Ford Mondeo III Fuse box

Years of production: 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Auxiliary fuse box

Ford Mondeo III Fuse box auxiliary fuse box
FuseCircuits protected
16/18Conventional headlamps: 7.5 A; Xenon headlamps: 20 A
17Automatic transmission: 10 A
23Auxiliary heater (Diesel): 20 A; Battery Backed−up Sounder (ST): 7.5 A
34Diode electronic module
35Diode air conditioning
36Diode engine cooling fan
37HO2S sensor
40Engine Control Valves/Vehicle Speed Sensor
42Engine management Duratec engines: 10 A; Duratorq engines: 15 A

Central fuse box

Ford Mondeo III Fuse box central fuse box

The central fuse box is located behind the storage compartment underneath the instrument panel. To remove the storage compartment, open it and pull it outwards. To reinstall the storage compartment, fit it into the opening and push until you feel it engage. The fuse chart label located on the outside of the removed storage compartment will help you identify the fuses.

FuseCircuits protected
69Audio system or audio system and instrument cluster
74Trailer – max. 20 A fuse
78Instrument cluster
80Reversing lamps
81Sensors for passenger airbag and automatic climate control
88Daytime running lamps
92Trailer – max. 20 A fuse
93Brake lamps
97License plate lamps
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