Seat Ibiza IV 6J (2008-2017) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

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Left side of dash panel

Seat Ibiza IV 6J Fuse box left side of dash panel

This fuse box is also for: SportCoupé (SC), Estate Car(ST) and Connect.

1Power steering/Engine operation7,5
2Diagnostics/Heater/Autoclimate/Climatronic/ Electric anti-dazzle mirror/Navigator/ Air conditioning pressure switch/ Climate fan/ Kisi/ AFS Control unit/Coming home relay/Soundaktor10
3Petrol engine control unit/Flow meter/Diesel engine control unit/Relay coils/Engine operation/ Bi-turbo fuel control unit5
4ABS/ESP switch (turning sensor)/Light lever10
5Reverse light/Heating nozzles10
6Instrument panel5
7Rear fog light5
9Headlight lever10
10Headlight lever/Clutch (Petrol)/Brakes (all)5
11Airbag control unit5
12Automatic gearbox/ Headlight lever10
13Exterior mirror control5
14Left-hand AFS headlights15
15Right-hand AFS headlights15
1612V power socket in luggage compartment15
17Number plate light /Dimmer /Side light indicator light5
19Electronic control unit5
20Turn signals15
21Lights control/ Instrument panel5
22Electronic control unit/ Heated mirrors5
23Engine injection module/ Rain sensor/ Gear lever/ Starter relay7,5
24Glove compartmentlight/ Luggage compartment light/ Interior light10
25Parking aid5
26Towing hook
2712 Volt Input/Cigarette lighter15
28Lambda probe10
29Engine power supply20
30Petrol engine operation10
31Petrol engine operation/Glow plugs/Relay coil/Bi-turbo electric fan10
32Engine control unit15
33Clutch switch power supply/preheating relay5
34Fuel control unit / Bi-turbo engine supply15
35Heated seats control unit/ Console area switch panel (cup holder)25
36Main beam headlight, right10
37Main beam headlight, left/ComingHome10
38Electric fan motor30
43Panorama roof30
44Windscreen wipers20
45Heated rear window30
46Radio/telephone VDA/Bluetooth/Steering column controls20
48Locking unit25
49Front electric window30
50Rear electric windows30
51Automatic gearbox control unit30
52Alarm/Volume sensor15
53Electro-kinetic pump relay/bi-turbo fuel control unit15
54Reverse light for automatic gearbox/ Fog light15
55Transformer on15
56Rear windscreen wiper10
57Dipped beam headlight (right side)15
58Dipped beam headlight (left side)15

Engine compartment above battery

Seat Ibiza IV 6J Fuse box engine compartment above battery
1ABS unit25
2Electroblower clima heater/fan30
3Climate fan5
4ABS unit10
5Electronic control unit5
6Injection module30

Information about the model

There are some models of cars that come with different options such as a 5-door hatchback, a 3-door version, and a 5-door estate. Ibiza MK IV was among those cars that held all the segments, as mentioned earlier. The production of this car was started in 2008 in which the five-door format was introduced at an early stage. After that, the 3-door variant also made its appearance.

Seat Ibiza: Fourth Generation

In the subsequent years, Ibiza has had some of the upgrades that make it a high- performance car. It was equipped with a 148 bhp 1.4 TSI twincharger mated with a seven- speed Direct-Shift Gearbox. Apart from that, the other trim levels are equipped with the same engine having 178bhp of power. There are some of the changes in the successive years in which the Volkswagen group has provided this model with an efficient engine that is capable of providing economical fuel consumption. It holds 2.0 TDI engines that are capable of producing 141 bhp of power.

The Ibiza Mk4 has different trim levels. These trim levels are equipped with some of the specific features that provide a difference between all of them. In 2012 the facelift made its mark at Geneva Motor Show which is equipped with a refreshing interior and light exterior. The other trim level Ibiza ST is a five-door estate car that was introduced in 2010. There are some other upgrades of this model which is equipped with all the features as same as the previous ones. The infotainment system of those vehicles is equipped with some of the best features such as connectivity to different devices as well as SEAT ConnectApp. The exterior paint job and all the other aspects of this vehicle make it quite attractive and hold a valuable spot in the different car segments.

All Seat Ibiza IV 6J info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Seat Ibiza IV 6J (2008-2017) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
Comments (21):

~chris 27-07-2020
I have a seat Ibiza 2006 and I can not locate the relay for the ac and I have tested the plug for volts and there nothing there do u know where the location and I have check the fuse and relay board and there nothing only 4 relay

~Scott 09-01-2021
Where is the fuse for the washer pump?

~Tony Gardiner 17-03-2021
Changed a side/brake light bulb and now the brake lights won't work and engine won't start. I thought it would be a fuse but I can't find a blown fuse anywhere. Are there any hidden anywhere. The car is a seat ibiza 6j 1.6 tdi.

~Ross 17-03-2021
Where is the fuse for the electric power steering pump?

Jesus daniel 18-04-2021
what is the windshield washer pump fuse?

~Greg 30-04-2021
Can't see any mention of the washer pump. Where is that fuse?

~Hellebjarne 07-06-2021
Whats the fuze for Windows whasher pump ?

~Hannah 22-07-2021
What fuse is the boot lock?

~Carlos 19-09-2021
Cuál es el fusible de la alarma

~Richard newton 08-01-2022
Hi my son has a 2014 seat Ibiza 30th anniversary all the lights on the display aren’t working which fuses do we need to check.

~Kristian 23-06-2022
Where is the fuse for the tail lights?

~Chris 28-10-2022
Which fuse do I replace for a rear window wiper motor ? Seat Ibiza fr 2014 1.2

~Declan 07-12-2022
Does anyone know what colour the earth wire is on the LH rear taillight wiring as my sister's was leaking water she collected a 2nd hand one yesterday I fitted today but after a short drive of 8 miles came and told me LH side light bulb is out although I cleaned and dried both it and holder with contact cleaner and hairdryer I'm going to try running an earth wire onto existing one.

~John Iliffe 19-12-2022
As others have asked - where is the fuse for the windscreen washer pump???

~John 19-12-2022
Where is the window washer fuse?

~Harry 08-01-2023
Where is the fuse for the Registoration lamps as can’t find them

~Owain D 15-01-2023
Where can I get information and map of fuses as I can't find the fuse for the rear windscreen wiper. Nowhere in manual or internet shows where to find the right fuse.

~Steve 21-01-2023
Window washer fuse?

~Ryan Jack 26-01-2023
Just had this issue myself. Other than going through every fuse I couldn't find any information on it's actual location. For all wondering it's the 7.5amp mini fuse second in from the left on the bottom row (assuming you're right hand drive). From number layouts i've seen this would make it fuse location 18

~Craig D 03-03-2023
Wheres the fuse for the glove box light. 2015 Ibiza fr ? Cheers.

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