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Engine compartment diagram

2 years ago by t0z
Mazda CX 7 Fuse box - engine compartment diagram

If the headlights or other electrical components do not work and the fuses in the cabin are normal, inspect the fuse block under the hood. If a fuse is blown, it must be replaced. Follow these steps:

1. Make sure the ignition is switched off, and other switches are off.
2. Remove the fuse block cover.
3. If any fuse but the MAIN fuse is blown, replace it with a new one of the same amperage rating.

2BLOWER40 AAir conditioner
3FUEL PUMP30 AFuel pump
4FAN 240 ACooling fan
5IG KEY 140 AFor protection of various circuits
6FAN 140 ACooling fan
7P.SEAT (D)30 APower seat
8INJ 130 AEngine control system
9P.SEAT (P)30 APower seat
10BOSE30 ABose® audio system
11ENGINE30 AEngine control system
12D.LOCK20 APower door locks
13P.WIND30 APower windows
14IG KEY 240 AFor protection of various circuits
15ABS 140 AABS
16ABS 220 AABS
18H/L CLEAN/ROOF20 AMoonroof
19DEF30 ARear window defroster
20TNS15 AParking lights, License plate lights, Illumination
21A/C10 AAir conditioner
22TRAILER/TCM20 ATransaxle control system
23HEAD HI RH15 AHeadlight high beam (RH)
24HEAD HI LH15 AHeadlight high beam (LH)
25HEAD LO RH15 AHeadlight low beam (RH)
26HEAD LO LH15 AHeadlight low beam (LH)
27ETC10 AEngine control system
28ENG BAR 27.5 AEngine control system
29ECM10 AEngine control system
30INJ 210 AEngine control system
31ENG BAR 115 AEngine control system
32FOG15 AFog lights
33STOP10 ABrake lights
34HORN20 AHorn
35-25 AEngine control system
36HAZARD10 AHazard warning flashers, Turn signals

Driver's side fuse box panel

2 years ago by t0z
Mazda CX 7 Fuse box - driver's side fuse box panel

If the electrical system does not work, first inspect the fuses on the driver's side.

1. Make sure the ignition is switched off, and other switches are off.
2. Open the fuse panel cover.
3. Pull the fuse straight out with the fuse puller provided on the inside of the cover for the fuse panel.
4. Inspect the fuse and replace it if it's blown.
5. Insert a new fuse of the same amperage rating, and make sure it fits tightly. If it does not fit tightly, have an expert install it. We recommend an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

If you have no spare fuses, borrow one of the same rating from a circuit not essential to vehicle operation, such as the ROOM circuit.

1P.WIND 230 APower windows
2OUTLET 115 AAccessory Socket
3P.MIR7.5 APower control mirror
4OUTLET 215 AAccessory Socket
6WIPER20 AWindshield wiper and washer
7M.DEF7.5 AMirror defroster
8P/ST/ENGBAR 37.5 AEngine control system
10A/B7.5 AAir bag
11ENGINE15 AEngine control system
12METER15 AInstrument cluster
13ILLUMI10 ADashboard illumination
14ROOM15 AAudio system, Overhead light
17SEAT20 ASeat warmer
18A/C10 AAir conditioner

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