Ford Edge II (2015-2023) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

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Power Distribution Box

Ford Edge II Fuse box power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle's main electrical systems from overloads.

If the battery has been disconnected and reconnected, some features will need to be reset

Fuse or relay numberFuse amp ratingProtected components
130A (3)Not used (spare).
2-Starter relay.
315A (1)Rear wiper. Rain sensor Rear washer pump relay coil.
4-Blower motor relay.
520A (3)Power point 3 - back of console.
6-Not used.
720A (1)Powertrain control module - vehicle power 1
820A (1)Powertrain control module - vehicle power 2
9-Powertrain control module relay.
1020A (3)Power point 1 - driver front.
1115A (2)Powertrain control module - vehicle power 4
1215A (2)Powertrain control module - vehicle power 3
13-Not used.
14-Not used.
15-Run-start relay.
1620A (3)Power point 2 - console bin.
1720A (3)Power point 4 - luggage compartment.
1820A (1)RH HID headlamp.
1910A (1)Run-start electronic power assist steering.
2010A (1)Run/start lighting. Headlamp leveling switch.
2115A (1)Transmission oil pump logic power (start/stop)
2210A (1)Air conditioner clutch solenoid.
2315A (1)Run-start 6. Blind spot information system. Rear view camera. Adaptive cruise control. Heads-up display. Voltage quality module (start/stop). Front split view camera. Front split view camera module.
2410A (1)Not used(spare).
2510A (2)Run-start anti-lock brake system.
2610A (2)Run-start powertrain control module.
27-Not used.
2810A (1)Rear washer pump.
29-Not used.
30-Not used.
31-Not used.
32-Electronic fan 1 relay.
33-A/C clutch relay.
3415A (1)Not used (spare).
35-Not used.
36-Not used.
3710A (1)Power transfer unit fan.
38-Electronic fan 2 relay
39-Electric fan 3 relay.
40-Horn relay.
41-Not used.
42-Fuel pump relay.
4310A (1)2nd row easy fold seat release.
4420A (1)LH HID headlamp.
45-Not used.
46-Not used.
47-Not used.
4815A (1)Steering column lock.
49-Not used.
5020A (1)Horn.
51-Not used.
52-Not used.
53-Not used.
5410A (2)Brake on off switch.
5510A (2)ALT sensor.

1 - Micro fuse. 2 - Dual micro fuse. 3 - M-type fuse.

Power Distribution Box - Bottom

Ford Edge II Fuse box power distribution box - bottom

There are fuses located on the bottom of the fuse box. To access the bottom of the fuse box, do the following:

1. Release the two latches, located on both sides of the fuse box.
2. Raise the inboard side of the fuse box from the cradle.
3. Move the fuse box toward the center of the engine compartment.
4. Pivot the outboard side of the fuse box to access the bottom side.

Fuse or relay numberFuse amp ratingProtected components
56-Not used.
57-Not used.
5830A (1)Fuel pump feed. Port fuel injectors (3.5L).
5940A (2)Electronic fan 3.
6040A (2)Electronic fan 1.
61-Not used.
6250A (2)Body control module 1.
6325A (1)Electronic fan 2.
64-Not used.
6520A (1)Front heated seat.
6615A (1)Not used (spare).
6750A (2)Body control module 2.
6840A (1)Heated rear window.
6930A (1)Anti-lock brake system valves.
7030A (1)Passenger seat.
71-Not used.
7220A (1)Transmission oil pump (start/stop).
7320A (1)Rear heated seats.
7430A (1)Driverseat module. Power driver seat (less memory).
7525A (1)Wiper motor 1.
7630A (1)Power lift-gate module.
7730A (1)Climate control seat module.
7840A (1)Trailer lighting module.
7940A (2)Blower motor.
8025A (1)Wiper motor 2.
8140A (1)110 volt inverter.
82-Not used.
8320A (1)Not used (spare).
8430A (1)Starter solenoid.
85-Not used.
86-Not used.
8760A (2)Anti-lock brake system pump.

1 - M-type fuse.
2 - J-type fuse.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel The fuse

Ford Edge II Fuse box passenger compartment fuse panel the fuse

The fuse panel is located under the instrument panel to the left of the steering column.

