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The muscular and performance-oriented cars remain in the trend all the time. Ford has given us some of the best models that have their historical values. The Ford Mustang is a renowned name in the automotive sector. Those who are craving a muscle car that has top- notch features opt for this model. The 2015 Ford Mustang attained a top rank among its competitors due to several features.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is popular for its throttled engine performance, handling, top- notch interior, and maximum safety scores. The top class features that provide this beast advantage are the muscular engine power, balanced ride, optimal handling, top-class infotainment system, cramped rear seats, and many more.

In 2015 Ford Mustang experienced full redesigning in its features. Those who think about this car as a good option have their reasons, and believe me and these reasons are authentic. The Mustang is equipped with various range of engine choices in its variants. The agile handling is an added advantage. The smooth-riding option makes it quite useful and the upscale feel while riding the beast is out of this world. However, the fuel economy of this car goes up to 31mpg on the highway.

If you are more of a safety concerned driver, it is the safest car as it has high safety ratings. The spacious cabin is apt for a small family. However, it is more of a solo car that has low- reliability ratings.

Apart from all the technical specifications, it also comes with different handy features such as an Apple CarPlay, easy-to-use touch screen, digital gauge cluster, and Android Auto. The new model is equipped with a crispier interior and a sportier look that provides a different styling level. Opting this was the top-notch style statement without uttering a single word.

Power Distribution Box

2 years ago by t0z
Ford Mustang VI Fuse box - power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle's main electrical systems from overloads.

If you disconnect and reconnect the battery, you will need to reset some features.

Fuse or relay numberFuse amp ratingProtected components
1-Not used.
2-Not used.
3-Not used.
4-Not used.
550A*Automatic brake system pump.
650A*Body control module.
760A*Body control module.
850A*Body control module.
940A*Rear window defroster.
1040A*Blower motor.
1130A**Left-hand front window.
1230A**Driver seat.
1330A**Passenger seat.
1430A**Climate-controlled seat module.
1520A**Convertible top motor.
16-Not used.
1720A**Convertible top motor.
18-Not used.
1920A***Steering column lock relay.
2010A***Brake on-off switch.
2210A***Powertrain control module relay.
2310A***Air conditioning clutch.
2430A**Voltage quality module.
25-Not used.
2625A**Windshield wiper motor.
27-Not used.
2830A**Automatic brake system valve.
2930A**Electronic fan 1.
3030A**Starter motor solenoid.
3140A**Electronic fan 3.
3210A***Latch relay coil.
3320A***Left-hand high-intensity discharge headlamps.
3520A***Right-hand high-intensity discharge headlamps.
37-Not used.
3820A***Vehicle power 1.
39-Not used.
4020A***Vehicle power 2.
4115A***Fuel injectors.
4215A***Vehicle power 3.
43-Not used.
4415A***Vehicle power 4.
30A*** Ignition coils (GT350 only).
45-Not used.
4620A**Differential pump.
47-Not used.
4830A**Fuel pump #2.
4930A**Fuel pump.
50-Steering column lock relay.
51-Not used.
52-Horn relay.
5320A**Cigar lighter.
5420A**Auxiliary power point.
5525A**Electronic fan 2.
56-Not used.
57-Air conditioning clutch relay.
58-Not used.
59-Exhaust valves relay.
605A***Powertrain control module.
61-Not used.
625A***Anti-lock brakes run-start switch.
63-Not used.
645A***Electronic power assist steering.
65-Not used.
665A***Blind spot information system. Rear view camera. Air conditioning compressor relay coils.
67-Not used.
6810A***Headlamp leveling switch.
69-Auxiliary power point relay.
7010A***Heated exterior mirrors.
71-Not used.
725A***Rain sensor module.
73-Not used.
745A***Mass air flow sensor.
75-Not used.
76-Rear window defroster relay.
77-Electronic cooling fan 2 relay. Left-hand high-intensity discharge headlamp relay (export).
78-Right-hand high-intensity-discharge headlamp relay (export).
80-Windshield wiper relay.
81-Starter motor solenoid relay.
82-Powertrain control module relay.
83-Not used.
84-Not used.
85-Not used.
86-Not used.
87-Not used.
88-Not used.
89-Electronic fan 1 relay.
90-Differential pump relay.
91-Electronic fan 3 relay.
92-Blower motor relay.
93-Fuel pump #2 relay.
94-Fuel pump relay.

*J-case fuses.
**M-case fuses.
***Micro fuses.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

2 years ago by t0z
Ford Mustang VI Fuse box - passenger compartment fuse panel

The fuse panel is in the right-hand side of the passenger footwell behind a trim panel and plastic key code card.

To remove the trim panel, lift it from the rear retaining hooks, while pulling it toward you and swinging it away from the side. To reinstall it, line up the tabs with the grooves on the panel, drop the panel back into place, and then push it shut.

To reach the fuse panel, first remove the key code card.

After replacing a fuse, return the key code card to the original position. To reinstall the trim panel, lineup the tabs with the grooves on the panel, drop the panel back into place, and then push it shut to reinstall the trim panel.

Fuse or relay numberFuse amp ratingProtected components
110ADemand lamps.
27.5APower mirror memory module.
320ADriverconsole unlock.
4-Not used.
520ASubwoofer amplifier.
6-Not used.
7-Not used.
8-Not used.
9-Not used.
10-Not used.
11-Not used.
127.5AClimate control module.
137.5AGateway module. Steering column control module. Instrument cluster.
14-Not used.
1510AGateway module.
1615ADecklid release.
175ANot used (spare).
185AIntrusion sensor module.
197.5APassenger airbag deactivation indicator.
20-Not used.
215AIn-vehicle temperature and humidity sensor.
225AOccupant classification system module.
2310ASwitches. Power windows. Rear-view mirror.
2420ACentral lock unlock.
2630ARight-hand front-window motor.
2820AAuxiliary body module.
2930ALeft-hand rear-window power.
3030ARight-hand rear-window power.
31-Not used.
3210ARemote keyless entry. Multi-function display. SYNC. Global positioning system module. Gauges.
3320AAudio head unit.
3430ARun-start bus.
355ARestraints control module.
3615AAuxiliary body module.
3720APower distribution box run-start bus.
30ANot used (spare).
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