Volvo V70 III - Fuse box

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Engine compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Volvo V70 III Fuse box - engine compartment

A - Engine compartment, upper
B - Engine compartment, front
C - Engine compartment, lower

These fuses are all located in the engine compartment box. Fuses in C are located under A

1Circuit breaker50 Amps
2Circuit breaker50 Amps
3Circuit breaker60 Amps
4Circuit breaker60 Amps
5Circuit breaker50 Amps
9Windshield wipers30 Amps
11Climate system blower40 Amps
13ABS pump40 Amps
14ABS valves20 Amps
16Active Bi-Xenon Lights. Headlight leveling (option)10 Amps
17Central electrical module20 Amps
18Radar. ACC control module (option)5 Amps
19Speed related power steering5 Amps
20Engine Control Module (ECM), transmission, SRS10 Amps
21Heated washer nozzles10 Amps
22Vacuum pump I5T20 Amps
23Lighting panel5 Amps
24Headlight washers15 Amps
2512-volt socket, front and rear seat15 Amps
26Moonroof (option), ceiling console/ECC (option)10 Amps
27Engine compartment box5 Amps
28Auxiliary lights (option)20 Amps
29Horn15 Amps
30Engine Control Module (ECM)10 Amps
31Control module, automatic transmission15Amps
32Compressor A/C15 Amps
33Coils5 Amps
34Starter motor relay30 Amps
35Ignition coils20 Amps
36Engine Control Module (ECM), throttle10 Amps
37Injection system15 Amps
38Engine valves10 Amps
39EVAP/heated oxygen sensor/Injection15 Amps
40Crank case ventilation heater20 Amps
41Fuel leakage detection5 Amps
44Cooling fan80 Amps

Under the glove compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Volvo V70 III Fuse box - under the glove compartment

Fold aside the iupholstery covering the fuse box.
1. Press the cover's lock and fold it up.
2. The fuses are accessible.

1Rain sensor (option)5 Amps
2SRS system10 Amps
3ABS brakes. Electric parking brake5 Amps
4Accelerator pedal, heated seats (option)7.5 Amps
6ICM display, CD & Radio15 Amps
7Steering wheel module7.5 Amps
9High beam15 Amps
10Moonroof (option)20 Amps
11Backup lights7.5 Amps
13Front fog light (option)15Amps
14Windshield washers15 Amps
15Adaptive cruise control ACC (option)10 Amps
17Overhead courtesy lighting, Control panel driver's door/Power passenger seat (option)7.5 Amps
18Information display5 Amps
19Power driver's seat (option)5 Amps
20Tailgate wiper15 Amps
21Remote key receiver, Alarm sensors5 Amps
22Fuel pump20 Amps
23Electric steering column lock20 Amps
25Lock, tank/tailgate10 Amps
26Alarm siren. ECC5 Amps
27START/STOP ENGINE button5 Amps
28Brake light switch5 Amps

Cargo area

2 years ago by t0z
Volvo V70 III Fuse box - cargo area

Located behind the upholstery on the left side of the cargo area

Module A

1Switches in driver's door25 Amps
2Switches in passenger's door25 Amps
3Switches in rear door, driver's side25 Amps
4Switches in rear door, passenger's side25 Amps
612-V socket in cargo area, cooler (option)15 Amps
7Rear window defroster30 Amps
9Trailer socket 2 (option)15 Amps
10Power driver's seat (option)25 Amps
11Trailer socket 1 (option)40 Amps
12Power tailgate (option)30 Amps

Module B

2Control module Four C (option)15 Amps
3Heated driver's seat (option)15 Amps
4Heated passenger's seat (option)15 Amps
5Rear seat heater, passenger's side (option)15 Amps
6AWD control module10 Amps
7Rear seat heater, driver's side (option)15 Amps
9Power passenger's seat (option)25 Amps
10Keyless drive (option)20 Amps
11Electric parking brake – driver's side (option)30 Amps
12Electric parking brake – passenger's side (option)30 Amps

Module D

1Navigation system display (option)10 Amps
3Subwoofer (option)25 Amps
4SIRIUS satellite radio (option)5 Amps
5Audio amplifier (option)25 Amps
6Audio system15 Amps

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