Toyota Prius XW30 - Fuse box

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Engine compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Toyota Prius XW30 Fuse box - engine compartment

1HTR 50AAir conditioning system
2RDI 30AElectric cooling fans
3CDS 30AElectric cooling fans
4S-HORN 10ANo circuit
5ENG W/P 30ACooling system
6ABS MAIN NO.2 7.5AAnti-lock brake system
7H-LP CLN 30AHeadlight cleaner
8AMP 30AAudio system
10DC/DC-S 5AInverter and converter
11P CON MAIN 7.5AParking control system, transmission
12AM2 7.5APower windows
13ECU-B2 7.5ASmart key system
14MAYDAY 10ANo circuit
15ECU-B3 10AAir conditioning system
16TURN & HAZ 10ATurn signal lights
17ETCS 10Aultiport fuel injection system/ equential multiport fuel injection ystem
18ABS MAIN O.1 20AAnti-lock brakesystem
19P/I 2 40Aarking control system, horn, ight-hand headlight (low beam), eft-hand headlight (low beam), ack-up lights
20ABS MTR 1 30AAnti-lock brake system
21ABS MTR 2 30AAnti-lock brake system
22H-LP HI MAIN 20A-LP HI RH, H-LP HI LH, eadlight switch, daytime running ight system
24EPS 60AElectric power steering
25PCU 10AInverter and converter
26IGCT NO.2 10Aybrid system, parking control ystem, power windows, inverter nd converter
27MIR HTR 10AOutside rear view mirror defoggers
28RAD NO.1 15AAudio system, navigation system
29DOME 10Aoor courtesy lights, personal ights, interior lights, front foot ights, vanity lights, inside rear iew mirror, garage door opener, lectric power steering
30ECU-B 7.5Amart key system, multiplex communication ystem, personal ights, gauges and meters
31H-LP LH HI 10ALeft-hand headlight (high beam)
32H-LP RH HI 10ARight-handheadlight (high beam)
33EFI NO.2 10Aultiport fuel injection system/ equential multiport fuel injection ystem
34IGCT NO.3 10ACooling system
35SPARE 30ASpare fuses
36SPARE 15ASpare fuses
37SPARE 7.5ASpare fuses
38EFI MAIN 20Aultiport fuel injection system/ equential multiport fuel injection ystem, EFI NO.2
39BATT FAN 10ABattery cooling fan
40IG2 20Aultiport fuel injection system/ equential multiport fuel injection ystem, MET-IGN, IGN, power indows

Left side instrument panel

2 years ago by t0z
Toyota Prius XW30 Fuse box - left side instrument panel

1CIG15APower outlets
2ECU-ACC10AMultiplex communication system, outside rear view mirrors, driver support system, audio system, navigation system
3PWR OUTLET15APower outlets
4SEAT HTR FR10ASeat heater
5SEAT HTR FL10ASeat heater
6DOOR NO.125APower door lock system
7PSB30APre-Collision System
8PWR SEAT FR30AFront seat lumber support
9DBL LOCK25ATilt & telescopic steering
10FR FOG15AFront fog lights
11PWR SEAT FL30AFront seat lumber support
12OBD7.5AOn-board diagnosis system
13RR FOG7.5ANo circuit
14STOP10AStop lights, high mounted stoplight, brake system, power windows, driver support system
15P FR DOOR25APower windows
16D FR DOOR25APower windows
17DOOR RR25APower windows
18DOOR RL25APower windows
19S/ROOF30AElectric moon roof
20ECU-IG NO.110AElectric cooling fans, multiplex communication system
21ECU-IG NO.210ADriver support system, Pre-Collision System, LKA system, inside rear view mirror, garage door opener, yaw rate & G sensor, brake system, electric power steering, navigation system, electric moon roof, tire pressure warningsystem, seat belt pretensioners, audio system, emergency flashers, turn signal lights, windshield wipers, headlight cleaner
22GAUGE10AHeadlight leveling system, front passenger’s seat belt reminder light, gauges and meters
23A/C10AAir conditioning system, Solar Ventilation System, Remote Air Conditioning System
24WASHER15AWindshield washer
25RR WIP20ARear window wiper and washer
26WIP30AWindshield wipers
27MET7.5AGauges and meters
28IGN10ABrake system, driver support system, multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system, SRS airbag system, occupant detection sensor, power windows, smart key system
29PANEL10AAir conditioning system, emergency flashers, seat heaters, transmission, “P” position switch, navigation system, Solar Ventilation System, Remote Air Conditioning System, advanced parking guidance system, headlight cleaner, front passenger’s seat belt reminder light, headlight leveling system, glove box light, clock, audio system
30TAIL10AHeadlight leveling system, parking lights, tail lights, license plate lights, front fog lights, side marker lights

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