fan high relay
30B70A Relay Cooling fan high relay
30C-Cooling fan low relay
30D-Left heated windshield relay
31A-Backup lamp relay
31B-Fuel pump relay
31C-DRL relay
31D-Low beam headlamps relay
31E-Modified vehicle - Right rear turn signal relay
31F-Front fog lamps
32-Cooling fan diode
33-Fuel pump relay diode
34-Gear shifter diode
3530A*Start lock relay
36-Modified vehicle - Left rear turn signal relay

*Mini fuse
**Cartridge fuse

All Ford Transit V info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Transit V (2000-2013) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.

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