Jeep Compass I MK49 Fuse box

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Jeep has been a pioneer in providing SUVs and off-road vehicles. The jeep compass first generation is a compact crossover of the two different models Dodge Caliber and Jeep Patriot. The jeep compass first generation was introduced in 2007 and has experienced additional upgrades since then. The interior and fresh styling was upgraded in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Jeep Compass I MK49: First Generation

When it comes to technical features, the Jeep Compass is available in both FWD and AWD. Apart from that, it has options of the 4-cylinder engine with the CVT transmission as well as 6-speed automatic transmission.

The first-generation Jeep Compass is available in two different engine specifications, 2.0L or 2.4L inline-4 DOHC engines. The 2.0L and 2.4L engines are capable of providing 158hp and 173hp of power, respectively. Both of them come with FWD., the best thing about these engines is their solid performance and refined manufacturing that provides optimal performance.

Those who are choosing to attain this will get a power-packed vehicle with affordable pricing. The best thin features of this crossover are the attractive styling, a 6.5-inch screen, and numerous other features. The plus side of this vehicle is the AWD, which doesn't make a hole in your pocket. The par level practicality in the interior makes it quite cosy. The clean dash layout and easy to enter/exit make it a comfortable one. The substantial engine variants are quite powerful and provide optimal performance. Overall, Jeep has made a preferable vehicle which is equipped with all the features.

Holistically the latest model is improved to a massive extent, and the 6-speed automatic transmission is the best option than CVT. There are some backdrops on the front of reliability, but that can be given a pass following all the other beneficial features. Keep this in mind, it's a crossover at an affordable price range.

Integrated Power Module

Jeep Compass I MK49 Fuse box integrated power module

The Integrated Power Module (IPM) is located in the engine compartment near the air cleaner assembly. This center contains cartridge fuses and mini-fuses. A label that identifies each component may be printed on the inside of the cover. Refer to “Engine Compartment” in this section of the Owner’s Manual for the underhood location of the IPM.

CavityCartridge FuseMini FuseDescription
2-15 Amp Lt BlueAWD/4WD ECU Feed
3-10 Amp RedCHMSL Brake Switch Feed
4-10 Amp RedIgnition Switch Feed/ OCM Cavity Cartridge Fuse Mini- Fuse Description
5-20 Amp YellowTrailer Tow
6-10 Amp RedIOD Sw/Pwr Mir/ Steering Cntrl Sdar/ Hands-Free Phone
7-30 Amp GreenIOD Sense1
8-30 Amp GreenIOD Sense2
940 Amp Green-Power Seats
10-20 Amp YellowCCN Power Locks/ Interior Lighting
11-15 Amp Lt BluePower Outlet
12-20 Amp YellowIgn Run/Acc Inverter
13-20 Amp YellowPwr Run/Acc Outlet RR/Dome Lamp
14-10 Amp RedIOD CCN
1540 Amp Green-RAD Fan Relay Battery Feed
16-15 Amp Lt BlueIGN Run/Acc Dome Lamp/Sunroof/Rear WiperMotor/ACC Inverter
17-10 Amp RedIOD Feed Mod-Wcm
1840 Amp Green-ASD Relay Contact PWR Feed
19-20 Amp YellowPWR Amp 1 & Amp 2 Feed
20-15 Amp Lt BlueIOD Feed Radio
21-10 Amp RedIOD Feed Intrus Mod/Siren (If Equipped)
22-10 Amp RedIGN RUN Heat/AC/ Compass Sensor
23-15 Amp Lt BlueENG ASD Relay Feed 3
24-15 Amp Lt BluePower Sunroof Feed
25-10 Amp RedHeated Mirror (If Equipped)
26-15 Amp Lt BlueENG ASD Relay Feed 2
27-10 Amp RedIGN RUN Only ORC Feed
28-10 Amp RedIGN RUN ORC/OCM Feed
29--Hot Car (No Fuse Required)
30-20 Amp YellowHeated Seats
31-10 Amp RedHeadlamp Washer Relay Control (If Equipped)
3230 Amp Pink-ENG ASD Control Feed 1
33-10 Amp RedABS MOD/J1962 Conn/PCM
3430 Amp Pink-ABS Valve Feed
3540 Amp Green-ABS Pump Feed
3630 Amp Pink-Headlamp/Washer Control/Smart Glass (If Equipped)
37-25 Amp NaturalDiesel Fuel Heater — If Equipped
All Jeep Compass I MK49 info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Jeep Compass I MK49 (2007-2017) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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~Mike 30-05-2019
Donde vergas trae los fusibles del claxon jeep compass 2008 me lo piden en la inspeccion para emplacar??

michael hardy 05-10-2021
These cars are known for grounding issues. I've fixed a relay problem. The relay box is located in the lower portion of the driver side fender. Wires into the relay box were corroded. I extracted the corroded wires and wired a new relay outside the box I now have a brake light on continually. I appears the again is a corrosion issue with a grounding point. It would be good to have a wiring diagram for the brake system.

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