Ford Edge I Fuse box

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Ford has made its name in the automobile market due to its rugged yet performance- oriented cars. It is popular for its attractive SUVs. Edge is one of the popular models that has raised the bars for other SUVs as well. In 2007 Ford launched a luxury SUV capable of providing both rugged four-wheelers and a sports utility vehicle. Specifically, it was redesigned for the same year with more muscle mass and off-road capabilities.

Edge has got all those features which can evolve it as a jack of all trades. The 2014 Edge Cherokee is equipped with an optimal level of handling and control with an attractive interior. The spacious rear is also an advantage that makes it apt for a family.

The 2011 Edge comes with 285-horsepower V6 in the base model. It also comes in two different wheel drives. You can get either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive systems. Apart from this, as it is a sports utility vehicle, it is equipped with different off-road aids such as terrain selector, Airlift suspension, six-speaker audio system, telescopic steering wheel, etc.

If you are looking for a luxurious ride that provides status symbols, Edge holds the bar intact. Apart from all the features, the additional features like Ford's MyKey system, the voice-based 8-inch touch-screen infotainment system that provides ultimate entertainment.

Edge's later version is apt based on the crash test as it is relatively safer, but there are some backdrops as there are SUVs in the same segment that are comparatively safer than this model. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a four-star overall rating to Edge for rollover crash testing and a five star for side-impact testing. With these optimal safety ratings, it was a car that has all the safe riding features.

Passenger compartment fuse panel

Ford Edge I Fuse box passenger compartment fuse panel

The fuse panel is located behind a trim panel on the left side of the driver’s footwell near the parking brake. To remove the trim panel, slide the release lever to the right then pull the trim panel out.

To remove the fuse panel cover, press in the tabs on both sides of the cover, then pull the cover off.

To reinstall the fuse panel cover, place the top part of the cover on the fuse panel, then push the bottom part of the cover until it clicks into place. Gently pull on the cover to make sure it is secure.

To reinstall the trim panel, align the tabs on the bottom of the panel with the grooves, push the panel shut and slide the release lever to the left to secure the panel.

To remove a fuse, use the fuse puller tool provided on the fuse panel cover.

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
130ANot used (Spare)
215AHigh-mount brake lamp (brake on/off)
315ASYNC module
430ADriver front smart window
510AKeypad illumination (2nd row seat), Brake shift interlock (BSI)
620ATurn signals
710ALow beam headlamps (left)
810ALow beam headlamps (right)
915AInterior lights, Cargo lamps
1015ABacklighting, Puddle lamps
1110AAll wheel drive (AWD)
127.5APower mirror switch, Driver side power seat memory, Driver seat module – keep alive power
135ASatellite radio
1410APower liftgate – keep alive power
1510AClimate control, GPS module
1615ANot used (spare)
1720AAll power lock motor feeds, Liftgate release
1925ARear wiper
2115AFog lamps
2215APark lamps
2315AHigh beam headlamps
2420AHorn relay
2510ADemand lamps
2610AInstrument panel cluster
2720AIgnition switch
295AInstrument panel cluster
3110ANot used (spare)
3210ARestraint control module
3310ANot used (spare)
345ASteering angle sensor
3510ARear park assist, Yaw rate sensor, Heated seats
365APassive anti-theft system transceiver
3710AClimate control
4020ANot used (spare)
4115AAutomatic dimming rear view mirror
4210ANot used (spare)
4310ARear wiper logic
4410ACustomer accessory feed
455AFront wiper logic
467.5AOccupant classification sensor (OCS), Passenger airbag deactivation indicator (PADI) light
4730ACircuit Breaker Power windows
48-Delayed accessory relay

Power distribution box

Ford Edge I Fuse box power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box contains high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

The high-current fuses are coded as follows:

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
1-Not used
2-Blower motor relay
3-Not used
4-Not used
540A**Cooling fan (vehicles with trailer tow)
560A** Cooling fan (vehicles without trailer tow)
640A**Cooling fan (trailer tow only)
7-Not used
920A*Trailer tow parking lamps
10-Not used
11-Trailer tow parking lamp relay
12-Not used
13-Not used
14-Not used
1540A**ABS pump motor
1630A**Front heated seats
1720A**Cigar lighter/Power point
1820A**Panoramic moon roof
19-Fuel pump diode
20-Powertrain control module (PCM) relay
217.5A*PCM – keep alive power
22-Trailer tow left stop/turn lamp relay
23-One-touch integrated start diode
2410A*Trailer tow left stop/turn lamp
25-Rear seat release relay
26-Fuel pump relay
2710A*Rear seat release
2815A*Heated mirror
29-Heated mirror relay
3015A*Vehicle power 1
3110A*Vehicle power 3
3210A*Vehicle power 2
3315A*Vehicle power 4
34-Not used
3510A*A/C clutch
36-Not used
37-A/C clutch relay
38-Rear window defroster relay
3940A**Rear window defroster
40-Not used
42-Starter relay
43-Backup lamp relay
4410A*Backup lamps
45-Not used
4610A*Trailer tow right stop/turn lamp
47-Trailer tow right stop/turn lamp relay
48-Run/start relay
5010A*ABS Run/start
51-Not used
525A*Fuel pump diode feed
5330A**Passenger compartment fuse panel run/start
54-Not used
55-Not used
56-A/C clutch diode
5740A**Anti-lock brake system valves
5830A**Front wipers
5930A**Power liftgate
6030A**Driver power seat/memory module
6130A**Passenger power seat
62-Not used
6340A**Blower motor
6420A**Cigar lighter/Power point
6520A**Cigar lighter/Power point
6620A**Cigar lighter/Power point
67-Not used
6815A*Fuel pump
69-Not used
70-Not used
7110A*Brake on/off switch (brake lights)
72-Not used

* Mini Fuses
** Cartridge Fuses

All Ford Edge I info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Edge I (2007-2014) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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where is the fuse to replace to let a code reader work?

~Carl Boucher 20-04-2021
My 2011 Ford Edge backup camera and front screen is very hard to see when backing up I've tried cleaning it to no avail, then I was told it might be a fuse? Can you help?

~Donna 07-08-2021
Where is the coolant relay located on fuse box on a 2007 Ford edge

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