Peugeot Boxer II (2006-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

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Fuse box location

Peugeot Boxer II Fuse box fuse box location

The three fuse boxes are located on the dashboard on the left-hand side, in the pillar on the right-hand side, and in the engine compartment. The designations provided are only for the fuses that can be replaced by the user. For any other work, visit a PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop.

Left-hand side dashboard fuse box diagram

Peugeot Boxer II Fuse box left-hand side dashboard fuse box diagram

Remove the screws and tilt the casing to access the fuses.

FusesA (amperes)Allocation
127.5Right-hand dipped beam headlamp
137.5Left-hand dipped beam headlamp
327.5Passenger compartment lighting (+ battery)
347.5Minibus passenger compartment lighting - Hazard warning lamps
3610Audio system - Air conditioning controls - Alarm - Tachograph - Battery cut-off computer - Additional heating programmer (+ battery)
377.5Brake lamps switch - Third brake lamp - Instrument panel (+ key)
3820Door central locking (+ battery)
425ABS sensor and computer - ASR sensor - DSC sensor - Brake lamps switch
4320Windscreen wiper motor (+ key)
4720Driver-side electric window motor
4820Passenger-side electric window motor
495Park assist computer - Audio system - Steering-mounted controls - Central and side control panels - Auxiliary control panel - Battery cut-off computer (+ key)
507.5Airbags and pretensioners computer
515Tachograph - Power steering computer - Air conditioning - Reversing lamps - Diesel fuel filter water sensor - Flowmeter (+ key)
537.5Instrument panel (+ battery)
907.5Left-hand main beam headlamp
917.5Right-hand main beam headlamp
927.5Left-hand foglamp
937.5Right-hand foglamp

Right-hand side pillar fuse box cover

Peugeot Boxer II Fuse box right-hand side pillar fuse box cover
FusesA (amperes)Allocation
5515Heated seats
5615Rear passenger 12V socket
5710Under-seat additional heating
5815Left-hand rear screen defrosting
5915Right-hand rear screen defrosting
6310Rear passenger additional heating control
6530Rear passenger additional heating ventilator

Engine compartment fuses diagram

Peugeot Boxer II Fuse box engine compartment fuses diagram
FusesA (amperes)Allocation
140ABS pump supply
250Diesel pre-heating unit
330Ignition switch - Starter
440Diesel heater
520/50Passenger compartment ventilation with programmable additional heating (+ battery)
640/60Maximum speed passenger compartment cooling fan unit (+ battery)
740/50/60Minimum speed passenger compartment cooling fan unit (+ battery)
840Passenger compartment cooling fan unit (+ key)
915Rear 12V socket (+ battery)
1415Front 12V socket (+ battery)
1515Cigarette lighter (+ battery)
197.5Air conditioning compressor
2030Screenwash/headlamp wash pump
2115Fuel pump supply
2330ABS solenoid valves
247.5Auxiliary control panel - Door mirror control and folding (+ key)
3015Door mirror defrosting

Information about the model

When there is a need for a commercial vehicle that has maximum space with optimal load- carrying capacity, then Boxer's second generation is an apt choice. It has given a hard time to its competitors in the large van segment. With the optimal payload and fuel economy, it is perfect for commercial purposes.

It is the second generation Peugeot boxer, which is based upon Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay. It was launched in 2006, which helps both the driver and passenger to attain maximum comfort. The year-wise upgraded and improved ergonomics with proper driving experience makes it quite useful. The large van sector has seen an efficient vehicle with all the commercial features.

Peugeot Boxer: Second Generation

This van has all the features of an efficient one such as the large load area, highly efficient Euro 6 engines, and numerous variants. The cherry on the top is the announcement of its electric version at the 2019 CV Show. The sustainable approach of Peugeot towards the environment is commendable, and it also helps in increasing the fuel economy and payload. The different variants of this van make it a big hit as it also comes in window and panel version. With the availability of three wheelbase lengths, four body lengths, and three heights, one can use them for any commercial purpose. It has two trim levels which are known as standard and professional.

The high-end models are equipped with heavy-duty suspension and better axle distribution, which helps in increasing the load capacity. This is a van that has optimally high value due to its payload ratings. This is amongst the best vans that come under the 3.5tonne category. With the significant fuel economy and impressive payload, it can be a good deal for commercial purposes. However, if you are comparing it with high-end van models of Ford, VW or Merc then it is a bit tiring to drive and noisy.

All Peugeot Boxer II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Peugeot Boxer II (2006-2021) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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