Škoda Octavia 5E (2013-2018) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Colour coding of fuses

Škoda Octavia 5E Fuse box colour coding of fuses

Assignment of the fuses in the dash panel

Individual electrical circuits are protected by fuses. Switch off the ignition and the corresponding power consuming device before replacing a fuse.

Electrically adjustable seats are protected by automatic circuit breakers, which switch on again automatically after a few seconds after the overload has been eliminated.

Fuse colourMaximum amperage
light brown5
dark brown7.5

Dash panel

Škoda Octavia 5E Fuse box dash panel
1Not assigned
2Not assigned
3Not assigned
4Not assigned
6Alarm sensor
7Air conditioning, heating, recipient of the wireless remote control for auxiliary heating, selector lever of the automatic transmission
8Light switch, rain sensor, diagnostic socket
9Haldex clutch
11Heated rear seats No. Consumer
13Belt tensioner - driver's side
14Air blowerfor air conditioning,heating
15Electric steering lock
16Signal amplifier for telephone, telephone preinstallation
17Instrument cluster
18Not assigned
20Operating lever underneath the steering wheel
21Not assigned
22Towing hitch - contact in the socket
23Light - right
24Panorama roof
25Central locking front door - left, power windows - left
26Heated front seats
27Music amplifier
28Towing hitch - left light
29CNG relay
30Not assigned
31Headlight - left
32Parking aid (Park Assist)
33Airbag switch for hazard warning lights
34TCS, ESC button, tyre control display, pressure sensor for air-conditioning, reverse light switch, interior mirror with automatic dimming, START-STOP button, telephone preinstallation, control for heating of rear seats, sensor for air-conditioning, 230 V power socket, sport-sound generator
35Headlight, headlamp beam adjustment, diagnostic connector, camera, radar
36Headlight right
37Headlight left
38Towing hitch - right light
39Central locking front door - right, power windows - front and rear right
4012-Volt power socket
41Not assigned
42Central locking rear door - left, right, headlight washer system, windscreen washer system
43Visor for gas discharge bulbs, interior lighting
44Towing hitch - contact in the socket
45Operating the seat adjustment
46230-Volt power socket
47Rear window wiper
48Not assigned
49Coil on starter relay, clutch pedal switch
50Opening the boot lid
51Belt tensioner - front passenger side
52Not assigned
53Relay for rear window heater

Engine compartment

Škoda Octavia 5E Fuse box engine compartment
3Engine control unit
4Radiator fan, oil temperature sensor, air volume sensor, control valve for fuel pressure, relay for electrical auxiliary heating, engine components
5Coil of the relay for the ignition system, coil of the CNG relay, engine components
6Brake sensor
7Coolant pump, radiator shutter, engine components
8Lambda probe
9Ignition, glowplug system, engine components
10Fuel pump, ignition
11Electrical auxiliary heating system
12Electrical auxiliary heating system
13Automatic gearbox
14Windscreen heater - right
16Ignition, fuel pump
17ABS, ESC, motor control unit, relay coil for the heated windscreen
18Databus, battery data module
19Windscreen wipers
21Windscreen heater - left
22Engine control unit
24Electrical auxiliary heating system
31Not assigned
32Not assigned
33Not assigned
34Haldex clutch
35Not assigned
36Not assigned
37Aux. heating
38Not assigned

Information about the model

There are some of the sedans from Skoda that provide a plush feel. Octavia is among that premium range of cars from Skoda that has gained massive popularity due to its features and looks. This third-generation Octavia was launched in 2012 at Skoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav; however, the production started for the model year 2013.

Skoda Octavia 5E: Third Generation

With the class apart design of Jozef Kabaň, this model has an elegant touch. One of the major updates from the predecessors is its size, whether it is length or breadth. The overall measurement provides a compelling advantage in providing maximum legroom and shoulder room. There are different trim levels for this model also, and each of them is equipped with specific functionalities.

Apart from the par level of technical specification, this model has some of the innovative features that make this car relatively safe and sound. It is equipped with a front radar and a multifunction camera which helps in monitoring the uneven road such as bumpers and also helps in evaluating direction, distance, and speed of all the environmental objects in its vicinity.

Apart from these, it is also equipped with forwarding collision warning, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, automatic control of the high beams, Traffic Sign Recognition. These features are sound and credible when it comes to the safety aspect of the vehicle. The drivers, as well as the passengers, find it relatively safe for any kind of commuting options.

Apart from these, it has quite useful features in its sports version launched in 2013. It contains sports chassis electronic differential lock (XDS), progressive steering, and so- called 'Performance Sound Generator', these all are effective for enhancing the performance of the car. The exhaust note due to these is quite effective and helps the driver to feel the throttle. Octavia can be an excellent choice for those who want to have a sedan with all the features.

All Škoda Octavia 5E info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Škoda Octavia 5E (2013-2018) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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