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Integrated Power Module

2 years ago by t0z
Jeep Patriot Fuse box - integrated power module

The Integrated Power Module is located in the engine compartment near the air cleaner assembly. This center contains cartridge fuses and mini-fuses. A label that identifies each component may be printed on the inside of the cover. Refer to “Engine Compartment” in “Maintaining Your Vehicle” for further information.

215 AmpLt Blue AWD/4WD Control Module
310 AmpRed RearCenter Brake Light Switch
410 AmpRed Ignition Switch/ Occupant Classification Module
520 AmpYellow Trailer Tow
610 AmpRed Power Mirror/ Steering Control Satellite Radio/Hands- Free Phone
730 AmpGreen Ignition Off Draw
830 AmpGreen Ignition Off Draw
940 AmpGreen Power Seats
1020 AmpYellow Power Locks/Interior Lighting
1115 AmpLt Blue Power Outlet
1220 AmpYellow 115V AC Inverter
1320 AmpYellow Cigar Lighter
1410 AmpRed Instrument Cluster
1540 AmpGreen Radiator Fan
1615 AmpLt Blue Dome Lamp/ Sunroof/Rear Wiper Motor
1710 AmpRed Wireless Control Module
1840 AmpGreen Auto Shutdown Relay
1920 AmpYellow Radio Amplifiers
2015 AmpLt Blue Radio
2110 AmpRed Intrusion Module/ Siren – If Equipped
2210 AmpRed Heating, AC/ Compass
2315 AmpLt Blue Auto Shutdown Relay
2415 AmpLt Blue Power Sunroof
2510 AmpRed Heated Mirror – If Equipped
2615 AmpLt Blue Auto Shutdown Relay
2710 AmpRed Airbag Control Module
2810 AmpRed Airbag Control Module/Occupant Classification Module
29-Hot Car (No Fuse Required)
3020 AmpYellow Heated Seat – If Equipped
3110 AmpRed Headlamp Washer – If Equipped
3230 AmpPink Auto Shutdown Relay
3310 AmpRed J1962 Conn/ Powertrain Control Module
3430 AmpPink Antilock BrakeValve
3540 AmpGreen Antilock Brake Pump
3630 AmpPink Headlamp/Washer Control/Smart Glass – If Equipped
3725 AmpNatural Diesel Fuel Heater – If Equipped

All Jeep Patriot info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Jeep Patriot (2007-2017) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.

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1 year ago

Where the f*** is the power window?? Does that just not exist because I'm confused how not one site has it

5 months ago

I have a 2014 jeep patroit heated seats just stopped working and hazord lights could it be a fuse or something else

4 months ago

Where is the seatbelt chime located at?

3 months ago

Where's the power window fuse

[email protected]
2 months ago

I have a 2014 Jeep Patriot head light went out put a new one in it don't work what now

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