Ford Mustang Match-E (2020-2025) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025

Battery fuse box diagram

Mustang Match-E Battery fuse box diagram
ItemRatingProtected Component
120 AFront luggage compartment.
220 AFront luggage compartment.

Body control module fuse box diagram

Mustang Match-E Body control module fuse box diagram
Fuse LocationFuse RatingProtected Component
15 ANot used.
25 ANot used.
310 AExtended power module.
410 AMulti-function display.
520 ANot used.
610 ANot used.
730 APassenger door module.
85 ANot used.
95 AAuto-dimming exterior mirror.
1010 AExtended power module.
115 APower liftgate. Hands-free liftgate actuation module. Telematics control unit module.
125 AAnti-theft alarm. Keyless keypad switch. Front driver door activation switch. Rear driver door activation switch.
1315 ANot used.
1430 ADriver door module.
1515 ANot used.
1615 AActive suspension (GT).
1715 ASYNC.
187.5 AWireless accessory charging module. Driver status monitor. Front passenger door activation switch. Rear passenger door activation switch.
197.5 AHeadlamp switch pack. Bluetooth low energy module. Push button start.
2010 AAnti-theft alarm horn.
217.5 AGateway module. Climate control. Gear shift module.
227.5 AInstrument cluster. Steering column control module.
2320 AAudio unit.
2420 ANot used.
2530 A Circuit BreakerNot used.

Under hood fuse box diagram

Mustang Match-E Under hood fuse box diagram
Fuse LocationFuse RatingProtected Component
1-Not used.
240 ANot used (spare).
315 AWindshield wiper heater.
440 ANot used (spare).
5-Not used.
6-Not used.
7-Not used.
8-Not used.
9-Not used.
10-Not used.
1115 APowertrain control module.
12-Not used.
1315 AAC electric compressor. Active grille shutter. Powertrain control module heater cooling pump. Powertrain control module heater shut off valve.
1415 ASecondary drive unit transmission oil pump (GT).
15-Not used.
1610 ABattery charge control module.
17-Not used.
1810 APowertrain control module.
1910 ABrake system control module.
205 ACharge port status indicator.
215 AFront luggage compartment actuator relay coil.
2220 AAmplifier.
2320 ARear driver side electronic door.
24-Not used.
2525 ALeft-hand enhanced headlamps.
2625 ARight-hand enhanced headlamps.
275 AKeep alive power.
285 AFront luggage compartment actuator relay coil.
295 ADC/DC converter.
30-Not used.
315 AElectronic power assist steering.
3230 ABody control module.
3320 AAdvanced driver assistance system.
3410 AHeadlamp control module.
3515 AHeated steering wheel.
3610 APrimary hybrid powertrain control module. Auxiliary power distribution box. Secondary hybrid powertrain control module.
3720 AHorn.
3840 ABlower motor.
39-Not used.
40-Not used.
4120 AAmplifier.
4230 ADriver power seat.
4340 AAnti-lock brake system valves.
4460 AAuxiliary power distribution box.
4530 APassenger power seat.
46-Not used.
47-Not used.
48-Not used.
4960 AAnti-lock brake system pump.
5060 ACooling fan.
51-Not used.
525 AUSB port.
53-Not used.
54-Not used.
5530 AHeated seats.
5620 AFront luggage compartment module.
5710 AData link connector.
58-Not used.
5940 ABody control module.
60-Not used.
6120 AAuxiliary power point.
62-Not used.
63-Not used.
6430 APower liftgate.
6530 AVehicle dynamics module.
66-Not used.
67-Not used.
685 ABattery electronic control module.
6920 ARear passenger side electronic door.
70-Not used.
7120 AAuxiliary power point.
7220 ARear window wiper.
73-Not used.
7430 AWindshield wiper motor.
75-Not used.
7630 AHeated rear window.
77-Not used.
7820 AFront driver side electronic door.
7920 AFront passenger side electronic door.
80-Not used.
8110 ARear window washer pump.
82-Not used.
83-Not used.
8440 ANot used (spare).
855 ARain sensor.
86-Not used.
87-Not used.
88-Not used.
All Ford Mustang Match-E info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Mustang Match-E (2020-2025) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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