Ford Mondeo IV - Fuse box

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Engine compartment fuse box

2 years ago by t0z
Ford Mondeo IV Fuse box - engine compartment fuse box

F110redTransmission control module
F25tanGlow plug monitoring (diesel engines)
F380clearEngine cooling fan (2.3L Duratec-HE)
F380clearElectric hydraulic power steering (EHPAS) (2.0L Duratorq-TDCi)
F460blueGlow plugs
F560blueEngine cooling fan
F610redEGO sensors 1 (engine management), variable valve timing (engine management)
F75tanRelay coils
F810redPowertrain control module
F9--Not used
F1010redEngine control module
F1110redValves, MAF control (engine management)
F1210redWater in fuel sensor, coils, MAF (engine management, diesel engine)
F1315blueAir conditioning relay
F1415blueDiesel filter heater
F1540orangeStarter relay
F1680clearDiesel auxiliary heater (PTC)
F1760blueCentral fuse box supply A
F1860blueCentral fuse box supply B
F1960blueRear fuse box supply C
F2060blueRear fuse box supply D
F21Not used
F2230greenWindscreen wiper module
F23251clearHeated rear window
F23301greenHeated rear window
F2430greenHeadlamp washer
F2530greenABS valves
F2640orangeABS pump
F2730greenFuel fired heater
F2840orangeHeater blower
F29Not used
F30Not used
F32Not used
F335tanLight switch module, engine compartment fuse box coils
F3440orangeHeated windscreen (left-hand side)
F3540orangeHeated windscreen (right-hand side)
F3710redHeated front washer jets
F385tanAdaptive cruise control (ACC)
F3915blueAdaptive front lighting system (AFS)
F40Not used
F4120yellowInstrument panel
F4210redEngine control module, transmission control module, electrichydraulic power steering (EHPAS) 15 feed
F435tanHeadlamplevelling, adaptive front lighting system (AFS)
F4420yellowVacuum pump (2.5L Duratec-HE)
F4515blueRear window wiper

Central fuse box

2 years ago by t0z
Ford Mondeo IV Fuse box - central fuse box

F15tanRain sensor
F210redSRS (airbag) supply
F35tanYawrate sensor (ESP)
F47.5brownElectronic feed, acceleratorpedal supply,electronic fuse
F5--Not used
F615blueAudio system (including voice control)
F77.5brownSteering wheel module
F85tanInstrument cluster
F915blueMain beam
F1020yellowPower sunroof
F117.5brownReversing lamps
F12Not used
F1315blueFront fog lamp
F1415blueWindscreen washers
F1510redAdaptive cruise control (ACC)
F16Not used
F1710redInterior lamps
F185tanEngine immobiliser
F1915blueCigar lighter
F20 Not used
F215tanRemote frequency receiver, Interior m otion ensor
F2220yellowFuel pump
F227.5brownFuel pump (2.2L Duratorq)
F23Not used
F245tanIgnition switch
F2510redFuel filler flap
F265tanBattery backup sounder (alarm system), OBD II (board computer diagnostics)
F275tanSteering column unit, climate controlmodule
F285tanBrake lamp switch

Rear fuse box

2 years ago by t0z
Ford Mondeo IV Fuse box - rear fuse box

FA125ClearDoor module (left-hand front)
FA225clearDoor module (right-hand front)
FA325clearDoor module (left-hand rear)
FA425clearDoor module (right-hand rear
FA510redRear locking (without rear door modules)
FA615blueAuxiliary power socket
FA75tanRelay coils
FA820yellowSteering column lock
FA9 Not used
FA1030greenElectric driver's seat
FA1120yellowAccessories, trailer module
FA12Not used
FB15tanParking aid module
FB215blueSuspension module
FB315blueHeated driver's seat
FB415blueHeatedfront passenger seat
FB515blueLeft-hand rear heated seat
FB6Not used
FB715blu eRight-hand rear heated seat
FB8Not used
FB930greenElectric front passenger seat
FB1010redAnti-theft alarm horn
FB11Not used
FB12Not used
FC1Not used
FC2Not used
FC3Not used
FC4Not used
FC57.5brownCDchanger, rear seat entertainment system
FC6Not used
FC75tanSeat memory function module
FC820yellowKeyless entry
FC9Not used
FC10Not used
FC11Not used
FC12Not used

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Where I find the fuse for the radio

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