Volvo S70 & V70 I (1996-2000) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

Main fuse box

Volvo S70 & V70 I Fuse box main fuse box

Fuses in both S70 and V70 are protecting electrical components. If one of the components are not working, you should check if fuse has not blown.


15System relay
16Air pump relay
17Starter motor
18Air conditioning

Fuse box description - main fuse box

1Electric cooling fan60 Amps
2Fuses in Supplementary fuse box50 Amps
3Starter motor, air pump50 Amps
4ABS50 Amps
5Headlights50 Amps
6Fuses in Supplementary fuse box60 Amps
7Fuses in Supplementary fuse box60 Amps
8Control modules - engine/automatic transmission60 Amps
9Electrically operated windows60 Amps
10Ignition switch, Control modules - engine/automatic transmission10 Amps
11Fuel injectors, A/C relay10 Amps
12Fuel pump, fuel injection system20 Amps
13Controlmodule - automatic transmission10 Amps
14A/C relay, emissions systems10 Amps

Supplementary fuse box

Volvo S70 & V70 I Fuse box supplementary fuse box
2Central locking, driving mode selectors (aut. trans.)10 Amps
3ABS10 Amps
4Immobilizer (Canada only)10 Amps
5Climate systems, Onboard diagnostics OBDII15Amps
7Audio system15 Amps
8Immobilizer (Canada only), trip computer, headlight switch15 Amps
9Electrically heated rear seat (certain models)20 Amps
10Ignition switch15 Amps
11Brake lights10 Amps
13Hazard warning flashers, headlight flashers, remote operated central locking system15 Amps
14Heated rear window and door mirrors30 Amps
15Courtesy lights, door open warning lights, trunk/cargo space light, seat belt reminder, glove compartment light10 Amps
16Power antenna, electrical connector for trailer, accessories30 Amps
17Front fog lights20 Amps
18Key reminder10 Amps
19Left high beam15 Amps
20Right high beam, high beam indicatorlight15 Amps
21Left low beam15 Amps
22Right low beam15 Amps
23Left front/rear parking lights, left tail light, license plate lights10 Amps
24Right front/rear parking lights, right tail light10 Amps
25Rear fog light, rear fog light indicator lamp10 Amps
26Headlight switch15 Amps
27Backup lights, turn signals15 Amps
28Heated seats - front/rear (certain models)25 Amps
29Heated rear window, shiftlock, seat belt reminder, cruise control, heated door mirrors, bulb failure warning sensor10 Amps
31Passenger compartment blower-climate systems25 Amps
32Audio system10 Amps
33Tailgate wiper/washer15 Amps
34Windshield wipers/washers, horn25 Amps
35Instrument lighting, accessories, power sun roof10 Amps
36Rear auxiliary socket, power sun roof15 Amps
37Power windows, power sun roofAUT/CB **
39Power seat (driver's side)AUT/CB **
40Power seat (passenger's side)AUT/CB **

* Some of the equipment/systems listed may be available on certain models only.

** This is an automatic circuit breaker located in the fuse box and does not normally need to be replaced.

All Volvo S70 & V70 I info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Volvo S70 & V70 I (1996-2000) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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