How to pass a driver's license vision (eye) test?

Published 05-02-2021 Maverik

How to pass a driver's license vision (eye) test?

To become a proactive and safe driver, one should have good eyesight or should have perfect eyewear to get the standard vision required for driving. Many of the people may meet the vision requirements for class 5 standard; however, there are various requisites for the multiple classes of licenses. If you are found with difficulties in the basic testing service at the registry office, you would be referred to an optometrist for detailed testing. Color deficiencies do not affect the driving ability, but the drivers should be able to understand the different colors of the street light. The drivers are required to have visual acuity of 20/4 in both or either of the eyes. The vision tests for senior citizens are more critical as they should have a score of 20/50.

What are the tests that you can expect?

All the states of the US have their specific vision requirements for a driving license. However, their tests are primarily based on Snellen Visual Acuity Scale. Depending on the state where you live, you expect the following tests:

  • Visual acuity test - For this test, the eye care professional will make you ask you to stand a few feet back from a look through the machine. You would have to identify each alphabet or number that they point with one eye closed.
  • Visual field test - The field test would measure your perimeter. This test will examine what you can see on the right and left side without moving your eyes. The confrontation test is the basic visual field test. The professional will cover one of the eyes and you to look straight ahead. You will be asked to notify them when you can see their hand without moving your head.
  • Color vision test - People who are applying for a heavy vehicle license, have to undergo color vision testing. It is not a true color perception test, but the individual has to distinguish between red, amber, and green.
  • Depth perception - In some states of the US like Mississippi and West Virginia, people have to take the depth perception test. You will be shown some images of the street signs that seem to be floating in the open space. You have to identify the street sign that is closest to you.

How to pass the eye exam?

There are no hacks that can make you pass the eye exam seamlessly. If you have impaired vision, you can hurt or kill someone on the road while driving. Hence, you should make sure that you have good vision or wear the right eyewear to enhance your vision's power. Here are some of the simple things that you can do to make your test smooth.

  1. Get your eyes checked before the exam - Before you go for the driver's license vision test, schedule an eye exam, and get your vision checked. You will have confidence in your eyesight and if there are any problems, the professional will help you to correct your vision.
  2. Do not forget to blink - Many people forget to blink while taking an eye test. If you do not blink, the tension would increase around your eyes and you will end up straining your eyes.
  3. Drink water - Keep yourself optimally hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When you drink water, you can refrain from quickly drying out your eyes and they would not get tired easily.

If you fail in your eye test, do not be depressed as it is not the end of everything. You can simply schedule an appointment with a good ophthalmologist for the best opinion. Follow their advice and get a glass or lenses for your eyes. Then, again go back to retake the test.

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