Seat Ibiza IV 6J - Fuse box

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Left side of dash panel

2 years ago by t0z
Seat Ibiza IV 6J Fuse box - left side of dash panel

This fuse box is also for: SportCoupé (SC), Estate Car(ST) and Connect.

1Power steering/Engine operation7,5
2Diagnostics/Heater/Autoclimate/Climatronic/ Electric anti-dazzle mirror/Navigator/ Air conditioning pressure switch/ Climate fan/ Kisi/ AFS Control unit/Coming home relay/Soundaktor10
3Petrol engine control unit/Flow meter/Diesel engine control unit/Relay coils/Engine operation/ Bi-turbo fuel control unit5
4ABS/ESP switch (turning sensor)/Light lever10
5Reverse light/Heating nozzles10
6Instrument panel5
7Rear fog light5
9Headlight lever10
10Headlight lever/Clutch (Petrol)/Brakes (all)5
11Airbag control unit5
12Automatic gearbox/ Headlight lever10
13Exterior mirror control5
14Left-hand AFS headlights15
15Right-hand AFS headlights15
1612V power socket in luggage compartment15
17Number plate light /Dimmer /Side light indicator light5
19Electronic control unit5
20Turn signals15
21Lights control/ Instrument panel5
22Electronic control unit/ Heated mirrors5
23Engine injection module/ Rain sensor/ Gear lever/ Starter relay7,5
24Glove compartmentlight/ Luggage compartment light/ Interior light10
25Parking aid5
26Towing hook
2712 Volt Input/Cigarette lighter15
28Lambda probe10
29Engine power supply20
30Petrol engine operation10
31Petrol engine operation/Glow plugs/Relay coil/Bi-turbo electric fan10
32Engine control unit15
33Clutch switch power supply/preheating relay5
34Fuel control unit / Bi-turbo engine supply15
35Heated seats control unit/ Console area switch panel (cup holder)25
36Main beam headlight, right10
37Main beam headlight, left/ComingHome10
38Electric fan motor30
43Panorama roof30
44Windscreen wipers20
45Heated rear window30
46Radio/telephone VDA/Bluetooth/Steering column controls20
48Locking unit25
49Front electric window30
50Rear electric windows30
51Automatic gearbox control unit30
52Alarm/Volume sensor15
53Electro-kinetic pump relay/bi-turbo fuel control unit15
54Reverse light for automatic gearbox/ Fog light15
55Transformer on15
56Rear windscreen wiper10
57Dipped beam headlight (right side)15
58Dipped beam headlight (left side)15

Engine compartment above battery

2 years ago by t0z
Seat Ibiza IV 6J Fuse box - engine compartment above battery

1ABS unit25
2Electroblower clima heater/fan30
3Climate fan5
4ABS unit10
5Electronic control unit5
6Injection module30

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2 months ago

I have a seat Ibiza 2006 and I can not locate the relay for the ac and I have tested the plug for volts and there nothing there do u know where the location and I have check the fuse and relay board and there nothing only 4 relay

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