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Engine Compartment Fuse Box

2 years ago by Jossi
Honda Civic IX Fuse box - engine compartment fuse box

If any electrical devices are not working, turn the ignition switch to LOCK and check to see if any applicable fuse is blown. Located near the brake fluid reservoir. Push the tabs to open the box. Fuse locations are shown on the fuse box cover. Locate the fuse in question by the fuse number and box cover number.

No.Circuit ProtectedAmps
1EPS70 A
-ABS/VSA Motor30 A
-Wipe motor30 A
-Main fuse100 A
2IG main30A/50 A
-Fuse box main60 A
-Fuse box main 260 A
-Headlight main30 A
-ST MG Switch30 A
-Rear defogger30 A
-IG Main 230 A
-Blower40 A
-Sub fan motor20 A
-Main Fan Motor20 A
4Left Headlight Low Beam15 A
-ST MG7.5 A
6Right Headlight Low Beam15 A
11Oil Level7.5 A
12Fog Lights(20 A)
13Driver’s Power Seat Sliding(20 A)
14Hazard10 A
15FI Sub15 A
16IG Coil15 A
17Stop15 A
18Horn10 A
19Premium Amp(20 A)
20Right Headlight Low Beam Injection15 A
21IGP15 A
22DBW15 A
23Left Headlight Low Beam15 A
-Headlight Low Beam20 A
24Driver’s Power Seat Reclining(20 A)
25MG Clutch7.5 A
26Washer15 A
28Interior Lights7.5 A
29Backup10 A

Interior Fuse Box diagram

2 years ago by Jossi
Honda Civic IX Fuse box - interior fuse box diagram

Interior Fuse Box located under the dashboard. Fuse locations are shown on the label on 18 the side panel. 19 Locate the fuse in question by the fuse 20 number and label number.

1HAC Option(20 A)
2ACG10 A
3SRS10 A
4Fuel Pump15 A
5Meter7.5 A
6Power Window7.5 A
7VB SOL(15 A)
8Door Lock Motor 2 (Unlock)15 A
9Door Lock Motor 1 (Unlock)15 A
11Moonroof(20 A)
12Accessory Power Socket (Center Console)20 A
14Seat Heaters(15 A)
15Driver’s Door Lock Motor (Unlock)10 A
19ACC7.5 A
20ACC Key Lock7.5 A
21Daytime Running Lights7.5 A
22HAC7.5 A
23HAC(7.5 A)
24ABS/VSA7.5 A
25ACC7.5 A
27Accessory Power Socket (Front)20 A
28Washer15 A
29ODS7.5 A
30Driver’s Door Lock Motor (Lock)10 A
32Door lock Moto 2 (Lock)15 A
33Door Lock Motor 1 (Lock)15 A
34Small Lights7.5 A
35Illumination7.5 A
38Left Headlight High Beam10 A
39Right Headlight High Beam10 A
40TPMS7.5 A
41Door Lock20 A
42Driver’s Power Window20 A
43Rear Passenger’s side power window(20 A)
44Front Passenger’s side power window20 A
45Rear Driver’s Side Power Window(20 A)
46Wiper(30 A)
-STS(7.5 A)

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2 years ago

Is there a fuse for my brake lights on a 2014 civic

My name is carlos
1 year ago

Teal lights not work
Ican fain of fius or riley

1 year ago

What fuse controls the cigarette lighter? I don’t use the lighter—-except to recharge my cell phone. I’ve noticed that not only doesn’t the lighter work, but some of the lights on the heater /cooling dash board are affected, too?

1 year ago

where is the fuse for the stereo

4 months ago

Donde esta los fusibles que son para que lea el scanner no hay comunicasion

3 months ago

Thanks for this. The lighter is fuse 27: Accessory Power Socket (Front) 20 A

fredy tz
1 month ago

Where is the speed odometer fuse

1 month ago

Where is the fuel pump relay?

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