Toyota Prius XW20 (2003-2009) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

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  1. Fuse boxes
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Fuse boxes

Toyota Prius XW20 Fuse box fuse boxes

Fuses for instrument panel, engine and luggage compartment

1.PWR30 APower windows
2.DEF40 ARear window defogger
3.M/HTR15 AOutside rear view mirror eater
4.WIP30 AWindshield wiper
5.RR WIP15 ARear wiper
6.WSH20 AWasher
7.ECU−IG7.5 ASmart entry and start ystem, power windows, multi−information isplay, electric power steering, heft deterrent system
8.GAUGE10 AGauge and meter, back− p lights, emergency flasher, power indows
9.OBD7.5 AOn−board diagnosis system
10.STOP7.5 AStop lights
11.DOOR25 APower door lock system
12.ACC−B25 A“POWER OUTLET”, ACC” fuses
13.ECU−B15 AMulti−information display, ower windows, air conditioning system
14.AM17.5 AHybrid system
15.TAIL10 ATail lights, license plates ight, parking lights
16.PANEL7.5 AMulti−information display, lock, audio system, instrument anel lights
17.A/C (HTR)10 AAir conditioning system
18.FR DOOR20 APower windows
19.PWR OUTLET15 APower outlet
20.ACC7.5 AAudio system, multi−information isplay, clock
21.PWR OUTLET FR15 APower outlet
22.IGN7.5 AHybrid system, hybrid vehicle mmobilizer system, SRS airbags
23.SPARE30 ASpare
24.SPARE15 ASpare
25.DRL7.5 ADaytime running light system
26.H−LP LO RH15 A(Vehicles with discharged eadlight) or 10 A (Vehicles ith halogen headlight): Right−hand eadlight (low beam)
27.H−LP LO LH15 A(Vehicles with discharged eadlight) or 10 A (Vehicles ith halogen headlight): Left−hand eadlight (low beam)
28.H−LP HI RH10 ARight−hand headlight high beam)
29.H−LP HI LH10 ALeft−hand headlight high beam)
30.EFI15 AMultiport fuel injection system/ equential multiport fuel injection ystem
31.AM215 A“IGN” fuse, ignition system
32.HORN10 AHorn
33.HEV20 AHybrid system
34.P CON MAIN7.5 AParking control ystem, hybrid vehicle immobilizer system
35.ABS−125 AAnti−lock brake system
36.ETCS10 AElectronic throttle control ystem
37.BATT FAN10 ABattery cooling fan
38.HAZ10 ATurn signal lights, emergency lasher
39.DOME15 AAudio system, interior ights, smart entry and start system, auge and meter, turn signal lights, uggage room light, clock
40.ABS MAIN315 AAnti−lock brake system
41.ABS MAIN210 AAnti−lock brake system
42.ABS MAIN110 AAnti−lock brake system
43.FR FOG15 AFog lights
45.AMP30 AAudio system
46.PTC HTR230 APTC heater
47.PTC HTR130 APTC heater
48.CDS FAN30 AElectric cooling fan
49.DC/DS−S5 AInverter and converter
50.MAIN120 AHybrid system
All Toyota Prius XW20 info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Toyota Prius XW20 (2003-2009) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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