Fuse or relay numberFuse amp ratingProtected components
110A (1)Demand lighting (glove box, vanity, dome). Battery saver relay coil. Second row easy fold relay coil.
27.5A (1)Memory seats. Lumbar. Driver seat module logic power.
320A (1)Driver door unlock.
45A (1)Not used (spare).
520A (1)Not used (spare).
610A (2)Not used (spare).
710A (2)Not used (spare).
810A (2)Not used (spare).
910A (2)Not used (spare).
105A (2)Keypad. Power liftgate module logic power. Hands free liftgate module.
115A (2)Not used (spare).
127.5A (2)Climate control module.
137.5A (2)Cluster. Steering column control module. Smart datalink connector (gateway) module.
1410A (2)Not used (spare).
1510A (2)Datalink power.
1615A (1)Not used (spare).
175A (2)Not used (spare).
185A (2)Push button start switch.
197.5A (2)Not used (spare).
207.5A (2)Not used (spare).
215A (2)Humidity and in–car temperature sensor.
225A (2)Occupant classification sensor.
2310A (1)Delayed accessory (power inverter logic, moonroof logic, driver window switch power).
2420A (1)Central lock unlock.
2530A (1)Driver door (window, mirror). Driver door module. Driver door lock indicator. Driver lock switch illumination.
2630A (1)Front passenger door (window, mirror). Front passenger door module. Front passenger lock indicator. Front passenger switch illumination (window,lock).
2730A (1)Moonroof.
2820A (1)Amplifier.
2930A (1)Not used (spare).
3030A (1)Not used (spare).
3115A (1)Not used (spare).
3210A (1)Global positioning system. Center stack display. Voice control (SYNC). Radio transceivermodule.
3320A (1)Radio.
3430A (1)Run-start bus (fuse 19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37 38).
355A (1)Restraints control module.
3615A (1)Auto-dimming rear view mirror. Heated seat. Auto high beam/lane departure mirror module. Rear heated seat module logic power.
3720A (1)Heated steering wheel module. Active front steering wheel.
3830A (3)Rear power windows. Rear window switch illumination.

1 - Micro fuse.
2 - Dual micro fuse.
3 - Circuit breaker.

Information about the model

Ford Edge after lifting - the second youth

Ford's flagship SUV in the U.S has experienced modernization. Will the modifications made allow him to become more prominent in the segment of large SUVs?

Edge is a popular SUV in America. The lift changed the look of the car, increased engine power and introduced new equipment. The Ford Edge of the second (current) generation was presented on the U.S market in 2014. In the U.S, about 400 units were sold, which is about 1.5% of the total sales of Ford on the Vistula.

Ford Edge - what has changed including the fuse box location?

The new "face" without wrinkles has appealed to the citizens of America in a more attractive manner. Slimmer headlights, wider radiator grille and redesigned mask as awarded the amazing car a more modern, more impressive and more attractive appearance. You can still choose one of two additional versions: an elegant Vignale with chrome accessories or an athletic ST-Line with black ones (including a mesh grill and 20-inch rims).


Unchanged! The same can be found in the models S-Max, Galaxy, and similar in Mondeo (all these models share a common platform). It must be admitted that Edge's cabin is carefully finished with good quality materials. The most surprising fact is the central part of the cockpit is simply a hard, unpleasant plastic. This weird choice actually added an extra attraction to the car. The fuse panel of the car is situated on the left side of driver's footwell, behind a trim panel. In order to remove the trim panel, you need to slide the release lever towards the right direction and then you’ll be able to pull it out.

There are tabs on both side of the cover, you just need to press them to pull the cover off. If you want to remove a fuse, all you need to do is to utilize the fuse puller tool that is provided on the fuse panel cover. The fuse box location is quite convenient.

Ford Edge - Roomy and Comfortable

Are you dreaming of getting a large SUV with a length of over 4.8 m and a wheelbase of less than 2.85 m.? Thanks to such dimensions in the interior of ford edge 1! It offers exactly the same attributes that you’re looking for. There are also plenty of storage compartments and power outlets (12V and one 230V). The trunk is well adapted for long journeys - it has a standard capacity of 602 liters (maximum 1847 liters). However, this is not a seven-seater car.

It is worth mentioning that on Edge's board there’s a new B & O Play audio system (Ford closed cooperation with Sony a few days back). The modified Edge 1 has wireless charging of the smartphone and Wi-Fi facilities. (remote access to car information, onboard WiFi and real traffic information in navigation). Using most of the functions is easy, but of them are unnecessarily hidden in the menu, such as heating the steering wheel.

All Ford Edge II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Edge II (2015-2023) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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