Mazda CX 9 Fuse box

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Mazda Motor Corporation is a popular automobile company based in Japan. For over 100 years, Mazda has been manufacturing top-level, commercial cars in the country. The company is known to produce 1.5 million vehicles globally. As a leading automobile company in Japan, they have a wide range of cars available. One of the very popular series is Mazda CX 9.

Mazda CX 9 is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by the company. The production of this car model started in April 2006 by Mazda in Japan.

Mazda CX 9: First Generation

Mazda CX 9 is a first-generation crossover SUV. It was first manufactured in 2006 and continued till 2016. This mid-size car was designed for luxury and smooth rides. Although the car is made in Japan, it is not available in the Japanese market. Instead, they have Mazda 8 out there.

The first-generation Mazda CX 9 was equipped with a 3.5 liter Ford V6 engine. But later in 2006, the company changed the engine to a 3.7-liter unit producing 204 kW. The new engine was paired with six-speed automatic transmission. The car was based on the Ford CD3 platform which is common to many Ford and Mazda vehicles. The makers included a variety of features to make the car safe. It includes standard safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, electronic stability control, backup camera, front side impact airbags, and roll stability control. It also includes three-row side curtain airbags for extra protection. In 2010, the car received a facelift. However, the change was a minor one. They also included two new features including Bluetooth hands-free and three-zone climate control.

Mazda CX 9 is a successful commercial car from the company. It made quite good sales in the foreign markets. Currently, they have launched the second-generation Mazda CX 9.

Fuse block (Engine compartment)

Mazda CX 9 Fuse box fuse block (engine compartment)

Your vehicle's electrical system is protected by fuses. If any lights, accessories, or controls don't work, inspect the appropriate circuit protector. If a fuse has blown, the inside element will be melted. If the same fuse blows again, avoid using that system and consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible.

1MAIN150 AFor protection of all circuits
2ENGINE20 AEngine control system
3R HEATER40 AHeater
4P.SEAT R30 APower seat (RH)
5HEATER50 AHeater
6IGKEY240 AFor protection of various circuits
7FAN130 A/40 ACooling fan
8P.SEAT L40 APower seat (LH)
9DEFOG30 ARear window defroster
10BTN50 AFor protection of various circuits
11FUEL PUMP30 AFuel pump
12IGKEY130 AFor protection of various circuits
13FOG15 AFog lights
15D/L25 APower door locks
16ROOM15 AOverhead light
17OUTLET CTR15 AAccessory socket (Center)
18OUTLET RR15 AAccessory socket (Rear)
19AC PWR15 AMoonroof, DC/AC inverter
20S.WARM15 ASeat warmer
21A/C MAG10 AAir conditioner
22BOSE25 AAudio system (Bose® Sound System-equipped model)
23FAN230 A/40 ACooling fan
25IG COIL25 AEngine control system
26H/L LOW L15 AHeadlight-left (Low beam)
27H/L LOW R15 AHeadlight-right (Low beam)
28H/L HIGH20 AHeadlight-high (High beam)
29HAZARD15 AHazard warning flashers
3010 A PCM
31HORN15 AHorn
32STOP7.5 ABrake lights
33EGI INJ10 AEngine control system
34ENG BAR20 AEngine control system

Relay box (Engine compartment)

Mazda CX 9 Fuse box relay box (engine compartment)
1INJ7.5 AEngine control system

Fuse block (Glove box)

Mazda CX 9 Fuse box fuse block (glove box)
1OUTLET FR15 AAccessory socket (Front)
2MIRROR7.5 APower controlmirror
4METER10 AInstrument cluster
5SAS7.5 AABS, Air bag
6ENG.IGA7.5 AEngine control system
7STA7.5 AIgnition system
9A/C7.5AAir conditioner
10R.WIPER15 ARear window wiper and washer
12P.LIFT GATE20 APower lift gate
13SUNROOF15 AMoonroof
14AUDIO10 AAudio system
15M.DEF10 AMirror defroster
16P/W25 APower windows (Passenger-side)
17TAIL10 ATaillight
18ILLUMI10 ADashboard illumination
19INJ7.5 AEngine control system
23WIPER30 AWindshield wiper and washer
24P.WIND30 APower windows (Driver-side)
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